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    Affordable Warm Strategy (AWS) &

    Affordable Warmth Referral Network (AWRN) Steering Group Minutes thThursday 15 November 2007

    Meeting Room 2.20, Salford Civic Centre


     Name Title Initial

    Richard Bundy Principal Officer Welfare Rights & Debt Advice - SCC RB

    Mick Coogan Strategy Officer Strategy & Partnership team - SCC MC

    Les Laws Principal Officer Affordable Warmth - SCC LL

    Sandra Mardell Principal Officer Home Improvement Agency - SCC SM

    Helen Nicklin Project Officer Affordable Warmth - SCC HN

    Project Officer Groundwork Trust Alex Williams AW Kutchi Sunni Muslim Centre (Apna Ghar energy project) Anver Zeria AZ

    Action Item Item


    1. Apologies

     John Jordan Age Concern Salford Jaki Wild Local Pension Service (no longer in local liaison manager)

    Jennifer Roberts eaga plc

    RB ; RB to give Les Laws contact details for new liaison manager.

    Minutes of Last Meeting 2.

     The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as an accurate representation.

    Community Energy Efficiency Fund Scheme with Groundwork 3.

     AW explained the Groundwork Energy Efficiency scheme.

     Groundwork are an environmental regeneration charity .They have won ?20,000 from

     DEFRA’s Community Energy Efficiency Fund in partnership with Salford City Council. It

     was one of only four successful bids.

     The aim of the project is to increase awareness in hard to reach households of energy

     efficiency measures that can be taken in the home and to increase take up of grants and

     support available around this issue.

     They aim to train up community energy champions (who may be residents or a

     community group) in particularly fuel poor areas who will then encourage energy efficient

     behaviour in residents by carrying out community projects or making a referral to the

     Affordable Warmth Referral Network.

     The project also aims to train up front line staff in energy efficiency and how to recognise

     the signs of fuel poverty in order that they can refer on to the AWRN.

     Groundwork are currently working with staff from New Deal for Communities in Lower

     Kersal, Helping Hands, Age Concern and are recruiting residents from areas with a low

     SAP rating

     AW explained there are two staff members, Kate who is the development worker and

     herself who is responsible for the training.

     LL also pointed out that he had dedicated an ?18,000 budget for loft and wall insulation

     in association with the project.

     The project is a pilot scheme and AW stated that the ?20,000 budget will need to be

     spent by March 2008, when they will then look at further funding depending on the

     success of the scheme. Success will be measured by the number of people trained

     (target of 400 residents) and the number of referrals to the AWRN. AW also mentioned

     that they are currently piloting an impact assessment tool from the WWF which should

     show how the project measures affect people in their home.

     LL also mentioned the Green Doctor scheme which will be run in association with the

     Helping Hands scheme once they have been trained by Groundwork. This will train

     people up to visit people’s homes and give energy efficiency advice. This project will

     probably be launched in the next financial year.

     Under this scheme Powergen are also offering a referral fee to any organisation which

     makes a referral to this scheme.

     RB agreed to take back information on the Groundwork training to his staff to see if they

     would be interested in participating.


     ; RB to take back Groundwork CEEF training information to staff for

    RB feedback.

    Affordable Warmth Strategy (Update) 4.

     LL and Mick Coogan stated that there had been several draft strategies. The strategy

     has not yet been accepted by the Senior Management. It has also been suggested that

     there has been little change in the Affordable Warmth strategy since the last one was

     published, raising the issue of whether a new strategy is actually required or if an

     updated action plan would suffice.

     LL and MC feel that a new strategy would be useful as the current strategy contains

     inaccurate SAP data from the stock condition survey and requires updating.

     LL stated he will attempt to meet with his Senior Management Team to obtain

     clarification on what is needed.

    ; LL to meet with John Wooderson (Assistant Director Housing LL

    Investment) regarding AWS and feedback to group. thWarm Front Grants and HECA 11 Progress Report (Update) 5.

    Warm Front Grants

     LL reported that for 2006/7 Warm Front had paid ?1.5 million of Warm Front Grants into

     Salford, which is the largest amount so far. He stated that there were 1,494 measures

     taken in Salford in that year.

     However so far figures are down for 2007/8 so we will need to look at measures we can

     take to encourage people to apply for Warm Front Grants.

     LL and RB reported that they are looking at using a member of the Welfare Rights and

     Debt Advice service to search for data on eligible households that they have within the

     Welfare Rights and Debt Advice records. RB indicated that there might be up to 1,500

     eligible households on their system. They are looking at possibly funding this team

     member between Affordable Warmth and the PCT.

     LL reported that he had discussed this with his line manager and feedback suggested

     that it might be possible but that the team member would need to sit with the team in the

     Commissioning and Projects office.

     RB stated that he would need to know if LL required his staff member for the data mining

     project in the next two weeks. LL stated he would need to speak to John Wooderson and

     report back to RB.

     Further measures which might encourage Warm Front grant take up are newspaper

     adverts and direct mailing to Council Tax/Housing Benefit recipients.

     AW suggested that the Welfare Rights and Debt Advice team might benefit from the

     Groundwork training as they are likely to come across people in fuel poverty.

     LL also suggested that in the future referrals via the AWRN might go directly to SHIP

     (Salford Heating Installers Partnership) members who worked on Warm Front grants in

     order to speed up the process time between referral and installation. Anyone requiring a

     top up grant would be referred back to the Home Improvement Agency.

     LL reported that there might be a successful bid for around ?400,000 for the Affordable Warmth team from the UK Public Health Association. The UK Public Health Association

     (UKPHA) - is an independent voluntary organisation, formed by the coming together of

    LL three organisations in 1999 to unite the public health movement in the UK. As a

     multidisciplinary membership organisation, the UKPHA brings together individuals and

    LL organisations from all sectors who share a common commitment to promoting the public’s health. They seek to promote the development of healthy public policy at all levels of government and across all sectors. The UKPHA act as an information platform

    and aim to support those working in public health both professionally and in a voluntary


    The UKPHA grant might be sufficient to subsidise two new staff members & one on

    secondment from the PCT.

     th11 HECA Progress report

    HECA also require a baseline of how energy efficient the city is, Salford is now 2.5% more energy efficient than in 1996. These figures have been sent to DEFRA.

    ; LL to speak to John Wooderson regarding data mining and RB’s staff


    ; LL to distribute link or hard copy of HECA progress report to group



    Affordable Warmth Referral Network (Update) 6.

     LL stated that as the SCC PC’s had been enterprised he had lost the software which

     enabled him to accumulate the figures for referrals.

    LL reported on the cumulative figures for the AWRN since May 2005. These were:

    Total referrals: just under 200

    Number of people registered disabled: 21

    Number of people accessing Warm Front Top Up grants: 38

    Number of people identified as eligible for a Warm Front grant: 43

    Number of people identifying themselves as Non White-British: 12

LL hopes to produce a better report for the next meeting when the relevant software is

    installed again.

Heatstreets Scheme with Powergen 7.

     LL had no news to report on the Heatstreets scheme. The scheme is still waiting to be

     signed off.

     LL has allocated ?90,000 for loft and wall insulation for people aged over 60 and families

     earning between ?15,000 and ?22,000 in selected areas of Salford. Eligible households

     will receive free loft and wall insulation in these areas.

     LL agreed to find out how much that would be.

     It is hoped that this scheme will be launched as soon as possible.

     ; LL to keep group informed of progress.

    LL ; LL to find out intended referral fee from Powergen.


    8. Any Other Business

     ; Anver Zeria discussed the Apna Ghar project which currently operates within Manchester City Council boundaries. Apna Ghar trains up energy champions who can translate the energy efficiency information into BME languages such as Urdu and Punjabi for BME residents. The funding for Apna Ghar ceases in December 2007 and AZ is hoping to set up the project as a social enterprise and roll it out to other local authorities other than Manchester. AZ already has links with some of the Salford BME community in places such as Lower Broughton and with Salford Link. AZ suggested there could be links between the Groundwork CEEF project and Apna Ghar. AW and LL agreed that there could be ways to link in with the project and

     agreed to arrange a date for a further meeting with AZ to discuss this further.

     LL also suggested that there may be some links with the SCC Smoke Free Homes project. He will discuss this with Liz Wigg (Principal Officer Smoke Free Homes). LL, AW ; LL and AW to meet separately with AZ. & AZ ; LL to discuss possible links between Kutchi Sunni Muslim centre and LL Smoke Free Homes. ; LL reported that the SHIP launch was to take place at the Think Lab at Salford rd University on the 23 November 2007. SHIP is the Salford Heating Installer Partnership and links SCC with heating installers operating in the city. th ; LL reported that Helen Nicklin and LL would be at Hope Hospital on 28

    November 2007 with the Greater Manchester South Energy Efficiency Advice

    Centre to promote Warm Front grants and insulation schemes. ; LL showed the group the overall winners from the Save Energy In the Home art competition 2007. Nine Salford schools took part in the competition and the Mayor of Salford chose the overall prize winners (one from primary and one from secondary schools). The competition is part of the NEA warm homes campaign 2007 and has been kindly sponsored by a variety of heating installers. The prize giving ceremony for the winners will take place at The Digital World th Centre on Friday 30 November 2007 where the overall runners-up will win ?250

     for their school and ?25 of WHSmith vouchers for themselves and the overall

    winners will win ?500 for their school and a ?50 WHSmith voucher for themselves.

Date of Next Meeting 9.

     ndTuesday 22 January 2008, Committee Room 1, Salford Civic Centre

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