Read complete report - European Industry Grouping for a Fuel Cell

By Melvin Wilson,2014-05-17 22:59
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Read complete report - European Industry Grouping for a Fuel Cell

    Dear NEW-IG members,

    It has been a busy week for FCH!

    Two clear public commitments from the industry in support of FCH: a “memorandum of

    understanding” was signed in Berlin by 8 major companies to demonstrate their commitment in

    achieving a proliferation of hydrogen fueling stations in Germany and parallel to this, 8 car

    manufacturers made public a joint statement promising to achieving a significant amount of fuel

    cell cars to be commercialised. All by 2015.

    In the UK, the Government announced an investment of ?9 million in FCH and the development

    of a "hydrogen highway" in Scotland.

    It pales in comparison to the above, but I’d still like to call your attention to the interesting blog

    article on “Hydrogen fueling station cooperatives: How to build the hydrogen fueling stations

    without the oil companies or the federal government”.

    Wishing you all a very good weekend,


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    NEW-IG Secretariat

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Hydrogen & fuel cells


    Eight companies sign H2 memorandum of understanding

    Eight major companies including Linde, Daimler, EnBW, NOW, OMV, Shell, Total and Vattenfall

    have signed a memorandum of understanding in Berlin for the proliferation of hydrogen fueling

    stations in Germany as part of the H2 Mobility program with the goal of serial production of

    hydrogen cars by 2015.

    ? EcoFrendly (10 Sep): 8 Major Companies Sign H2 Mobility Plan for Germany


    ? PR Inside (10 Sep): Joint Press Release of Linde, Daimler, EnBW, NOW,

    OMV, Shell, Total and Vattenfall: Initiative "H2 Mobility" - Major companies

    sign up to hydrogen infrastructure built-up plan in Germany

Joint statement promising electric vehicles with fuel cell development

    Automakers released a joint statement promising electric vehicles with fuel cell development and

    market introduction through a Letter of Understanding (LoU). The automakers are Daimler, Ford,

    GM/Opel, Honda, Hyundai/Kia, Renault, Nissan and Toyota.

    ? Automotive World (10 Sep): Germany: OEMs target Germany for fuel cell



    ? Cars Singapure (10 Sep): Auto manufacturers sign memorandum of

    understanding on fuel cell vehicles


UK "hydrogen highway"

    A coastal strip north of Aberdeen is being zoned as a "hydrogen highway", trying out the new fuel

    technology for transport and a new power grid.

    ? BBC News (8 Sep): 'Hydrogen highway' plans backed

    ? EcoFriendly Mag (9 Sep): UK’s New Hydrogen Highway Includes Donald

    Trump’s Golf Course


    NEW-IG Secretariat

    Avenue des Arts 58, B-1000 Brussels Belgium

    Tel: + 32 2 540 87 75 Fax: +32 2 513 05 77

UK Government to invest ?9 million in FCH

    The UK government-sponsored Technology Strategy Board said today it is making a ?9 million

    ($14.7 million) investment in nine projects to develop fuel cells and hydrogen technologies. The

    projects are expected to receive an additional ?8 million from participating companies.

    ? Cleantech Group (8 Sep): UK board invests ?9M in fuel cells, hydrogen


    ? Energy Efficiency News (10 Sep): UK’s Technology Strategy Board invests ?9

    million in fuel cells

Honda’s H2 car target

    Honda Motor Co will maintain the target for lease sales of its newest fuel-cell car after over a year

    since its launch despite the challenge of boosting productivity, the model's chief engineer said.

    ? Reuters (8 Sep): Honda sticks to latest fuel-cell car target

    ? Auto Info News (8 Sep): Honda sticking to FCX Clarity fuel-cell target


    ? Good Clean Tech (UK, 7 Sep): Liquid Cathode Reduces Platinum Use for Cheaper Fuel



    A UK-based company called ACAL Energy promises to reduce the use of platinum in a fuel

    cell by 80 percent, and still maintain the same power capacity

    ? Monsters and Critics (9 Sep): Daimler woos Toyota as fuel-cell partner


    Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of the maker of Mercedes-Benz cars, said Thursday he aimed

    to link up with Toyota of Japan to develop fuel-cell engines, but there had been no talks yet.


    ? L'Étoile du Lac (France, 4 Sep): La voiture à hydrogène at-elle un avenir? (Hydrogen

    cars : have they a future ?)

    “Their reasons [cars manufactures investing in FCH] are identical, namely that H2 is a key-

    solution for energy-dependence problems, or of CO2 emissions control.”

    NEW-IG Secretariat

    Avenue des Arts 58, B-1000 Brussels Belgium

    Tel: + 32 2 540 87 75 Fax: +32 2 513 05 77


    ? El Periódico de Aragón (Spain, 7 Sep): Aragón probará un sistema pionero que

    revoluciona las redes eléctricas (The Region of Aragon will test a pioneer project

    which will revolucionize electriv networks)

    “National research centers will participate in the project such as (…) the CNETHPC - fuel

    hydrogen and batteries.”

    ? (Spain, 5 Sep): Recargar es más barato que repostar (Recharging is

    cheaper than refueling)


    “Hydrogen vehicles, nevertheless, have still not found the way to lower the prices. The

    hydrogen combustion is more powerful than the electrical alternative, and it’s much more

    quick to fill a H2 deposit that to recharge electrical batteries. But the price is far from


    What the World is saying...

Breakthrough in H2 storage

    To overcome the limitation of hydrogen storage, researchers at the University of Alabama

    focused their efforts on a class of material known as chemical hydrides. The chemical hydride the

    researchers focused on was ammonia borane because of its capability to store hydrogen at 20%

    by weight.

    ? Rodovoc (US, 7 Sep): Researchers Make Hydrogen Storage Breakthrough


    ? Examiner (US, 7 Sep): University of Alabama - hydrogen storage



General Motor’s Project Driveway

    It's been two years since General Motors embarked on its Project Driveway hydrogen fuel cell

    test program here in the United States. GM announced that the vehicles will pass the one million

    mile mark sometime this week could surely be cited as one benchmark that's worth touting.

    ? Auto Green Blog (9 Sep): GM's Project Driveway hydrogen fuel cell program

    passes a million miles


    NEW-IG Secretariat

    Avenue des Arts 58, B-1000 Brussels Belgium

    Tel: + 32 2 540 87 75 Fax: +32 2 513 05 77

    ? Newsday (11 Sep): GM rolls past 1 million miles in fuel cell demo


    ? WRDW-TV (US, 9 Sep): Aiken hydrogen houses could cost nothing to power Chucker Creek Elementary students broke ground on a new kind of energy-efficient home in

    an Aiken subdivision. They may be the future but the home is being called a home of the


    ? Times of India (India, 7 Sep): Bacteria can help convert waste to power


    "Using this bacterial strain in a fuel cell to generate electricity would greatly increase the cell's power output."

    ? Autoblog (US, 9 Sep): Energy Secretary Steven Chu plans to ensure hydrogen funds

    invested wisely


    Says the Energy Secretary:

    “We will do the best we can to make sure the funds are invested wisely... We asked

    ourselves, 'Is it likely in the next 10 or 15, 20 years that we will convert to a hydrogen car

    economy?' The answer, we felt, was 'no.' Fuel cells is actually the more mature, and so we

    will try to do our best to say, 'OK, if the goal is to try and get them into vehicles, let's design a

    program to actually try and do that as best we can,' rather than saying, 'I disagree with them.'

    What the Blogosphere is saying...

    ? (6 Sep): Researcher Discover Way to Make More Efficient Microbial Fuel

    Cells “The researchers isolated a strain of Geobacter sulfurreducens which they called KN400 that

    grew prolifically on the graphite anodes of fuel cells.”

    ? Blog Your Article (6 Sep): Adopting The Water Fuel Cell Car

    The water fuel cell car could very well be a revolutionary answer to so many of our current

    energy and ecological problems.

    NEW-IG Secretariat

    Avenue des Arts 58, B-1000 Brussels Belgium

    Tel: + 32 2 540 87 75 Fax: +32 2 513 05 77

    ? Hydrogen Car Revolution (7 Sep): Hydrogen fueling station cooperatives: How to build

    the hydrogen fueling stations without the oil companies or the federal government



    The idea is to get 2000 people that live reasonably close to each other to agree to buy a

    hydrogen car and finance a hydrogen fuelling station that will be built close to where they live.

    NEW-IG Secretariat

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