SOB Barn Agreement

By Emma Nichols,2014-08-17 16:32
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SOB Barn Agreement

    SOB Barn Rental Agreement

Group Name: Contact: ____________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________ Email: ______________________________

Date of Event: Times: ______________________________

    Rules & Regulations

    1. Smoking is NOT allowed in the barn fire danger is extremely high.

    2. Hay and straw are NOT allowed in the building (treated or untreated).

    3. No open flames or flammable items are allowed in or near the barn. Any barbecue grills must be placed

    outside and away from barn (do not place grills under eve of barn entrance)

    4. Limited tables and chairs are in the barn loft; there is no stage available.

    5. Loft capacity is 250.

    6. All food and beverage served must be provided by University Food Services, with the exception of

    potlucks. No off-campus catering services are allowed.

    7. The user is responsible for damages to the facility. All loading and unloading must be done through the

    south doors which can be accessed from the North Hedges lot. The emergency stairs cannot be used for


    8. All regulations apply to users of the SOB Barn loft, picnic area, and playing fields (if those using the playing

    fields intend to use the restroom facilities).

    9. An Events with Alcohol Request Form must be completed for any events where alcohol is to be present.

    Forms are available through the catering office. All alcohol must be purchased through the catering office.

    Any alcohol must be served from within the barn.

    10. Security is required for events where alcohol will be present and for all dances. Security needs will be

    determined by and arranged for by the building supervisor. The group will be billed for and is responsible

    for the cost of the security.

    11. The group is responsible for all clean up of the barn. All trash must be removed and placed in the outside

    dumpster. The floor is to be swept and the tables and chairs stacked to the side. If the barn is not

    restored to its original state, an additional cleaning fee may be assessed by Conference Services. Clean up

    must be done by 9:30am the following day unless other arrangements have been made through

    Conference Services.

    12. All events inside the barn must end by 1am. If the event is outside the group must end or be inside the

    barn by 10pm.

    13. All campus groups using the barn and charging admission will be charged a rental fee for use of the barn.

    14. All events with alcohol and all dances will be charged a rental fee. Participant must be at least 18 years

    old or MSU students for all dances sponsored by MSU student organizations. The sponsoring group is

    responsible for checking ID’s at the dance and for complying with all policies and procedures.

    15. All participants dancing in the barn cannot wear street shoes. Shoes must have leather soles, be tennis

    shoes that haven’t been worn outside, or be dancing shoes.

    16. Activities will be scheduled by Conference Services, Room 280F in the Strand Union Building at the phone

    number 406-994-3081. Reservations should be cleared through this office at least two weeks prior to the

    scheduled event.

    17. If groups choose not to abide by the above policies, they will lose reservation privileges from the office of

    Conference Services for one academic year.

    Signature of Agreement

    I have read and understand the rules and regulations as set forth above and agree to abide by them.

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