Assurances for the SFSF ARRA Application CA Dept of Education

By Troy Cunningham,2014-05-18 04:44
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In using ARRA funds for infrastructure investment, recipients will comply with the requirement regarding Preferences for Quick Start Activities (ARRA

    Statement of Assurances

    State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF)

    American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

PART I: Uses of ARRA State Fiscal Stabilization Funds by Institutions of Higher


    [Insert college name] will spend ARRA State Fiscal Stabilization Funds consistent with spending plans

    submitted to and approved by the Department of Higher Education and the Executive Office of Education.

    Please refer to the Department of Higher Education’s ARRA SFSF Guidance memo for spending

    parameters at

    For additional information on assurances and allowable uses for SFSF funds refer to pages 26 to 30 in

    the federal Guidance on the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund Program at

PART II: Accountability, Transparency and Reporting Assurances

    [Insert college name] will comply with all of the accountability, transparency, and reporting requirements

    that apply to the program, which the Governor has already assured, including the following:

    1. Annual Reporting Requirements

    For each year of the program, the College will provide the assistance necessary for the state to

    submit a report to the U.S. Secretary of Education, at such time and in such manner as the

    Governor, the Executive Office of Education, the Department of Higher Education and the Office

    of the State Comptroller may require, to comply with requirements from the U.S. Secretary of

    Education, that describes:

    ? the uses of funds within the college;

    ? how the college distributed the funds it received;

    ? the number of jobs that were saved or created with the funds;

    ? the tuition and fee increases for in-state students imposed by the college and a description of

    any actions taken by the state to limit the increases;

    ? the extent to which the college maintained, increased, or decreased enrollment of in-state

    students, including those students eligible for Pell Grants or other need-based financial aid;


    ? a description of each modernization, renovation or repair project funded, including the

    amounts awarded and project costs. (ARRA Division A, Section 14008)

    2. Quarterly Reporting Requirements

    The College will provide the assistance necessary for the state to submit reports within 10 days

    after the end of each calendar quarter that contain the information required under section 1512(c)

    of the ARRA, in accordance with any guidance issued by Office of Management and Budget or

    the Department. (ARRA Division A, Section 1512(c))


    3. Section 1512 Reporting Requirements

    ? The total amount of ARRA funds received from that agency;

    ? The amount that was expended or obligated on projects/activities (February 18th guidance

    also included a requirement to report on unobligated allotment balances in order to facilitate


    ? A detailed list of all expended or obligated projects/activities, including:

    a. Name of the project/activity;

    b. Description of the project/activity;

    c. Evaluation of the completion status of the project/activity;

    d. Estimate of jobs created, and jobs retained by project/activity;

    i. List any new positions created and any existing positions that were retained to

    support or carry out ARRA activities. (Jobs cannot be reported as both retained

    and created).

    ii. Only compensated jobs should be reported.

    iii. Recipients should report full-time equivalent (FTE) estimates cumulatively

    created or retained for each calendar quarter. For example, 2 full time and 1 part

    time is 2.5FTE. Recipients should also include a narrative describing how they

    calculated the FTE figure.

    iv. Prime recipients should provide a description of the employment impact of the

    ARRA funded work, including the types of jobs (job titles or broader labor

    categories, or some other widely understood term that explains the general

    nature of the work.)

    v. Prime recipients are encouraged to work with the Governor and State Workforce

    Investment boards to facilitate the listing of all jobs generated through ARRA on

    their state job banks.

    ? Detailed information on subcontracts or sub-recipients awarded by the College, including the

    following data elements:

    a. Name of the entity receiving the award;

    b. Amount of the award;

    c. Transaction type;

    d. Funding agency;

    e. Catalog of federal domestic assistance number;

    f. Program source;

    g. Location of the entity receiving the award by city, state, congressional college, and


    h. Location of the primary place of performance under the award by city, state,

    congressional college, and country;

    i. A unique identifier of the entity receiving the award;


    j. A unique identifier of the parent entity of the recipient, should the recipient be owned by

    another entity;

    k. Names and total compensation of the five most highly compensated officers of the

    company if the company received:

    i. 80% or more of its annual gross revenues in federal awards; and

    ii. $25 million or more in annual gross revenue from federal awards.

    4. Additional data elements for the reports will be included in the standard terms and conditions

    of the Interdepartmental Service Agreement (ISA).

    For additional information on quarterly and annual reporting requirements refer to and

PART III: Other Assurances

    [Insert college name] will comply with all of the operational and administrative provisions in Title XV and

    XIV of the ARRA, including Buy American Requirements (ARRA Division A, Section 1605), Wage Rate

    Requirements (ARRA Division A, Section 1606), and any applicable environmental impact requirements

    of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1970 (NEPA), as amended, (42 U.S.C. 4371 et seq.) (ARRA

    Division A, Section 1609). In using ARRA funds for infrastructure investment, recipients will comply with

    the requirement regarding Preferences for Quick Start Activities (ARRA Division A, Section 1602).

PART IV: Signature

    I certify that [Insert college name] has authorized me, as its representative, to file this Statement of

    Assurances; and that I understand that, for any funds received through the ARRA State Fiscal

    Stabilization Fund, [Insert college name] agrees to comply with all applicable state and federal

    requirements, including all SFSF-related assurances, covering both the programmatic and fiscal

    administration of ARRA funds.





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