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    Street Address Phone Number

    City, ST Zip Code e-mail Address


    List your qualifications, experience, why you want this job. Here you have to convince the reader that you are qualified for this position. Make sure you have evidence to back up your claims.


    ; This section is optional if you have a strong education and you have space in your resume then

    include it.

    ; Do not use more than 4 bullet points in a group.

    ; The font of your resume should be in 12pt and use a basic font like Times New Roman. ;


LAST JOB TITLE Years start finish

    What is the position you held & the name of the organization you worked for if you think this is relevant to potential employer . A well known previous employer is an asset.

; Use Bullet points to emphasis accomplishments.

    ; Use key words for your particular industry. These can be picked out from the job advert itself and

    from industry periodicals.

    ; Do not cram too much make sure it is easy to read. Use white space to separate

    Sample Resume 2

YOUr CURRENT TO THE LAST JOB Years start finish

    Employers receive a LOT of resumes each sentence and word must have a reason to be in a CV. Some body who does not know you must be convinced you are the right person from the job from this one page document so make sure you use the limited space correctly.

    ; Achievements are shown in bullet points. Given quantifiable values to your achievements. ; Do not give away too much, although you cannot do that if you keep you job description to one or

    two lines.

    ; If you have an irregular career use a functional resume instead of a chronological resume.

    A poorly organized resume can be skipped, make sure it is legible and have a logical flow. The length of your resume should reflect your career. If you are out of school one page will suffice.


Include memberships related to this job


available upon request.


    Masters/Majors Minors Diplomas

    Include the highest 2/3 qualifications you have

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