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    Stress is an unavoidable part of our lives and work with the increase demands of managing both our personal

    and business time. Absenteeism, illness, and injuries have skyrocketed in the workplace resulting in increased worker compensation and reduced productivity costs for business owners. The culprit STRESS! It is estimated that stress will cost businesses over $300 billion dollars annually. Scientific studies have shown that

    stress can worsen the symptoms of almost every known medical condition including asthma, diabetes, Multiple

    Sclerosis, chronic pain, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, skin disorders, anxiety, depression, sleep

    disorders, the list goes on. There are also studies that prove that “long term” stress has the “wearing down”

    effect on the immune system leading to an increased susceptibility to infection and prolonged healing. Your

    skin is not immune to the effects of stress; in fact, signs of stress often show up first on our most visible organ, the skin. That is where BeautiControl comes in. BC was the first company to recognize and intercede with

    stress-reducing Spas in the home and office. BeautiControl has combined scientifically developed and tested,

    day spa quality products with the unique, relaxing spa experience to promote health and wellness, while at the

    same time improving the texture and appearance of the skin. With our unique RELAX AT WORK SPA

    RETREAT you can make positive changes to stress induced negative workplace attitudes. By improving the

    attitudes of your workforce you will Increase productivity and enhance performance by decreasing

    absenteeism and lowering health care costs.

    PROGRAMColleen Barcaskey We Bring the Day Spa

    Spa and Wellness Consultant

     To Your Office 412-849-0978

    At our Relax At Work Spa Retreat, your employees will receive stress reducing, anti-aging Spa quality treatments that will pamper and relieve tension. We will offer tips on stress management and a Deep

    Breathing and Relaxation session. Show your employees your appreciation by providing this invaluable gift of

    relaxation, and the tools to manage stress at work and at home.

    ? HEATED HERBAL NECK WRAP A treatment for the neck and shoulders to relieve tension.

    ? NOURISHING EYE PADS designed to sooth eye strain with a cool, vitamin E enriched eye treatment

    ? LIP MASQUE An exfoliation treatment for the lip area and application of a healing moisture balm

    ? INSTANT HAND MANICURE A tension relieving treatment for tired, dry, and cracked hands

    ? AROMATHERAPEUTIC FOOT TREATMENT A luxurious foot treatment to pamper tired, sore feet

    ? MINI HAND MASSAGE a blissful mini hand and forearm with our heated massage lotion

    ? GIFT CERTIFICATES For a free Home Spa Retreat and a Free Spa gift at no cost to you!

    We provide all the tools necessary to make your Office Retreat a huge success. Sessions available in 15 - 60 minute stress breaks, during or after work hours. We can accommodate individual appointments or small

    groups of 2 10 people. We look forward to assisting your employees relax their bodies and rejuvenate their

    spirits. Show your appreciation for all your employees do today!

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