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    European Carolus Magnus University

    Faculty of Action Learning



    Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of Professional Studies

     Action Learning and Research within a Flexible Delivery Framework

    The European Carolus Magnus University (ECMU) offers two flexible delivery action research professional doctorates,

    the DBA and the DPS programs to meet the growing needs from senior managers, executives and professionals in the

    modern enterprise. These doctoral programs offer a unique opportunity for candidates to equip themselves with the best

    contemporary knowledge and skills to face the ever-changing business and financial environment. We all now accept

    that life-long learning and currency of knowledge and know-how are a necessity and not a luxury. To succeed in

    todays demanding environment leaders need to develop competencies and review progress continuously.

    ECMU professional doctoral degrees are an extension of our Master programs curricula. These doctoral programs adopt

    our flexible delivery action-learning and research approach, which aims to strike a balance between academic rigour

    and business practice of on the job problem solving. We have taken the best of both worlds approach to produce

    programs that allow executives to use their doctoral study program as a project where they solve a major business issue

    in their current work.

The Program

    Our doctoral curriculum is: specially designed for the development of senior managers and executives in industry,

    commerce and public organisations. It is particularly relevant to those who want to be effective in their leadership roles

    and duties. The action learning doctoral program is flexible in nature and essence to meet the busy business persons

    load of work.

    The ECMU flexible teaching approach adopted in your learning enables you to:

    ? Evaluate and draw from your own

    working and learning experience

    ? Enhance career development opportunity

    ? Learn effectively and efficiently Evaluative Assessment of Managerial Learning 32 20 ? Produce action based tangible and Business Policy 32 20 obvious business results Research Proposal and Methodology 48 30 ? Set learning outcomes and enhance prior Literature Review 48 30 knowledge and experience

    Lecture Hours 160 ? Organise skills and use contemporary

    knowledge to achieve goals Supervised Project: ? Develop teamwork and leadership skills Project 150 in work and study Executive Summary based on project 50 Entry Requirements: Total Credits 300 Candidates should be at least 28 years old and

    have graduated from an accredited university

    with a good Master Degree or equivalent Bachelor Degree with „Honours‟ or equivalent professional qualification to be approved by the Academic Senate of the University.

    Business, industrial experience or professional work experience in an executive role is desirable for at least 3 years. Our

    programs are offered in English and require a good command of the English language.

     The Action Research Approach The program adopts the principles and practices of Action Research which blends real business work with academic

    pursuit of knowledge. It encourages self-study as well as team-based learning forum. Consolidating the work experience

    of other candidates, one can come up with new theoretical issues for research, analysis and hypothesis testing. In many

    cases through careful manipulation, a good DBA thesis can turn out to be a piece of pragmatic management report

    resulting substantial business opportunity.

Version 2

    B-1040 Brussels, rue Abbé Cuypers 3, Tel. +32-2-2301276, Fax +32-2-7347910 Branch Office for the Balkans: ECOLE, Platia Egyptou 1B, Athens GR 104 34, Greece Tel. +30-210-8253330, Fax +30-210-8253320, e-mail:

    European Carolus Magnus University

    Faculty of Action Learning

Specializations will depend on the job of the candidate, research topics can come from the following fields:

DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) in one DPS (Doctor of Professional Studies) in one of the

    of the following: following: ? Accounting and Financial Management ? Management ? Audit and Compliance ? Accounting Possible Research Projects ? Economics ? Marketing ? Human Resource Management ? Tourism & Hospitality ? Marketing Planning and Management ? Healthcare Administration ? Management ? Information Systems ? Organization Restructuring ? Warehousing & Logistics ? Business Policy ? Healthcare Administration ? Strategic Management

    ? Operation Management

    ? Quality Management

    ? Public Administration

     Class Format

    Ten Weekend lectures (Saturday/ Sunday).

    There are ten 16 hour sessions.

    For those unable to attend weekend lectures, the material can be studied by distance but requires at least 4 meetings

    with the supervisor so appointed at the time during the year and the preparation of assignments for each one of the set


    1. Evaluative Assessment of Managerial Learning

    2. Business Policy

    3. Research Proposal and Methodology

    4. Literature Review.

     Study Duration

    The program lasts for three years with a maximum duration of not more than six years. The four subjects however, must

    be completed within the first 12 - 18 months.

     Requirements for DBA or DPS Degree Award

    Candidates need to fulfill the following condition before they can be awarded with the DBA or DPS degree:

    1. Complete all the program modules

    2. Successfully defend their project

    3. Complete the Executive Summary based on the project

    4. Meet all assessment requirements

    5. Have paid all fees and

    6. Abide by the rules and regulations of the University.

     Admission Procedure

    Application forms may be obtained from the University. Completed application forms with the required Euro 75 non-

    refundable application fee and all supporting materials must be submitted to the University.

    B-1040 Brussels, rue Abbé Cuypers 3, Tel. +32-2-2301276, Fax +32-2-7347910 Branch Office for the Balkans: ECOLE, Platia Egyptou 1B, Athens GR 104 34, Greece Tel. +30-210-8253330, Fax +30-210-8253320, e-mail:

    European Carolus Magnus University

    Faculty of Action Learning

Course Description

    mathematical and statistical tools to study in a detailed Evaluative Assessment of Managerial and systematic approach. Learning:

    DBA and DPS students are required to reflect from Literature Review their prior learning how they have learnt and made All good researches begin with the existing body of useful assessment of their knowledge concepts. The knowledge as the corner stones for further colloquium focuses on how they can apply the related development and expansion from that basis. The knowledge in their works and how to generate useful doctoral students need to search and read textbooks, generalized knowledge from their work, e.g.: academic journals, magazines and other appropriate ? How to apply and acquire managerial knowledge knowledge media on the related disciplines and topics and experiences and compile from these reviews the relevant prior ? How past managerial knowledge and experiences theories and discoveries. A good literature review helps are influencing our work today avoid reinventing the wheels and provide useful ? How to adjust and modify these knowledge and insights on what can and should be researched to fill experiences in a changing business environment the missing links to achieve important theoretical ? How to develop the previous managerial discovery in the body of knowledge. Literature review knowledge and experiences helps to:

    ? provide useful hints on identifying outstanding Business Policy research problems; This module is designed to help students to have a ? propose research methods; deeper understanding of their roles in the organizations. ? formulate research methods; They need to know how business strategies are set and ? guide data analysis and interpretation; be aware of the business targets. They need to fully ? develop an overall research plan appreciate the roles played by leaders and

    entrepreneurs and know specifically what kinds of data Project and information are required for the future successful The project should reach the high standard of a development of the organization. The scope of doctoral research work. It should address a practical Business Policy will embrace: leadership capabilities; business problem from a practitioners point of view entrepreneurial spirit; corporate growth and and at the same time be able to contribute from a development theoretical and academic perspective. The doctoral

    project should emphasize on the relationships of Research Proposal and Methodology economic development and social progress. It should This is designed to help students to understand the develop independent scientific research and organize structure, contents, and the style of a good doctoral social research capabilities. research thesis. It will cover areas like: identification of

    a research topic; purpose of the research; problem Executive Summary based on Project statement and hypothesis; sources of data and The executive monograph is a report based on the information required; types of research approaches; doctoral project; this should be focused on action experiment; field study survey; questionnaire; learning to combine theories and pragmatic approaches observation; data analysis; data interpretation; use of in relation to the research findings. This report shall be

    publishable as reference for further research.

    This program is an endorsed Action Learning program of the

    Joint Office for Education, Teaching & Training

    of the European Economic Chamber EEIG and the European Carolus Magnus University

    B-1040 Brussels, rue Abbé Cuypers 3, Tel. +32-2-2301276, Fax +32-2-7347910 Branch Office for the Balkans: ECOLE, Platia Egyptou 1B, Athens GR 104 34, Greece Tel. +30-210-8253330, Fax +30-210-8253320, e-mail:

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