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1 根据要求写出下列单词。

    pollinate n. distant n. Egypt adj.

    botany n. endeavour v. tight adv. contain n. appeal adj. restriction v. irrigation v.

    rot adj. evolve n.

    attach n. fruit adj.

    2. 分门别类记单词。;写出本单元单词表中下列类别的词汇?

    家国天下,埃及 金字塔 院子 阳台

    花草鸟虫,雏菊 菊花 红枣 花瓣 花蜜

     芬芳的 气味 发霉的 果味的

     野草 猪笼草 虫媒

    鸽子 蝙蝠 蜂鸟 黄蜂


    大海上航行,锚 海豹 雷雨

     胡须 奋进号 海盗

    货物 异国情调的


     nearby loose permission green

     untie smelly bright, shining ahead of time

    4. 根据英文释义写出相应词汇。

     fine, sensitive representative smell

     to be attractive develop naturally

    bring ---down an easy smooth manner in speaking

    fixed, fastened together effort

    from elsewhere, not native struggle, fight

    th21. They finally came to the ancient temple, which _____back to the 13 century.

    A. has dated B. was dated C. dates D. dated 22. Nowadays , when you go into the supermarket, you will see all kinds of ____ on


    A. products B. matter C. things D. goods

    23. The date of the election has been ____.

    A. given out B. given in C. given off D. given up

    24. How can he live three days in such a _______box.

    A. black tight sealed B. sealed tight black

    C. tightly sealed black D. black tightly sealed 25. Police ______ the area where the murderer was known to be hiding .

    地址;北京市西城区新德街204 电话;010-82025511 传真;010-82079687 1 3


    A. cut off B. took off C. sealed off D. gave off 26. Does the idea of working abroad _____you?

    A. attractive to B. interest to C. appeal to D. call for 27. Mr. Black advised __________the meeting until next week.

    A. to postpone to put off B. postponing to put off

    C. to postpone putting off D. postponing putting off

    28. I got lost so I _____myself to another party of tourists.

    A. joined B. took C. evolved D. attached 29. Many students are interested in biology, but we have to _____ the number of the

    students on the course.

    A. add to B. keep up C. limit to D. restrict 30. The children are sleeping. Please _____your voice.

    A. stop B. control C. conflict D. lower 31. After advertised, this kind of shampoo was produced ________.

    A. in large form B. on large scale

    C. in big way D. by large means

    32. Due to the heavy rain, we had to ________the speed for safety..

    A. lower B. reduce C. low D. add

    33. My friend sent me an e-mail, _________some beautiful pictures _____when in England.

    A. attached, taken B. attaching, taken

    C. stuck, took D. pinned, taking

    34. In dealing with public relations, we should make every effort to prevent the

    _______in personality.

    A. contact B. contrast C. connection D. conflict 35. Many species of plants _______ for several centuries.

    A. have evolved B. had evolved C. developed D. have developed

    答案:1. pollinator; distance; Egyptian; botanist; endeavour; tightly container; appealing; restrict; irrigate; rotten; evolution; men; fruity 2. Egypt pyramid ; courtyard; balcony; daisy; chrysanthemum; red date; petal; nectar; 地址;北京市西城区新德街204 电话;010-82025511 传真;010-82079687 2 3


    fragrant; odour; musty; fruity; weed ; pitcher pun ; pollinator; dove; bat; humming bird; wasp; moth beetle; anchor; seal ; thunderstorm; pirate; beard; the Endeavour; goods ; exotic

    3. distant; tight restriction ripe; attach ; fragrant; dull; postpone 4.distant; typical; odour; appealing; evolve; lower; fluency; tight; endeavour; exotic; conflict

    21. C 22. D 23. A 24. C 25. C 26. C 27.D 28. D 29.D 30.D 31.B 32.A 33.B 34. D 35.A

地址;北京市西城区新德街204 电话;010-82025511 传真;010-82079687 3 3

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