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Kontisten maja, 72 m?, 4+1+2 persons

    Kauko Kontinen, tel. +358 15 666 615

    Huttulantie 140

    52340 Hangastenmaa

    Situated by Paljavesi, a part of Lake Saimaa. About 18 km from Ristiina. Log cabin, well equipped with electricity, combined kitchen-living room, two bedrooms, shower, toilet, open terrace, electric stove, dish washer, microwave, TV. Also a separate sauna with wood heating.

Own well, garage and wood shelter. No pets.

Ranta-Laukka, 138/88 m?, 4+1+2

    Esa Heinikainen, tel. +358 15 665 612, +358 50 558 4506

    Suurlahdentie 2411

    52300 Ristiina

    About 24 km from Ristiina, by Lake Yövesi, a part of Lake Saimaa. Electrified log cabin with combined kitchen-living room, bedroom, open terrace and balcony. Sauna with wood heating, toilet. Fireplace, microwave, fridge, freezer, TV.

Good swimming place, row-boat, garage.

Jaakko Väänänen, tel. +358 15 419 467, +358 400 597 805

    Saarijärventie 6

    52340 Hangastenmaa

3 cottages

Teerenpesä, 136/90 m?, 8+1+2

    Situated by Lake Saarijärvi, 18 km from both Ristiina and Mikkeli. Electrified log cabin, beds for 8 adults, 2 extra beds and a bed for a baby. Combined kitchen-living room, 4 bedrooms, sauna, shower, toilet, open terrace, balcony. Fridge, microwave, dish washer, washing machine, TV, fireplace.

Outdoor grill, garage, row-boat. Good swimming place.

Sinin mökki, 40 m?, 2+2+2

    Log cabin built in the early 80s, situated 10 km from Anttola to Puumala.

    Fireplace, combined kitchen-living room, alcove (2beds), loft for sleeping (2 beds), an extra bed in the living room. Separate outbuilding and separate sauna. Water from neighbour. Own well, but the water is not drinkable.

    Swimming place good for children. Row-boat. Solar panel, fireplace and grill. Gas fridge and stove. Pets allowed. No smoking indoors.


    250 e/week

Koivakkala, Rytöläntie

    Log cabin built in 1998. Combined kitchen-living room, gas fridge and stove, fireplace, sauna and washroom. All under the same roof. Terrace 2,5 m broad on two sides of the cottage. Solar panel system: lights, water, water sewerage. Loft room with beds for 2 persons and 2-3 extra beds in the loft. Outbuilding for 2 persons. Outdoor toilet. Slightly deep shore westwards. 3 x 6 m terrace pier with railing, covered grill.


    250 e/week

Lomamökki, 76 m?

    Hannu Härkänen, tel. +358 50 590 1121


    52300 Ristiina

    About 7 km from Ristiina. Plank built, electrified. Living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, sauna, dressing room, terrace. Electric stove, fridge, coffee machine, cold water, open fireplace. Drinking water from the owner. Outdoor toilet. Fairly deep shore with sandy bottom.

Metsästysmaja, 9 + 1 child bed

    Olavi Löyttinen, tel. +358 15 416 108, +358 50 567 0788


    52300 Ristiina

    Large living room (about 70 m2), room with fireplace, kitchen, 2 bedrooms upstairs with total beds for 9 persons and a child bed. In the kitchen electric stove,

    range working with wood, fridge, dish washer, microwave, tableware for 50 persons. In the outbuilding a wood shed and 2 toilets. Separate sauna by the lake, dressing room and terrace. Row-boat.

Suvisaari, 65 m?, 2-8 persons

    Päiviö Piispanen (0)15 419 412, (0)40 5777 892

    Paakinniementie 142

    52110 Majavesi

    Situated on Kiialansaari island, by boat 400 m from the parking place. The whole island in use, area 7 hectares. Log cabin, outbuilding and sauna. Living room, bedroom and kitchenette with stove, fridge and lights working with gas. Fireplace. Water from the lake, drinking water from the owner.

    In the shed 2 rooms with total beds for 4 persons, no heating. Separate sauna with wood heating, dressing room. Outdoor toilet, outdoor grill. Good swimming place, row-boat.

Linnunpesä, 11 m?, 2 persons

    Log cabin, sauna with wood heating. Living room and terrace. Gas stove, open fireplace, paraffin lightning. Drinking water from the owner. Outdoor toilet. Row-boat and pier.

Vuorimaja, 169 m?, 7 persons

    Log cabin, well equipped. One separate bedroom and loft with separating wall, 2 toilets.

    Shallow sandy beach. Row-boat and pier.

Ristiinan Reserviläiset

    Sulo Liukkonen tel. +358 15 661 589 in the evenings, Eero Viljakainen tel. +358 15 419 433, +358 500 152 609

2 cottages

Ylä-tupa + saunatupa, 10 persons

    About 17 km from Ristiina, by Lake Saimaa. Log cabin, plank built country house. Living room with fireplace, kitchen: electric stove and fridge. 2 bedrooms, open terrace, electric heating. Outdoor toilet. Separate sauna with wood heating, dressing room, fireplace room, electric heating. Good shore, pier and row-boat.

Ala-mökki, 2 persons

    Log cabin, sauna with wood heating and terrace. Outdoor toilet. Pier and rowing


Seppo Puhakka tel. +358 15 416 127, +358 40 508 1251


    52300 Ristiina


    Cottages situated by Yövesi, a part of Lake Saimaa, about 15 km from Ristiina. Possibility to have SMOKE SAUNA heated.

Joutsenpesä, 6+4 persons

    Log cabin, fit for winter use, well equipped. Combined living room-kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, dish washer, coffee and tea machines. Two bedrooms with a total of 5 single beds and one extra bed, open terrace and balcony, upstairs hall with TV and stereo. Sauna, washing room and dressing room in the same building, washing machine. Hot and cold water, shower, toilet. Separate outbuilding with 3 beds. Also a sauna by the lake and outdoor toilet. Good shallow sandy beach, pier and rowboat.


    80 e/night

    100 e/night during June 15-August 15

Koskelo, 2+3 persons

    Log cabin, combined living room-kitchen, beds for 2 persons, sauna with wood heating, dressing room (1 bed). Gas stove and fridge. Open fireplace, outdoor grill. Outbuilding with beds for 2 persons. Drinking water from the owner. Outdoor toilet. Deep sandy beach. Row-boat and pier.


    40 e/night

    50 e/night during June 15-August 15

Kivitasku, 25 m?, 2 persons

    Electrified cottage with sauna. Combined living room-kitchen, gas stove, fridge. Beds for 2 persons. A small outbuilding. Rocky swimming place. Outdoor toilet. Pier and row-boat.


    40 e/night

    50 e/night during June 15-August 15

    Ruokoniemen maja, Hummeli n. 30 m?, 2+2 persons Reija Hildebrand,

    Leena Tuuri, tel. +358 50 3490 235

    Carita Buttenhoff, tel. +358 40 766 8060

    Situated by Louhivesi, Lake Saimaa, about 32 km from Ristiina. In 2001 built log cabin, well equipped, electrified cottage with large terraces west -and eastwards. Combined living room-kitchen, fridge/freezer, electric stove, microwave, hot water boiler, washing machine, TV and radio. Fireplace, toilet. Sauna with wood heating, shower. Loft for sleeping. Convertible sofa in the living room.

    Shore westwards, pier, good swimming place and fishing possibilities. Row-boat and fish trap, outdoor grill. No smoking indoors.

    Water comes from the lake, drinking water has to be brought. Own linen.

    Weekly price 450 e, if for a longer period, then 400 e. Deposit 55 e.

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