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    Unit 1 I can touch it ?、Teaching aims and demands:

    1. 使学生了解和掌握I can touch it 的句型;

    2. 使学生能听懂指令并跟着做动作;

    3. 使学生学会字母Qq及所给单词的读音;

    4. 使学生能朗读第6部分所给的句子。 ?、Key points:

    句型:Let’s stand here and make a letter Qq.

    I can touch the window.

    词汇:nose, ear, toe, neck, leg, heel, elbow, face, train, bus, bike, etc

    ?、Difficulty points:

    掌握I can touch it的句型,听懂指令。 ?、Teaching aids:


    ?、Teaching procedure:

    The 1st period

Step 1 Preparation

    1. Greetings.

    2. Sing a song

    3. Free talking

    Step 2 Lead in

    T: Now everybody stand up. Do it as I do. Say it after me. Nose, ear, toe,

    neck, leg, heel, elbow, face.

S: (Do and say)

    T: Now, let’s play a game. I say” Touch your nose.” You quickly touch

    your nose. The slower ones should be out. Ok, now let’s stand in two

    lines, face to face. You can tell me who is slower.

     Ready? Let’s do it. Touch your nose

    S: (Act it in pairs)

    Step 3 Practices

    1. Game: Touch the picture or word quickly.

    T: Now, we have many pictures (words) on the blackboard. We divide our

    class into two groups. You two please come to the front. I say “ Touch

    the TV”, you touch it quickly. Let’s see who is the first one, ready?

    Now, touch the chair 2. Work in pairs

    3. Listen and do (Part 2)

    4. Say it

    ? (Show the sentences)Listen to the tape.

     I can touch my mouth. I can touch my leg.

    I can touch my nose. I can touch my toes.

    ? Clap the hands/desks and say it.

    ? Jump up and say it .

    ? Ask somebody to say it.

    The 2nd period

Step 1 Preparation

    1. Listen and do actions

    2. Say the Part 3

    Step 2 Learning

    1. Game: Feed the rabbit ? 出示兔子的挂图

    ? Feed the rabbit

    T: The rabbit is hungry. She wants to eat carrots.

     Please feed the rabbit with a carrot. Who

    can come here and feed the carrots? T: Good, now the rabbit is thirsty. He wants

    to drink some water. Who can give her some water?

     ? Listen and say Part 4

     ? Say it to your friend Step 3 Practices

    1. Say Part 4 together

    2. Ask somebody to say it

    3. Sing a song. (Part 5)

    The 3rd period

Step 1 Preparation

    1. Sing a song

    2. Say these sentences. (Part 4)

Step 2 Learning

    1. Do it T: Hi! This is the letter Qq. Let’s stand here and make a letter Qq.

    2. Say it

     ? Listen and read

     ? Read it in pairs.

    3. Learn the words about the letter Qq. 4. Copy the letter Qq

    The 4th period

Step 1. Preparation

    1. Sing a song

    2. Review the new words and the sentences. Step 2. Listen and touch

    Step 3. Do it

     1. Listen and do.

    2. Work in Pairs.

    3. Join the numbers and colour it Step 4. Homework

     Listen to Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 and do actions with the tape.

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