Sewing With Nancy

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Sewing With Nancy

    Sewing With Nancy? 1800 Series Program Descriptions

Prog. 1801: Embellishment 101Blank to Beautiful (Uplinks Aug. 22, 2004, and Feb. 20, 2005)

    Creatively embellish purchased shirts and jeans with stitching and trims.

    Host Nancy Zieman offers ideas for adding creative touches to readymades, called “blanks”. She adds

    framed stitches, confetti appliqué, and embroidery to detachable collars, plus gives new life to purchased jeans with embroidery, trims, and rhinestones.

Prog. 1802: Embellishment 101Blank to Beautiful (Uplinks Aug. 29, 2004, and Feb. 27, 2005)

    Add unique accents to readymade baby blankets and purchased hats and scarves.

    Purchased baby blankets become sleepytime treasures as Nancy Zieman adds machine appliquéd or embroidered fleece appliqués. She accents purchased hats and scarves with an embellisher machine and machine stitched fleece yarns.

Prog. 1803: Embellishment 101Blank to Beautiful (Uplinks Sept. 5, 2004, and March 6, 2005)

    Transform “blanks” to beautiful by adding chenille trim, stitching, and stenciling.

    Host Nancy Zieman uses bias fabric strips to make chenille trim and transforms a blank shirt into a fashionable wardrobe component. She adds bartacked flowers and optimized stitches to readymades, then enhances a tote with stenciling and stitching.

    Prog. 1804: Fold & Finish Reversible Quilts (Uplinks Sept. 12, 2004, and March 13, 2005) Cut, stack, and stitch a reversible quilt showcasing the Gentle Pines pattern.

    Pattern designer Betty Cotton joins host Nancy Zieman in featuring Betty’s Gentle Pines quilt pattern. They

    explain how to select and cut fabrics; stack, channel stitch, and join strips; and finish seams to make this reversible quilt.

    Prog. 1805: Fold & Finish Reversible Quilts (Uplinks Sept. 19, 2004, and March 20, 2005) Use dimensional seaming to stitch the Camp Wilderness reversible quilt.

    Host Nancy Zieman and pattern designer Betty Cotton demonstrate making Betty’s Camp Wilderness pattern. They illustrate making a reversible quilt in which quilting is one of the first steps, with dimensional seam allowances finished on the outside.

    Prog. 1806: Fold & Finish Reversible Quilts (Uplinks Sept. 26, 2004, and March 27, 2005) Transform fabric fat quarters into the Pine Tree Plaid reversible quilt.

    Fat quarters of fabric create a plaid-like pattern in the Pine Tree Plaid quilt showcased on this program. Pattern designer Betty Cotton joins host Nancy Zieman in showing how to combine one-way and highway seams to make this totally reversible quilt.

Prog. 1807: Sewing Fitness (Uplinks Oct. 3, 2004, and April 3, 2005)

    Learn exercises and techniques that foster good health as you sew or quilt.

    Practice sewing and quilting techniques that promote good health as certified trainer Mary Deeb joins host Nancy Zieman. They demonstrate proper positioning plus breathing, stretching, and resistance exercises that increase flexibility and reduce stress.

Prog. 1808: Quilted Closet Jackets (Uplinks Oct. 10, 2004, and April 10, 2005)

    Combine quilting and sewing to create a Santa Fe jacket.

    Quilted jackets that are as enjoyable to wear as they are to create are the focus of this program, hosted by Nancy Zieman with guest pattern designer Elaine Waldschmitt. They explain how to piece the patchwork and construct Elaine’s Santa Fe jacket.

Prog. 1809: Quilted Closet Jackets (Uplinks Oct. 17, 2004, and April 17, 2005)

Complement your fabric stash with buttons and sew a Button-up Jacket.

    Host Nancy Zieman and quilter/pattern designer Elaine Waldschmitt show how to combine a fabric stash and a button stash with patchwork, quilting, and sewing techniques to make Elaine’s Button-up Jacket.

Prog. 1810: Quilted Closet Jackets (Uplinks Oct. 24, 2004, and April 24, 2005)

    Blend brilliant colors and geometric shapes to make a Tropical Twilight jacket.

    Combine fun geometric shapes and bright colors to make the Tropical Twilight jacket designed by Elaine Waldschmitt. She and host Nancy Zieman piece fabric strips, then cut the strips into quarter triangles to create the jacket’s three unique quilt blocks.

Prog. 1811: Very Easy Vintage Quilts (Uplinks Oct. 31, 2004, and May 1, 2005)

    Duplicate the look of antique quilts with easy timesaving techniques.

    Vintage fabrics plus high-tech notions and machines make it easy to re-create the look of antique quilts. Guest quilt historian Carol Butzke details the history of 16-patch, 9-patch, and Triple Irish Chain quilts, and host Nancy Zieman shows contemporary methods for making a 16-patch table runner and a scrappy 9-patch table quilt.

Prog. 1812: Very Easy Vintage Quilts (Uplinks Nov. 7, 2004, and May 8, 2005)

    Use timesaving techniques to recreate vintage quilts based on geometric designs.

    After quilt historian Carol Butzke details the history of Square within a Square and Saw Tooth quilt designs, host Nancy Zieman demonstrates updated, simplified methods for constructing similar quilt designs.

Prog. 1813: Very Easy Vintage Quilts (Uplinks Nov. 14, 2004, and May 15, 2005)

    Reproduce the dramatic Orange Peel quilt design without piecing a single curved seam. Host Nancy Zieman demonstrates timesaving techniques for stitching the traditional two-color Orange Peel design, as well as a modified version using an envelope technique. Quilt historian Carol Butzke traces the history of the Orange Peel and Cottage Tulips designs.

Prog. 1814: More Polar Magic (Uplinks Nov. 21, 2004, and May 22, 2005)

    Take sewing high loft fleece to a new level by adding dimensional accents.

    Nancy Cornwell joins host Nancy Zieman in sharing ideas for sewing high-loft fleece. Nancy Cornwell demonstrates how to stitch and cut two-layer chenille fleece, while Nancy Zieman shows how to make polar ribbing. They also offer tips for making a chenille vest, eliminating side seams and finishing cut edges with fat piping.

Prog. 1815: More Polar Magic (Uplinks Nov. 28, 2004, and May 29, 2005)

    Learn easy options for adding no-ravel appliqués and edge finishes to fleece projects. Nancy Cornwell illustrates blunt-edge appliqué, while host Nancy Zieman shows a comparable appliqué technique using an embroidery machine. They also explain how to do reverse appliqué, show how to finish blanket edges with a lacing technique, and present a showcase of fleece projects.

Prog. 1816: More Polar Magic (Uplinks Dec. 5, 2004, and June 5, 2005)

    Explore additional ways of speed finishing blanket edges and making reversible fleece garments. Learn how easy it is to finish blanket or scarf edges with Nancy Cornwell’s quick double fringe or “bunny ear” fringe. Then watch host Nancy Zieman detail how to make reversible fleece garments, adding

    decorative snaps as closures.

1801-1826 Program Descriptions, page 3

    Prog. 1817: Quilted Photography (Uplinks Dec. 12, 2004, and June 12, 2005)

    Use 24 fabrics and a gridded system to interpret photographs in fabric.

    Guest Tammie Bowser joins host Nancy Zieman and explains how to select an appropriate photograph for making a mosaic quilt simulating a photograph. They show how to choose and arrange 24 fabrics according to light, medium, and dark values as the basis for making the quilt.

Prog. 1818: Quilted Photography (Uplinks Dec. 19, 2004, and June 19, 2005)

    Transform a favorite photograph into a family heirloom.

    Nancy Zieman and guest Tammie Bowser begin by detailing options for converting a photo into a computer file, then show how to use computer software to transform that file into a tiled full size gridded quilt pattern. Nancy demonstrates how to cut and organize the quilt fabrics.

Prog. 1819: Quilted Photography (Uplinks Dec. 26, 2004, and June 26, 2005)

    Convert a gridded paper pattern into a quilted fabric masterpiece.

    Working with a gridded pattern created from a photo, Nancy Zieman and guest Tammie Bowser show how to place strips, squares, and triangular fabric sections to create a mosaic that mimics a photograph. Nancy details finishing the quilt with free motion stippling or echo stitching.

Prog. 1820: Embroidery Appliqué (Uplinks Jan. 2, 2005, and July 3, 2005)

    Add easy appliqué accents using an embroidery machine.

    Author/designer Mary Mulari joins Nancy Zieman in creating “automatic appliqués,” using an embroidery machine to simplify the process and add thread highlights. Variations include stitch and trim appliqué, as well as reverse, dimensional, liberated, and allover stitch appliqué.

Prog. 1821: Serge & Sew for Babies (Uplinks Jan. 9, 2005, and July 10, 2005)

    Create attractive gowns and tops for babies using a sewing machine and a serger.

    Stitching layette garments using a sewing machine and a serger in tandem is host Nancy Zieman’s focus. She shows how to set up the serger, then outlines a sequence for serging and sewing a top or gown. She also adds serged facings and cover stitch topstitching as decorative accents.

Prog. 1822: Serge & Sew for Babies (Uplinks Jan. 16, 2005, and July 17, 2005)

    Sew and serge for the little ones in your life.

    Host Nancy Zieman demonstrates easy gathering techniques using both a serger and sewing machine, then shows how to make ruffles with serged rolled edges and lettuce edges. She also makes receiving blankets, finishing edges with serged wavy edges and stitched and scalloped edges.

Prog. 1823: Serge & Sew for Babies (Uplinks Jan. 23, 2005, and July 24, 2005)

    Make an heirloom heart garland and a baby bonnet to showcase serger stitches.

    Serged pintucks, diamond tucks, serger twists, flatlocking, and a serged cover stitch add decorative accents to a heart garland. Host Nancy Zieman also makes a tailored version of an heirloom baby bonnet and shirt featuring cover stitching.

Prog. 1824: Makeover Magic (Uplinks Jan. 30, 2005, and July 31, 2005)

    Transform garments from ordinary to extraordinary by adding embroidery and trims.

    Embroidery expert Eileen Roche is Nancy Zieman’s guest, as they show how to totally change the look of a simple, yet elegant silk jacket by adding embroideries and detachable fringe. They give machine setup tips, plus show how to use sizing and editing software and autodigitizing software.

Prog. 1825: Makeover Magic (Uplinks Feb. 6, 2005, and Aug. 7, 2005)

    Use readymades as the perfect palettes for magical sewing and embroidering makeovers. Host Nancy Zieman and guest Eileen Roche use embroidery to enhance a shirt and basic black pants. They explain how to select, combine, and modify designs; choose thread colors; and hoop and embroider the designs. Nancy also shows simple construction changes that give a new look.

Prog. 1826: Makeover Magic (Uplinks Feb. 13, 2005, and Aug. 14 2005)

    Add embroidery to unique fabrics, including silks, sheers, knits, and suede.

“If you can stitch on a fabric, you can embroider it,” host Nancy Zieman and guest Eileen Roche contend.

They add embroidery to a silk shawl, an organza scarf, a sweater, and a suede vest. They give positioning

tips, plus show how to use software to modify designs and reduce stitch density.

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