Rental Pack Info - Occupancy Issues

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Rental Pack Info - Occupancy Issues

    Hill Condominium Rental Pack

Rental Policy for Hill Condo properties

    All Hill Condo owners have contractual responsibility by Deed to the Hill Condominium Owners Association. There is no contractual tie or obligation between the HCOA and Tenants and/or rental property management companies. Therefore, Hill Condo owners who chose to rent their units are solely responsible to the HCOA for any and all problems created by their tenants.

In addition, the HCOA’s property manager will only deal with tenant and/or rental

    property management companies for emergency or safety related issues. The Hill Condo Manager is not contracted as a rental manager for the HCOA. Calls or complaints that are related to tenants and require the HCOA Manager to respond will result in a $50 fee charged to the unit owner for each occurrence above and beyond emergency and safety issues. The Manager will direct tenants to contact their unit Owner unless safety or immediate attention is required.

    Owners who wish to rent out their property are required to have their tenants follow these requirements:

    1. Copies of completed Hill Condo Unit Survey & Rental Property Form. These

    forms inform our manager who is supposed to be using your property for

    insurance reasons and the safety of all Owners and Association properties.

    2. Copy of the Hill Condo Rules and Regulations accepted with the signatures of all


    Tenants will receive parking permits from the HCOA Managers office at #1313 once the above requirements are met. Failure to provide this information at the time of renting will require parking passes to be withheld until compliance is met. Vehicles without permits are subject to towing.

Rules for Tenants

    Renters are contractually obligated to the Owner of the unit. Complaints or problems must be directed to your Owner or property manager, not the Hill Condo manager unless safety or immediate attention is required. You must complete a Rental Property Form, sign and return an acknowledgment of the Hill Condo Rules and Regulations at the time you take occupancy. Parking pass(es) will be issued when this is completed.

    The following are some of the rules that must be followed. Fines for violations start at $100 per offense and increase with continual abuse. Please see Complaints and Fines Procedure for the detailed fine policy.


    Studios may have no more than 2 tenants per unit. Lofts may have no more than 4 tenants per unit, three is recommended. Owners will be fined for each violation per each person over the occupancy standard. “Couch surfing” is not allowed and constitutes trespassing. If you have a visitor staying for more than 7 days in a month, you must have your Owner notify the manager immediately.

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Quiet Hours Nuisance Rule Policy

    Quiet hours are from 10pm to 10am . A nuisance is defined as any action that deprives an owner from the quiet, peaceful enjoyment inside or out of their condominium. Specific nuisances are excessive noise using stairs and decks, loud talking or yelling, profane language, loud noise from vehicles, barking dogs, and loud music or TV. If a nuisance from owners, tenants, or guests is created between the designated quiet hours of 10pm through 10am and is reported to the manager, the manager will investigate and make a log report. A $50 fee will be assessed. If a nuisance rule violation is decided then a fine of $100 will be assessed to the unit Owner. Please see Complaints and Fines Procedure for the detailed fine policy.


    Only Owners may have dogs on Hill Condo Property. Tenants or tenants’ guests may not.

    Fines for violations of this rule are $100 for each day until the dog is removed and retroactive from the start of tenancy or when the dog is discovered.

Parking Policy

    Parking permits are required in all parking lots of the Hill Condominiums, including the Overflow Lot. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas and cannot be parked in Fire Lanes, in front of any fire hydrant, or blocking the Big Sky Water & Sewer building. One permit is issued to each studio and 2 are issued to lofts. Vehicles that do not have a permit will be issued one warning only. You have 24 hours to move the vehicle off the Hill property or secure a valid parking pass or it will be towed without further warnings. No exceptions. A guest pass is available from the manager for short term visitors. Vehicles must be moved according to the snow plow schedule before 9:00 am. Additional parking is available by purchasing an Overflow Lot parking pass for $20 per month. Rules for the Overflow Lot are posted and available from the Manager.

Overflow Lot Policy

    Parking in the Overflow Lot is by permit and in the designated area only. Passes are only available for current registered residents of the Hill Condominiums. An application form

    is available from the Manager. Permits cost $20 per month and are prorated from the first stof each month. Failure to renew your monthly pass prior to the 1 of each month will

    result in your vehicle being towed on that day. Passes may be prepaid for 6 months at a time.

    Vehicles in this lot must be moved at least weekly and on plow days to keep snow from blocking them in. Vehicles that are not parked in the designated area will be asked to move immediately or they will be towed out of the lot. Temporary parking without a ndpermit will result in the vehicle being towed without warning. Owners can request a 2

    parking pass for the Overflow Lot without charge but must have this pass on the vehicle at all times. Overflow lot passes are not valid in the main parking lots of the Hill Condos. Violators will be towed after one 24 hour warning notice is issued.

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    Hill Condo Unit Survey

Owner contact information

    Hill Condo Unit Number: ______________ (Circle one) Studio / Loft / Double Loft Owners Name: ______________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ Property Manager, Contact Name and Phone (if used for rental) ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ What is the best way to contact you with information?

    (Circle one) Phone / Fax / E-mail / Mail

    Emergency Phone #: ____________________

    E-Mail: _____________________________ Fax: ___________________________

1. Please check one of the following:

    ; Owner lives in and uses as full time residence

    ; Owner uses for their private use but does not rent

    ; Owner rents short term (14 days or less)

    ; Owner rents long term (14 days or more)

    2. If you own a studio, how many people live in the unit?

    ; 1 person

    ; 2 people (both adults)

    ; 2-3 people (at least one a minor child)

    ; More than 2 adults

    3. If you own a loft, how many people live in the unit?

    ; 1-2 people (both adults)

    ; 2-3 people (at least one a minor child)

    ; 2-3 people (all adults)

    ; More than 3 adults

4. How many smoke alarms are in your unit? ________ When were the batteries changed

    last? _________ When were they tested last? __________

5. Do you have a hot water heater leak alarm in your unit? ___________ When was it

    tested last? ______________

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    Rental Property Form

To be completely filled out by owner of any property in long term rental (over 14 days)

Owner contact information

    Hill Condo Unit Number: ______________ (Circle one) Studio / Loft / Double Loft Owners Name: ______________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ Property Manager ____________________________________________________ Contact Name and Phone ______________________________________________ What is the best way to contact you with information?

    (Circle one) Phone / Fax / E-mail / Mail

    Emergency Phone #: ____________________

    E-Mail: _____________________________ Fax: ___________________________

Tenant information (must be completely filled out)

    How many tenants are on your lease? _____________________________________ Full name of tenant(s) Mailing Address

    1. __________________________ ______________________________________ 2. __________________________ ______________________________________ 3. __________________________ ______________________________________ 4. __________________________ ______________________________________

Tenant Contact Phone Work Phone (Employer) Emergency Phone

    Tenant 1 _____________________ _______________________ ______________ Tenant 2 _____________________ _______________________ ______________ Tenant 3 _____________________ _______________________ ______________ Tenant 4 _____________________ _______________________ ______________

Tenant Vehicle Description and License Plate (State and Number)

    Note: Limit 1 permit per Studio, 2 per Loft. Others will be towed per HCOA Rules & Reg’s. Denote which vehicle is assigned parking pass(es). See HCOA property manager for additional parking space in the overflow lot.

    Tenant 1 _____________________________________________________________ Tenant 2 _____________________________________________________________

    1. Did you have a copy of the Hill Condo Rules & Regulations posted in your condo?

    ; Yes ; No

    2. Did you submit a copy of the Hill Condo Rules & Regulations with

    acknowledgement by all tenants signed and dated to the Manager? ; Yes ; No

    3. Do you have a signed lease naming all tenants who are allowed to occupy your

    unit? ; Yes ; No

    4. Did you perform a background check on all tenants? ; Yes ; No

     Note: Do not submit any background information, just answer yes or no.

    Responsibility belongs to the owner of the unit rented, not the Association.

    5. Does your lease allow smoking in the unit? ; Yes ; No

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    Hill Condominium Association Rules and Regulations

    To be posted in all rental properties

    (This is only a short summation of rules and regulations)

    1. Parking: One parking permit per Studio and 2 parking permits per loft were

    provided to all owners. No additional permits will be issued. Tenants will have

    to secure parking permits from the owner or the rental management company.

    Visitor permits are available from the manager up to 14 days per quarter. Trailers,

    snowmobiles, four wheelers and mini bikes are not allowed on the Hill

    Condominium property.

    2. Quiet time: Quiet time is between 10:00 pm and 10:00am. Property maintenance

    projects can be at any reasonable time if approved by the Board. 3. Occupancy: Maximum occupancy is 2 adults and one child per studio, and 4

    adults and one child per Loft

    4. Satellite: Eagle Satellite is the only authorized installer 406-338-0889. They offer

    Direct TV and Dish Network. Cable is also available from your local cable

    company 1-800-388-6577

    5. Decks: All decks and staircases must be free for emergency access. Items stored

    on decks or staircases will be discarded without notice. Fines will be assessed to

    the unit owner.

    6. Plow-days: Vehicles must be moved to the overflow lot by 9:00 am. Vehicles not

    moved will be towed without notice. Towing expenses will be assessed to the

    unit owner.

    7. Littering: Owner or tenants witnessed littering including cigarette butts are subject

    to fines.

    8. Flat roofs: These roofs are very fragile. Do not climb or place anything on the

    flat-roof. Damage to roof will result in a complete roof replacement and billed to

    the unit owner at fault for the damage.

    9. Window treatment: No blankets, flags…only approved white or off white drapes

    are allowed.

    10. Pets: Pets are only allowed for unit owners. Pets must be on a leash, the leash

    must be held by a person at all times. Renters can not have pets. 11. Trash: Only household trash is allowed in the compactor. If you remodel your

    unit, you or your contractor are required to remove all debris of the property. Call

    the manager for rental dumpster placement.

    12. Complaints: Noise complaints or other emergencies between quiet times should

    be made by calling the Manager at 406-995-4100. All other complaints must be

    made in writing to: Hill Condominium C/o Board of Board of Directors, P.O.

    Box 160099 Big Sky, MT 59716 or emailing the Board at

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