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Yu, Eden Siu-hung俞肇熊

    Dept. of Economics & Finance,

    The City University of Hong Kong

    83 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Phone: 852 3442 7604 Fax : 852 2788 7309

    e-mail address :


     B.So.Sc. (cum laude), Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1968.

     Ph.D., M.A., Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A., 1976, 1974.

Professional Experience:

     Chair Professor of Economics, City University of Hong Kong, 2001- (Head of the Department,

    2001-2008; Associate Dean, 2008-Present.)

     (Chair) Professor, Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, Chinese

    University of Hong Kong, 1991-2001. (Chairman of the Department, 1994-1998.)

     Gulf Coast Bottling Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, Louisiana State

    University, 1988-94.

     Visiting Professor, Economics Training Center, Peoples' University of China, Beijing, China,

    Spring 1989.

     Visiting Research Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, summer 1988.

     Professor of Economics, Louisiana State University, USA, 1985-1988.

     Associate Professor of Economics, University of Oklahoma, 1980-1984.

     Visiting Associate Professor, Claremont McKenna College, USA; Visiting Scholar, UCLA;


     Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Oklahoma, USA, 1976-1980.

     Associate Economist, Midwest Research Institute, Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 1974-1976.

Honors and Awards:

     The Regents' Award for Superior Research, University of Oklahoma, USA, 1980; University

    Fellowships, Washington University, USA, 1972-74.

Courses Taught:

     International Trade and Finance (undergraduate and graduate); Microeconomics (principles,

    intermediate and graduate); Macroeconomics; Environmental Economics.


     Professor Ronald Jones, Department of Economics, University of Rochester, Rochester, New

    York, 14627, U.S.A.

     Professor Ping Wang, Department of Economics, Washington University in St. Louis,

    Missouri 63130, U.S.A.

     Professor Alex Kondonassis, Division of Economics, University of Oklahoma, Norman,

    Oklahoma 73039, U.S.A.


    Research Interest:

     International trade and finance; environmental, and energy economics.

Publications (in the areas of international economics, economic development, microeconomic

    theory, environmental and energy economics).

Scholarly Books and Monographs

     1. Physical and Economic Damage Functions for Air Pollutants by Receptors, EPA

    Socioeconomic Environmental Studies Series, September 1976, (with B. Liu), 160

    pages, copies available from National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA


     2. Neighborhood Impact of Freeway Construction: An Empirical Quality of Life Indicator

    Approach, U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Washington, D.C., 1977, (with B.

    Liu), 145 pages.

     3. Air Pollution Damage Functions and Regional Damage Estimates, Technomic

    Publishing Co., 1978, (with B. Liu), 150 pages.

     4. Environmental Policy, International Trade, and Factor Markets, Elsevier, The

    Netherlands, 2005, (with C.C. Chao) 13 chapters, 260 pages.

     5. Critical Issues in China’s Growth and Development, Ashgate, U.K., 2005, (edited with

    Fred Kwan), 13 chapters, 308 pages.

     6. Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Trade Theory and Policy, Emerald Group, U.K.,

    2008 (edited with Sugata Marjit), 2008.

Refereed Journal Articles (over 98 articles in SSCI / SCI journals and numerous articles in leading

    field and top journals; * is SSCI journal and leading field or top journal)

     I. International Trade & Economic Development

     * "International Investment, Trade Diversion and Trade Creation," Economic Record,

    (with G.W. Scully), December 1974, 600-604.

     * "A Pure Intermediate Good and Optimal Intervention to Achieve Noneconomic

    Objectives," Economic Record, March 1975, 99-104.

     * "Domestic Distortions and the Theory of Customs Unions," Southern Economic Journal,

    (with G.W. Scully), October 1975, 218-224.

     * "Optimum Effective Protection and Noneconomic Objective," Southern Economic

    Journal, April 1977, 1560-1569.

     * "Wage Differential, Pure Intermediate Goods and Economic Growth," Southern

    Economic Journal, April 1978, 968-973.


     * "Rigid Wage, Factor Immobility and Immiserizing Growth," Economic Record,

    December 1978, 387-393.

     "Interindustry Flows, Labor Employment and Welfare in an Open Economy," Journal of

    Economics, Vol. 5, 1979, 207-209.

     * "Nontraded Goods and Customs Unions Theory," Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv,

    December 1979, 716-728.

     * "Economic Growth, Interindustry Flows, and Wage Differential," Southern Economic

    Journal, January 1980, 925-932.

     "Distortions, Pure Intermediate Goods and Optimal Policies," Hong Kong Economic

    Papers, No. 13, 1980, 71-77.

     * "On Factor Market Distortions and Economic Growth," Southern Economic Journal,

    July 1981, 172-178.

     * "Trade Diversion, Trade Creation and Factor Market Imperfections,"

    Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, September 1981.

     * "Unemployment and the Theory of Customs Unions," Economic Journal, June 1982,


     "Nontraded Goods and Customs Unions in An Interconnected Markets," Keio Economic

    Studies, (with T. Gilligan), Vol. XX, No. 2, 1983, 71-77.

     * "Gains from Trade under Variable Returns to Scale," Southern Economic Journal, (with

    J.Y. Choi), April 1984, 195-203.

     * "Customs Unions under Increasing Returns to Scale," Economica, (with J.Y. Choi),

    Vol. 51, May 1984, 979-992.

     * "Technical Progress, Terms of Trade and Welfare under Variable Returns to Scale,"

    Economica, (with J.Y. Choi), May 1985, 365-378.

     "Toward a Theory of Customs Unions with Foreign Investment," Economia

    Internazionale, Vol. 38, No. 2, 1985, 222-235.

     * "Technical Progress and Output under Variable Returns to Scale," Economica, (with

    J.Y. Choi), May 1987, 249-253.

     * "Immiserizing Transfer under Variable Returns to Scale," Canadian Journal of

    Economics, (with J.Y. Choi), August 1987, 634-645.

     * "Inter-industrial Externalities, Technical Progress and Welfare," Southern Economic

    Journal, October 1987, 412-421.

     * "Nominal and Optimum Tariff Under Variable Returns to Scale," Oxford Economic

    Papers, (with J.Y. Choi), December 1987, 785-798.


     * "Factor Immobility and Gains from Trade," Southern Economic Journal, (with A.

    Parai), January 1989, 601-609.

     * "Factor Immobility and Customs Unions Theory," Southern Economic Journal, (with A.

    Parai), April 1989, 842-852.

     "Endogenous Wage Differential: Imperfect Factor Mobility and Customs Unions

    Theory," Journal of International Economic Integration, (with A. Parai), 1989, 15-26.

     * "Urban Unemployment, Terms of Trade and Welfare," Southern Economic Journal,

    (with C.C. Chao), January 1990, 743-751.

     * "Welfare Effects of Quotas under Variable Returns to Scale," Southern Economic

    Journal, (with C. Chao and H. Hwang), July 1990, 160-166.

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    Externalities," Southern Economic Journal, (with J.Y. Choi), January 1991, 760-771.

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    to Scale," Canadian Journal of Economics, (with C. Chao), August 1991, 686-692.

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    Economics, (with C. Chao), 38, 1992, 407-413.

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    Uncertainty". International Review of Economics and Finance, (with C. Ingene), Vol.

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II. Micro and Macroeconomic Theory

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III. Regional Economics

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IV. Environmental, Resource and Energy Economics

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