3OYRevision 3 Unit 3 Looking__ good

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3OYRevision 3 Unit 3 Looking__ good

    Revision 3 Unit 3 Looking good feeling good


    1( Staying ,苗条的!means everything to him

    2(His father is very shortwhich he often feels 害羞的!of 3(Zhou Jiejuns songs are ,受欢迎的!among young people 4(I ,后悔!telling him the secret

    5(Every woman wants a slim ,体型!。

    6(He was r from the serious illnesswhich made his parents very happy 7(The story is so t that tears ran down my cheeks

    8(Life is p We shouldnt do anything at the risk of it 9(I studied English very hard last yearh I didnt make any progress 10(He ,强调!his opinion again

    11(Please ,打圈于!the correct answers

    12(He was in the 体育馆!。

    13(I cant ,支付得起、、、、、的费用!a trip to Europe 14(The concert is ,免费的!。

    15(The bank has ,分行!all over the country 16(The city’s population is ,扩大,膨胀!。 17(He does exercise to improve his ,健康!。

    18(Well discuss the ,细节!of the plan

    (This is a factory with modern ,设备!。 19

    20(The ,生活方式!of some teenagers is not proper at all 21(The ,结合!of read and white forms pink (He will ,推荐!you for the job 22

    23(He keeps listening to tapes to ,提高!his listening skill 24(After finishing so much workhe felt quite ,放松的!。 28(He ,释放!the bird from the cage

    25(He suddenly ,增加!the speed of the car

    26(There is only small ,数量!of food

    27(Those girlsincluding my elder sisterare now learning performing in the schoolThey

    dream of becoming famous in the future。,演员! 28(MartinWhat made you feel so just now:,尴尬的!

     KevinCalling our headmasters names without knowing he was standing behind me 29(How can you find a shirt to your blue jacket:,相配! 30(Mary received an o last weekand now she is recovring from liver

    failure in the hospital


    1) 体态好,身体美 3) 感到羞愧

    2) 收到sb的音信 4) 多么羞愧

    5) 是一种羞耻 44) 最好的利用 6) 从肝脏衰竭中恢复 45) 利用 7) 与我完全相配 46) 特别优惠 8) 捐献 47) 骂人 9) 感到难为情 48) 使振作/高兴,欢呼,喝彩 10) 吸取教训 49) 试着节食 11) 遵循sb的建议 50) 吸收,理解,欺骗 12) 在节食 51) 表示绝望 13) 秘密地 52) 使某人为某事做好准备 14) 保持健康 53) 感到放松 15) 造成,导致sth 54) 集中在 16) sb带来/造成sth 55) 适量的睡眠 17) 导致/促使 sb 做某事 56) 事实上 18) 想瘦身 57) 立即,马上 19) 渴望/想要 sth 58) 增加体重 20) 渴望做 59) 分发 21) 过去常常/曾经 去体育馆 60) 负责任 22) 一个星期三次 61) 建立在之上 23) 运动,锻炼/ 计算,解决/制定/(62) ... 比较

    )怎么样 63) 比作 24) 准备做 64) 做比较(做状语)

     随同 25) 准备好去做65) 连同

    26) 吃减肥药 66) 大量 27) 需要锻炼 67) 做调查 28) 在过去的两个月 68) 从长远角度 29) 在此刻 69) 欢迎 30) 后悔吃减肥药 70) 一则感人的故事 31) 至少 71) 冒险做某事 32) 损害你的健康 72) 在高中 33) 像你现在的样子 73)取得伟大成就

    遇见 34) 偶然发现,

    35) 加入俱乐部

    36) 受伤

    37) 知道选哪个体育项目

    38) 出院

    39) 增加力气

    40) 独立,独自

    41) 听起来很有趣

    42) 的开放日

    43) 在开放日


1. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains ________ whether

    they will enjoy it.

    A to see B to be seen C seeing D seen

    2. Written in a hurry, _____________. How can it be satisfactory?

    A There are many mistakes in the report

    B People found many mistakes in the report

    C Mary made many mistakes in the report

    D Its full of mistakes in the report.

    3. Now that shes out of a job, Lucy _________ going back to school, but she hasnt decided yet.

     A had considered B has been considering

     C considered D is going to consider

    4. The conference had been held to discuss the effects of tourism ______ the wildlife in the area.

     A in B on C at D with

    5. Anyway, that evening, _________ Ill tell you more about later, I ended up staying at Rachels


     A when B where C what D which

    6. ——You were brave enough to raise objections at the meeting.

     ——Well. Now I regret ____________ that.

     A to do B to be doing C to have done D having done 7. _________, some famous scientists have the qualities of being both careful and careless.

     A Strangely enough B Enough strangely

    C Strange enough D Enough strange

    8. Why dont you put the meat in the fridge? It will ________ fresh for several days.

     A be stayed B stay C be staying D have stayed 9. The price of any product is linked to a complicated system of prices _______ everything

    depends on everything else.

     A where B which C that D of which 10. ——What do you think of your failure in the exam, Tom?

     ——Well, sir, I now regret ________ the time I should __________ on study.

     A wasting, spend B to waste, have spent

     C to waste, spend D wasting, have spent

    11. ——Alice, you feed the bird today, ______?

     ——But I fed it yesterday.

     A do you B will you C didnt you D dont you

    12. The news that they failed their driving test discouraged him, _________?

     A did they B didnt they C didnt it D dont it

    13. ——The young dancers looked so charming in their beautiful clothes that we took ___________ pictures of them.

     A many of B masses of C the number of D a large amount of 14. ——You havent been to Beijing, have you?

     ——_________. How I wish to go there!

     A Yes, I have B Yes, I havent C No, I havent D No, I have

    15. ——David has made great progress recently.

     ——____________, and ___________

     A So he has; so you have B So he has; so have you

     C So has he; so have you D So has he; so you have 16. ——What can I do for you?

     ——Id like to have this bag __________ and post it to Shanghai.

     A to be weighed B weighed C tested D to be tested 17. The boy _________ at the meeting has really set a good example to all the students.

     A refer to B referred to C referring to D to refer to 18. __________ more attention, the tree could have grown better.

     A Given B To give C Giving D Having given 19. ——Oh, its you! I ___________ you.

     ——Ive just had my hair cut and I am wearing new glasses.

     A didnt recognize B hadnt recognized

     C havent recognized D dont recognize

    20. Before _________ the medicine, _________ ought to study the instructions or follow doctors


     A you take, you, advise B you take, one, advice

     C taking, one, advice D taking, you, advise

    21. Sometimes we were asked _________ we think the likely result of an action will be.

     A if B that C what D whether 22. Mr Green is an Australian, ___________ I know from his accent.

     A who B whom C which D that

    23. I dont suppose anyone will be voluntary, __________?

     A do I B dont I C will they D wont they

    24. He doesnt believe she can take the first place in the competition, ________.

     A can she B cant she C doesnt he D does he

    25. We didnt plan our art exhibition like that, but it ________ very well.

     A tried out B went on C carried on D worked out 26. Jumping out of ______ airplane at a height of 10,000 feet is quite _________ exciting


     A \; the B \; an C an; an D the; the 27. Albert Einstein, _________ life had once been very hard, was given the Nobel Prize for

    physics in 1921.

     A in which B for whom C for whose D in whom 28. I like swimming, while what my brother enjoys ___________.

     A cooking B to cook C is cooking D cook 29. ——Was his father strict with him when he was at school?

     ——Yes. He had never praised him ________ he became one of the top students in his grade.

     A after B unless C until D when 30. She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each of us has a role _________ in making the

    earth a better a place to live on.

     A to have played B to play C to be played D to be playing

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