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    Comptables Agréés

    Chartered Accountants

    1224 Green Street, Suite 504

    Bellefeuille, Québec JOL 1P0

    Leblond, Lebrun & Leblanc, C.A.

Audit Report

To the Directors of: (.... name of organization ....)

    We have audited the report on the costs incurred in the (.... project title ....) project

    during the period from May 20, 2006 to September 20, 2007. The management of (.... name of

    organization ....) was responsible for the quality of this report. Our responsibility as auditors is

    limited to stating an opinion on the basis of our audit. Our audit was conducted in accordance

    with the conditions set out in the Contribution Agreement, signed on (.... date of signature ....) by

    (.... organization ....) and Environment Canada. Our audit was also conducted in accordance with

    generally accepted auditing principles. These standards require that the audit be planned and

    conducted so as to provide a reasonable degree of certainty that there are no major inaccuracies

    in this report on costs. The audit included a review of samples of documents supporting the

    amounts in question and other elements of information contained in this report. It also included

    an assessment of the accounting principles applied and important estimates made by

    management, as well as an assessment of the presentation of this report.

    As is the case in many organizations of this kind, (.... name of organization ....) obtains

    some of its income in the form of gifts in cash, in kind or in voluntary labour, which cannot form

    the subject of a detailed audit. Consequently, our audit of the organization’s income from these

    sources was limited to a review of the deposits recorded in the books. In our opinion, with the

    exception of any adjustments that might have been required if we had been able to audit the

    income from gifts of any kinds whatsoever, this report faithfully reflects in every major respect

    the accumulated costs of the (.... project title ....) project during the period from May 20, 2006 to

    September 20, 2007 in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Leblond, Lebrun & Leblanc, C.A

    Bellefeuille, Québec

    December 28, 2007

(.... NAME OF ORGANIZATION ....) Sample Financial Audit


(.... PROJECT TITLE ....)

Report on Costs

    Period from May 20, 2006 to September 20, 2007


    Environmental Damages Fund (including 10% holdback receivable) $50,000

    • Student Employment Assistance Program $7,800

• City of Bellefeuille $10,000

• Seniors for the Protection of the Environment (SPE) $2,000

• Bio-Vert Inc. $3,000

    • Dubois and Daughters Construction Ltd. $2,000

• Contributions in kind (goods, services, voluntary labour) $10,200

     Subtotal $85,000


    • Wages and benefits $38,600

• Professional fees $8,520

• Purchase of materials $9,125

• Equipment rental $8,600

• Travel costs $700

• Office supplies $1,280

• Advertising and communications $1,825

• Miscellaneous expenses $6150

• Gifts in kind $10,200

    Subtotal $85,000

Surplus $ 0

(.... NAME OF ORGANIZATION ....) Sample Financial Audit


    (.... PROJECT TITLE ....)

Report on Costs (continued)

Period from May 20, 2006 to September 20, 2007

    Professional services $8,520

    Human Resources $38,600

    Equipment and Supplies $19,005

    Miscellaneous Expenses $8,675

    Total $74,800(1)

Approved by:

................................................................, Director

Note (1): Voluntary Contributions

    Contributions by the organization and its partners to the project (.... project title ....) consisting of goods, services or voluntary labour are not recorded in the books and were not therefore audited.

    These amounts represent approximately $10,200 and may be broken down as follows:

Voluntary labour:

    (.... Name of organization ....). $3,500

SPE $2,500

Gifts in kind (in the form of services):

    City of Bellefeuille $2,300

Bio-Vert Inc. $1,500

Individuals $400

     Total $10,200

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