Recovery School District (RSD)

By Earl Alexander,2014-05-17 23:11
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Recovery School District (RSD)

    Recovery School District (RSD)

    Job Description Accountant Manager

    Job Title: Accountant Manager

    Reports to: Finance Director

    Domicile: New Orleans

Salary Range: Salary Commensurate with Education and Experience

Recovery School District:

    The Recovery School District (RSD) is one of the newest and most innovative public

    school districts in the country. Formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, it is a state-run

    entity that is responsible for 112 public schools in Orleans Parish. The mission of the

    Recovery School District is to provide a world-class public education system in New

    Orleans, in which every decision focuses on the best interests of the children. We are

    building a team of highly motivated and results-oriented professionals who will be

    committed to making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to reinvent public

    education in New Orleans. The RSD is organized under the State Department of

    Education (SDE), and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE)

    serves as the oversight board.

Key Responsibilities:

    ? Provides direction for the development and revision of internal fiscal policy and


    ? Manages the preparation of all financial reports of RSD expenditures and revenues,

    the preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with GAAP, the

    preparation and submission of annual statistical reports, and other required reports for

    the RSD

    ? Manages RSD fiscal resources and fixed asset accountability

    ? Assigns and reviews work of subordinates, ensures accuracy of fiscal unit output and

    measures unit performance

    ? Evaluates performance of subordinates, controls time and attendance, counsels

    subordinate employees and recommends disciplinary action where appropriate ? Analyzes data, extracts information, and manipulates information in the preparation

    of complex financial reports and schedules

    ? Ensures that accurate internal ledgers and records of RSD are maintained and are

    reconciled periodically with reports generated by SDE, ISIS

    ? Responsible for oversight of posting and journalizing ledgers and preparing financial

    accounts reports

    ? Supervises the fiscal administration of numerous local, state, and federal grants.

    Monitors compliance with fiscal guidelines for grant programs, ensuring federal and

    state regulations are strictly followed in the financial documentation and reporting of

    all funds

    Recovery School District (RSD)

    Job Description Accountant Manager

    ? Reviews and interprets current state and federal legislation, regulations, policies,

    circulars, bulletins and memoranda, as well as BESE policies, court orders and

    executive orders relative to funding received by the RSD to provide services ? Communicates with public and private accountants; state, federal, and independent

    auditors, and program or management personnel for the purpose of providing

    information and technical assistance needed to resolve problems ? Manages the fiscal aspects of charter shared services agreements ? Monitors and reviews monthly reporting of school activity funds ? Ensures the implementation of all directives of higher level administrators ? Confers with administrators regarding problem areas, making recommendations for

    increasing efficiency and for changing procedures

    ? Participates in special projects; performs other duties as needed

Qualifications/Minimum Job Requirements:

    ? Baccalaureate degree with twenty-four semester hours in accounting and CPA

    certificate, plus seven years of professional level experience in accounting or

    financial auditing, two years of which must have been at the supervisory level or


    ? Governmental accounting experience preferred

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