foreign language studies

By Jay Ross,2014-07-18 11:29
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foreign language studies

What is most rewarding about learning a foreign Language ?

    Communicating. When you can communicate successfully, it makes all that hard work worthwhile.

    I love just talking with my foreign friends, and if they understand me I feel quite proud.

    What aspect of English do you find the most difficult ?

    Well, thats difficult to say. I guess its the grammar. I mean , its simple enough to study the rules, but when I try to produce it I always seem to make mistakes. If I write the sentences Im ok,

    but whenever I try to say them I seem to make mistakes.

    Produce to make something or bring something into existence:

    France produces a great deal of wine for export.

    I was wondering whether I could produce a meal out of what's left in the fridge.

    She's asked me to produce a report on the state of the project. I always seem to make mistakes.

    seem to You use seem when you are describing your own feelings or thoughts, or

    describing something that has happened to you, in order to make your statement less


    I seem to have lost all my self-confidence...

    I seem to remember giving you very precise instructions... Excuse me I seem to be a little bit lost.

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