RESOUCES - People of Color Practitioners Who Incorporate Breath

By Melvin Miller,2014-05-18 00:43
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RESOUCES - People of Color Practitioners Who Incorporate Breath

    RESOUCES - People of Color Practitioners Who Incorporate Breath Awareness

Acupuncture Dr. Kokayi Patterson, founder, African Wholistic Health Association,, 301-277-2942;

    Acupuncture & Aromatherapy, Merline Sahsonya Melvin, Lic. AC, ND, offers drug

    detox, facial rejuvenation & yoga therapy. 202-882-3572, ,

    Ausar Aset Society teaches breath techniques and other African Spiritual Values, 202-723-


    Belly Dancers of Color -;Dr. Sunyatta Amen, director,;;

     Birthing Specialist - Gwendolyn West,;

    Breath Facilitator - Sister Musinah, 202-772-1927

Breath Facilitator/Coach, Breathologist, Stress Manager, Reiki, Aroma-Therapy

    Ayo Handy-Kendi, , 202-667-2577

Lympthology (Consultations on effective lymphatic health and deep breathing effect

    on lymph glands) Dr. Karen Davis-Foulks, Lymphologist, Energetic Practitioner, Life

    Extension Nutritionist, Quantum Health and Healing Specialists,; 202-248-


Massage: Waking Path, owner, Lisa Wilder, L.M.T, Swedish / Deep Tissue / Thai

    Yoga / Guided Imagery / Breast CA Session / Usui Reiki Master, cell: 703 -407-5698,

Meditation Music to Breathe to: John P. Davies, "Earth Song", composed and produced through

    Earth Love Tune Up Crew (ELTUC), 202- 302-7427. QiGong Masters - Manifest Ra, Relaxation Specialists/ Art Therapist / Wholistic Romance Enhancement

    Specialists Rachel Pope


    Yoga Instructor - Brother Hawah, 202-529-2125

Yoga Instructor Dana, the Yoga Diva,, 301-952-9464


Healing Hanz Alternative Therapy, owner, Raquel A. Phillips (NCTMB, LMT)

     Aromatherapy Reiki, Deep Tissue, Swedish Therapeutic, Craniosacral Therapy

    Sports Massage


Healing Arts of Silver Spring, co-owner, KarenC. Alleyne, M.D. , Psychiatric

    services with wholistic practice, 240-482-8129,,


Sat Sandesh, Science of Spirituality Meditation Center, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

    Maharaj focuses on sound, breath and meditation. Offers free retreats for people of

    color in Bolling Green, VA . 630-955-1200, 48175 Naperville Road, Naperville, Il


International Rebirthing-Breathwork Institute, founder Leonard Orr

    Phone: (540) 885-0551, Phone: (540) 885-0551, fax number is (+1) (540) 885-1230,, Address: PO 1026, Staunton VA 24402, USA

Transformational Breath Foundation (TBF), Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder of modern

    day transformation breath movement, P.O. Box 248, Tilton, NH

    03276,,, 603-286-8333

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