Carried forward and achieve better results - China Social Science Information Institute's 20th anniversary celebrations of the 2006 Symposium-cum-Ji_5075

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Carried forward and achieve better results - China Social Science Information Institute's 20th anniversary celebrations of the 2006 Symposium-cum-Ji_5075

Carried forward and achieve better results - China Social

    Science Information Institute's 20th anniversary celebrations of the 2006 Symposium-cum-Ji

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     In 2006, China Social Sciences Society for Information Science ushered in the 20th

    anniversary of the birthday. 20 years, China Social Sciences Society for Information Science with the times, innovation and development, creating a cause of social sciences and the disciplines of intelligence and common development of the new situation. To

    commemorate the 20th anniversary of Institute of event, September 25, 2006 -29 days,

    from the Chinese Social Sciences Society for Information Science five systems, including the CASS system, Party system, university systems, military academies and

    schools systems and information systems 140 More than representatives, attended the Institute in Nanning, Guangxi's 20th anniversary celebrations of the 2006 Symposium cum.

     The meeting received the Guangxi regional government attaches great importance to.

    Autonomous Region Party Committee Standing Committee, vice chairman of Li Jinzao attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, the regional party committee propaganda department, executive vice minister of Choi Ji-woo also attended the

    opening ceremony. In his speech, Li Jinzao the first Vice-Chairman stressed the

    importance of the work of intelligence and social science, affirmed the Chinese Social Sciences Society for Information Science 20 years in the country's economic and social

    development and scientific research to provide literature information services, for the governmental decision-making have made great contributions. He encouraged the

    Institute of persistent efforts, and actively work for the country's information

    technology and innovation-oriented nation-building and make a bigger contribution.

    He also gave details of the Guangxi region, in the hope for social science information workers to go deep into reality, to Guangxi's reform and opening up and economic development to make its own contribution. Finally, he wished the meeting a complete success.

     Guangxi Academy of Social Sciences Dean wake-yi to the meeting to the delegates on

    the situation of Guangxi hospital.

     The opening ceremony, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, aims at China's Social

Science Information Society for Hwang Jang-book a "pioneering spirit, to promote the

    common development of the cause and discipline," the theme of the report (for details, see Articles 2006, No. 5, p. 5 ). In his report, said: "China Social Sciences Society for

    Information Science Institute as a national one, from the creation so far has gone through 20 years of development history. For a mass is in the development of academic communities, the 20-year then means that it passed the start-up and a child, and has

    entered the rapidly growing youth. "

     After a brief review of the creation of the Institute through the following Hwang Jang with special emphasis on moving towards the creation and development for the Institute have made important contributions to the older generation of Library and Information workers who had high respect and deep gratitude! Among them, there is as the first leader of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Cheng-Fang

    Yang, Sun Fang Yi Ke letter, the Central Party School, Meng, the NPC data center Cohen Tin books and newspapers, the Xinhua News Agency Li Xiong clan, the National Defense University in Taipei,; there is a long time have been concerned about, support, and enthusiastic work of the Institute of People's Daily, Hisataka crane, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, Sun Shu-yu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Zhao

    Guoqi, Zhang Yuzhong, national libraries, LI Jiu-qi, SUN society of dawn, as well as

    the last Society for Lihui Guo, and many care, support for the Association work in obscurity, willing to sacrifice the various systems and units of comrades. Of them, some comrades have no regrets even today is still dedicated work for the Society; there are some old comrades have left us forever, but their selfless dedication, pioneering spirit, dedicated spirit will forever inspire us in the future to continue its efforts to continuously innovate and promote greater development of the work society. Hwang Jang with great emotion suggest that there is a warm round of applause to 20 years to learn to make great contributions to the old comrades who had great respect and deep gratitude! At the meeting a warm applause, it was enthusiastic and prolonged applause from the enthusiastic expression of the aspirations of all the participants.

     Finally, Huang, chairman pointed out that we must continue to make constant progress, with honest labor confirms the value and significance of our work to promote the social science disciplines and the cause of intelligence and common development.

     Secretary-General of China Social Sciences Society for Information Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Documentation and Information Center Director Pei-Chao

    had made a "story to the cause of social science information to create a new situation of prosperity and development" report (for details, see Articles 2006, No. 5, p. 7) . In his report, pointed out: "the 20th century, the mid-80s, with China's Institute of Social

    Sciences was established as a symbol of intelligence, intelligence career development of social sciences at first appeared to a climax. The cause of the rise and fall of intelligence and social sciences and philosophy and social sciences is closely related to the overall development of . enter the new century, in the prosperous development of philosophy and social science background, social information and gradually increase the overall level, it will undoubtedly cause the promotion of social science information on a larger scale development, and usher in a new round of high tide. "He also pointed out:" of philosophy and social sciences innovation in practice, to social science information provides both an excellent career development opportunities, but also brought about a severe test. adapt to innovation needs to raise the overall level of protection and service capabilities, is a philosophy and social scientific literature, the main task facing the intelligence agencies . "He also suggested the cause of the revitalization of social science

    information focus on the development of points: First, the promotion of social science disciplines of information development; second is to create the National Social Science

Digital Library; third is to strengthen the Society of self-construction. Reposted

    elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     At the meeting, learn five system, Party system, military academies systems, information systems, the CASS system and the society of "intelligence work" describes the various systems were 20 years, especially in the new century, to carry out

    professional activities, academic seminar, as well as library and information industry development.

     China's vice president of Social Sciences Society for Information Science, the National Documentation and Information Society Party chairman of the Central Party School Librarian Cuiyong Lin had made a "serve as a bridge and a link to actively promote the cause of the Party School Library Development - Document Information Society of

    the National Party Review and Outlook" the theme of the report (for details, see Articles 2006, No. 6, p. 7). She said in a report, with the 1986 Chinese Social Science Information Society was established in November 1987 the National Party Documentation and Information Society was officially established. Provinces,

    municipalities and autonomous regions have set up the party school also learn to branch. Documentation and Information Society of the establishment of the National Party 19 years ago, the main focus on strengthening the link between the party school

    system library, summarize and exchange work experience, to promote the work of standardization, standardization, strengthening personnel training, promoting academic research and exchanges, coordination of building a modern multi-functional ,

    especially in digital library construction, organizational implementation of the provincial Party School Library Evaluation of strategic and global issues such as carried out fruitful work.

     Institute of Deputy Secretary-General, on behalf of the military system, National

    Defense University, Chang-Song Qi, deputy director of the library made a "positive role of the Organization to play a collaborative effort to build military academies," a museum "," the theme of the report (for details, see Articles 2006, No. 6 , p. 11).

     Institute of Deputy Secretary-General, News system representatives, the People's Daily news and information published by the Center Director of Information Systems Society, Jian-Hua Jiang, introduced to strengthen contact and exchange experience and

    promote academic research in the field of work.

     Academy of Social Sciences system representatives, Henan Academy of Social Sciences Library, Yu-Hua Shi introduced the system of the National Academy of Social Sciences

    Library will be in communication throughout the work in collaboration to promote the library standardization, modernization and construction of the situation.

     Society of the organizers, the Chinese People's University of newspapers, the information director of the Center Qiujin Li on the society of "intelligence work" 20 years of editing and publishing made a keynote speech. In his speech, pointed out that, as a learned journal, Journal of the "intelligence work" magazine, faithfully recorded and witnessed the Chinese Social Sciences Society for Information Science have traversed 20 years of glorious history. Publication of the previous major events organized by the Institute, including the Institute of general and various academic research activities, and the right branch of the systems organization's activities are carried out column in detail in the publication reported. Learn to play in the effective publication in the academic support, academic links and academic guidance role as a faithful record of our library and information science, information science, especially

    social science disciplines, theoretical research and career development of the garden, become a link of social sciences Information bridge and link the five systems has become China's Social Science Information workers demonstrate academic thought and academic results, conduct academic seminars and business exchanges between the window. 20 years, "intelligence work," follow the theoretical, practical, knowledge, running the journal of combining the principles derived from practice, more than

    practice, to guide practice, selected publications, Peking University, Nanjing University and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Award of the various kinds of core periodicals, became the Library and Information Science Journals in the best brands.

     To celebrate the Chinese Social Sciences Society for Information Science 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute Academic Committee also organized experts and scholars of the Chinese Social Sciences Society for Information Science

    awards the third outstanding scientific research activities. To qualify, winning the event the outcome is limited to years between 1996 and -2,005 were received from the system,

    the candidate recommended by the results (including monographs, papers, etc.) 73.

    Carefully selected by the Academic Committee, a total of 7 first prize, second prize 11, third prize 18 (list of winners see Articles 2006 No. 6, p. 17).

     Another theme of this meeting as the 2006 symposium on the theme of "social science

    information industry innovation and development." Event a total of close to essay 83, carefully selected by the Academic Committee, a total of 3 first prize, second prize 9, Award of Excellence 18 (list of winners see Articles 6, No. 2006 18).

     The seminar, Beijing University professor Wang Jingui information management, information director of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Wang Yi-chi, deputy

    director of the Liang, the professor of information management, Nankai University,

    Wang Zhi-chun, Chinese People's University professor Zhou Xiaoying Information Resources Management College, the Central People's Broadcasting Station Book Museum curator Suehiro audio and video materials, as well as the award-winning essay

    on behalf of the National Defense University Library Li Shu-tone, of the Fujian

    Provincial Party School Librarian Min Wang, National Defense University Xie Xuan, deputy director of the library were also made statements.

     At the award ceremony, the Society of the Vice Chairman of Academic Committee

    Director of Information Management, Peking University professor Wang Jingui on the awards, a summary of work done. The awards to the level of academic standards as a yardstick. The jury's assessment conducted in two phases, first of all declared material

    sent to you judges of first instance, and then a plenary meeting to proceed to deliberations. The full council, has decided to award-winning projects and ranking.

    Jury deliberations of the results of their unit has adopted an evasive approach reflects

    the objective and fair principles. Then, Professor Wang Jingui read the Chinese Social Sciences Society for Information Science, and the third list of winners of outstanding scientific research activities in 2006 Essay winners. Society of the system leading to the

    various winners of the award on behalf of the certificate issued.

     China Social Science Information Institute's 20th Anniversary Conference and Symposium held in 2006 was a grand and enthusiastic, fast-paced, high efficiency. It

    was deeply impressed by China's Social Sciences Institute of intelligence work was the cause and ushered in a vigorous development of the good times, we feel excited and in high spirits, the common wishes of intelligence the cause of China's social sciences to

    achieve faster development, and wish the China Social Science Society for Information Science discipline in carrying out construction, theoretical research, exchange experiences, to network modernization, to achieve cooperation and sharing to achieve

greater results.

     This meeting has been the leadership of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Academy of Social Sciences and the Center for Documentation and Information Center and all the comrades of the leadership of the strong support and help. Reposted

    elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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