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Minutes of the Projects, Finance and Staff

    ndCommittee held on Thursday 2 November

    2006 at 8.00pm in the Community Office


    Councillors: Tony Williamson Chairman

     Jo Furness Vice-Chair

     Angie Paterson

     Barry Adby

     Rhian Woods

     Robert Barber in attendance for Car Park item.

Officer: Kristina Tynan

1. Apologies for Absence

     Ted Backhouse, Nicholas Payne, Roger Beattie, Charles Rowton-Lee.

2. Minutes of the Meeting held on 26th September 2006 received by Council


     Resolved: That these minutes were a correct record.

3. Declarations of Interest

    Tony Williamson declared an prejudicial interest in The Churchyard Grant

    Application and signed the ‘Declaration of Interest’ book and left the room for

    this item. Tony Williamson also declared a non-prejudicial in the Age

    Concern Grant application and therefore remained in the room and voted on

    this item.

    Angie Paterson declared that she had an interest in the Churchyard Grant but

    that it was not prejudicial and therefore stayed and voted on this item.

4. Matters Arising


     There were no matters arising.

    5. Projects

1 Hidden Britain

    The 4 walks are all virtually finished and the wording is being carefully checked.

    t is hoped that they will be printed before the end of November. There will be

    10,000 copies of each of the walks. There will be A0 size noticeboards in each

    of the bus shelters in Lewknor, An AO board at Watlington Hill and and AO

    board in the Car Park. This project has to be completed by the 31/3/2007.

     2 Any Other Project Business

     There was none.

6. Staff and General Issues

1. Watlington Library

    OCC need to finalise arrangements with Age Concern and there is to be a

    meeting soon. OCC hope to start work on the Library early next year.

2. Watlington Public Conveniences

    On the legal side we are awaiting papers from John Backley. The Parish

    Council need to ensure that we can find a person/s available to do the work.

    A rate of renumeration needs to be agreed.

    Angie Paterson stated that at the SODC Cabinet meeting Rodney Mann spoke

    on our behalf and asked the committee to look kindly on the Parish Council and

    to press on with this in good faith. The Parish Council could look into a short

    term cover of this post.

    Angie Paterson said that we should look at us employing 2 or 3 Watlington

    Caretakers whose duties could include, car park, town hall, public conveniences

    and all other functions that we perform. It would be a more positive and

    optimistic way forward and would share duties . Angie Paterson and the Clerk

    to report on the logistics of linking of jobs.

    7. Finance 1. Car Park - Tony Williamson stated that there are 4 issues that need to be


2. Conveyance

    Robert Barber has received an e-mail from Keith Green suggesting an addition rdthat should be made to the 3 Schedule. It was agreed that this addition be


3. Operating and Profit Sharing Agreement


Keith Green has approved this document but following discussion

    Robert Barber to seek clarification over 5.2 and what ‘whatever

    form’ means in relation to voluntary contributions.

    4. Car Park Order(CPO)

    Robert Barber explained that the CPO will be made by Watlington Parish

    Council. Approval will be needed from OCC Highways, SODC and possibly the Police; A notice has to be put into the ‘London Gazette’, a local paper; there will need to be a 28 day consultation period . These are duties from the Road Traffic Regulation Order 1974 .

The Parish Council can run a private car park without a CPO even on a

    permanent basis. The CPO would be entirely for the Council’s benefit to

    enable it to enforce regulations. The CPO will need to cover all likely

    eventualities as then the Council can implement changes without having to go obtain an amendment order.

OALC have offered to send our CPO (when drafted) to NALC for their

    comments. We cannot operate under the SODC order or apply for our own

    before the Transfer to take place.

It was agreed that use the SODC order as a base for the Watlington Parish

    Council Car Park Order. Angie Paterson and Robert Barber to draft this. It was agreed that as much preparation as possible towards this would be carried out in advance of the transfer.

    5. Trader Contributions.

    The note from Tony Williamson regarding the contributions was

    discussed. It was agreed that the Traders who have paid this years

    contribution be credited for next year. It was agreed that the

    contribution period should be from the date we take the Car Park

    over. It was agreed that we suggest a date at the next Full Council

    meeting, it is hoped that this may be 1st January 2007. The office

    will then be able to issue invoices for the contributions. A list of

    contributors will be put in the Watlington Times.

Recommendation to Council: That we agree the Conveyance

    document and the Operating and Profit Sharing document as the

    final drafts subject to the satisfaction of our Solicitor with the 3rd

    schedule of the Conveyance document and 5.2 of the Operations

    and Profit Sharing agreement. That when the satisfactory

    documents are received with all the other enclosures which are

    required they may be signed and the Car Park transferred to WPC.

2. Grant Applications

    Recommendation of Council: That Council approve the following grants.



    Air Ambulance 150

    Watlington Concert Band 150

    Environment Group 256.54

    CAB 1000

     British Legion 125 (this includes the cost of our

    wreath for the Remembrance


    Watlington Pre-School 150

    St Leonards Church 150

    Total 2031.54

    Rainbow Nursery It was agreed that no grant would be issued. However

    the Parish Council appreciate vulnerability of their position and would be happy

    to talk to them if their circumstances change.

    South Vale and Carers- need to see a copy of their accounts

    Samaritans need to see a copy of their accounts

    Home Start- Need to find out how many residents are supported before

    application is considered.

     Age Concern Agreed to defer this application. Youth Committee Agreed that this is a budget item.

8. Property

    1. Town Hall

     The Access Audit is scheduled for 15/11/2006

    2 West Room Service Charge Invoice

    Recommendation to Council: That we pay this invoice for ?607.94 for the

    year 2006/2007

    3 Community Office

    The letter from Richard Wallis was discussed re smells from Barn Luncheon


    Resolved: That we ask him for specific dates and times when he is bothered

    by the smells.

    The office has inspected the West Room and surrounding areas on 25/10/2006

    and found that the smells were very nice and that there was no sign of

    smoking on the premises. The office will regularly inspect this situation.

     Car Park Spaces for the Parish Council and Road to Old School Place.

    It was noted that the Parish Council would be responsible for meeting the costs

    of maintenance of the road and the 4 car parking spaces.


4 Pavilion

    It was noted that the final payment for Sworn King and Partners will go to Full

    Council in November. and the Football Foundation should pay their final grant

    once the water heater problem is solved.

    SODC Grant

    Resolved: The Clerk to contact SODC regarding final payment

     Sports Club

    Resolved: to write formally request them to pay the remaining ?2,100 of their


9. Correspondence

    1. SODC Re Road Closure for Remembrance Sunday Parade- Office have dealt with. 2. SOHA Service Invoice for 06/07- Dealt with above.

    3. M Winter re Parking for Barn Luncheon Club- Letter has been sent. 4. Standards Board Leaflets on declaring interests All Councillors have been issued

    with these.- Noted.

    5. R Wallace Communal Kitchen at Old School Place- Discussed Above

    6. SOHA Housing Annual Report- Noted.

    10. Any Other Business



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