Fiscal Year 2007 Urban Areas Security Initiative

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13 Feb 2009Applicants must use the EOC Investment Justification Template developedin a consistent manner while addressing key data requirements.

    Federal Fiscal Year 2009

    Emergency Operations Center

    Grant Program Application Instructions

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security‟s (DHS) FFY 2009 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Grant Program is intended to improve emergency

    management and preparedness capabilities by supporting flexible, sustainable,

    secure, and interoperable EOCs with a focus on addressing identified

    deficiencies and needs. $12,357,500 is available nationally to be awarded on a

    competitive basis for construction or renovation grants for eligible state, local or

    tribal government‟s principal Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs). This

    grant program is not intended to fund the construction or renovation of state,

    local, or tribal Fusion Centers.

    ? Each state, local, or tribal EOC may request funding for only one

    construction or renovation project. Multiple applications and/or multiple

    projects from eligible entities will not be reviewed nor submitted to the U.S.


    ? “Construction” as defined in this program refers to building a new facility or

    any changes to the footprint of an existing facility; while “renovation” refers

    to internal improvements to an existing facility. Construction or renovation

    projects requested and funded under the EOC Grant Program must

    directly support EOC mission goals and cannot supplant projects/activities

    funded via the Homeland Security Grant Program or Emergency

    Management Performance Grant Program.

    ? This grant requires a 25% grantee cost share cash or in-kind match (see

    page 5 for more information).

Maximum Funding Request: EOCs may request up to $1,000,000 for

    construction projects or up to $250,000 for renovation projects through the FFY

    2009 EOC Grant Program.

Performance Period: The period of performance for the FFY 2009 EOC Grant

    Program is 36 months.

Eligible Applicants: State, local, or tribal principal EOCs may apply.

    Applicants must submit applications to the Executive Office of Public Safety and

    Security (EOPSS). EOPSS will submit applications to the U.S. DHS.


To be eligible to receive FFY 2009 EOC Grant Program funding, applicants must

    meet National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance requirements.

    The NIMSCAST will be the required means to report FFY 2008 NIMS compliance

    for FFY 2009 preparedness award eligibility.

    Investment Justification Applicants must use the EOC Investment Justification Template developed

    by DHS to submit an application through EOPSS. This format establishes the

    required Investment Justification content and helps ensure that submissions are

    organized in a consistent manner while addressing key data requirements.

The Investment Justification Template is posted on the EOPSS website here:



The Investment Justification must: 1) Be created and submitted in Microsoft

    Word; 2) Not exceed five (5) single-spaced pages, in 12 point Times New Roman

    font, with a minimum of 1” margins. Applicants are required to adhere to section

    headings, page restrictions, and character limitations within the Investment


Separate attachments will neither be accepted, nor reviewed. Additionally,

    scanned or imaged applications will not be accepted.

When completing the Investment Justification, please note the following:

    ? Under Section I of the Investment Justification Template („Applicant

    Information‟), all applications are „competitive EOCs‟. In addition, you do

    not need to submit a „Dun and Bradstreet Number‟. This information will

    be supplied by EOPSS.

    ? A certification that a facility assessment has been conducted and an

    outline of how the project will address the identified deficiencies or needs

    identified in the assessment must be provided.

    ? An evaluation of the enhanced capability accomplished with completion of

    the proposed project and a description of any preexisting planning that

    may have occurred must be provided.

    ? Applicants do not need to complete nor submit the SF 424C form that is

    referenced in Section VI (Funding Plan) of the Investment Justification.

    EOPSS will complete this form.


    ? The hazard-resistance design guidance documents referenced in Section

    V (Pre-Existing Planning) may be found on the FEMA Library website here:

    ? The Massachusetts Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan may

    be found here:

Allowable Costs:

    EOC Grant Program funds may only be expended for EOC construction or

    renovation costs. Funds must be spent in compliance with applicable rules and

    regulations noted in the full EOC Grant Program Guidance and Application Kit

    available at:

Planning costs to support the EOC construction or renovation activities are

    allowable. Planning activities include the following:

    ? Developing plans, protocols, or procedures for the operation and use

    related to new capabilities as a result of the construction or renovation;

    ? Conducting physical security assessments;

    ? Ensuring EOC continuity of operations;

    ? Analyzing constructed or renovated space to support the design and

    implementation of protection systems (e.g., fire protection and

    suppression, atmospheric filtration, explosives mitigation).

EOC Grant Program Equipment

Allowable equipment categories for FFY 2009 EOC Grant Program are listed on

    the web-based version of the Authorized Equipment List (AEL) on the Responder

    Knowledge Base (RKB), which is sponsored by FEMA at:

The select allowable equipment includes equipment from the following AEL


    ? Explosive Device Mitigation and Remediation (Category 2)

    ? Information Technology (Category 4)

    ? Cyber-Security Enhancement Equipment (Category 5)

    ? Interoperable Communications Equipment (Category 6)

    ? Power Equipment (Category 10)

    ? CBRNE Reference Materials (Category 11)

    ? Physical Security Enhancement Equipment (Category 14)

    ? CBRNE Logistical Support Equipment (Category 19)

    ? Other Authorized Equipment (Category 21)


States that are using FY 2009 EOC Grant Program funds to purchase

    Interoperable Communications Equipment (Category 6) must consult

    SAFECOM‟s coordinated grant guidance which outlines standards and

    equipment information to enhance interoperable communications. This guidance

    can be found at:

Additionally, applications that propose to use funds to purchase interoperable

    communications equipment shall be forwarded by EOPSS to the Statewide

    Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC) for review.

All projects involving construction, building renovation, or building modification

    are subject to environmental and historic preservation compliance requirements

    and must be reviewed and approved by FEMA prior to implementation. This

    review would be coordinated through EOPSS and begin before any EOC Grant

    Program awards are made.

Management and Administrative (M&A) Costs Guidance

M&A activities are those defined as directly relating to the management and

    administration of EOC Grant Program funds, such as financial management and

    monitoring. Sub grantees may use a maximum of up to three percent (3%) of the

    FFY 2009 EOC Grant Program funds to be used solely for management and

    administrative purposes associated with the award.

Unallowable Costs:

EOC Grant Program funds may not be spent towards organization, training,

    or exercise costs. In addition, EOC Grant Program funds may not be spent


    ? Expenditures for items such as general-use software (word processing,

    spreadsheet, graphics, etc), general-use computers and related

    equipment (other than for allowable M&A activities, or otherwise

    associated preparedness or response functions), general-use vehicles,

    licensing fees, weapons systems and ammunition.

    ? Costs to support the hiring of emergency managers or the hiring of sworn

    public safety officers for the purposes of fulfilling traditional public safety

    duties or to supplant traditional public safety positions and responsibilities.

    ? Activities unrelated to the completion and implementation of EOC

    construction or renovation.


Match Requirement:

    Grant recipients must meet a 75% Federal - 25 % grantee match requirement.

    Grantee contributions must be from non-Federal sources.

     FEMA The grantee‟s match may be met through cash or in-kind contributions.administers cost sharing requirements in accordance with 44 CFR 13.24, which

    is located at:

Application Due Date:

    Electronic Applications (in the Investment Justification Template format)

    are due no later than 11:59 p.m. on February 13, 2009 and must be submitted to the following email address: with the following subject line: “FFY 2009 EOC Grant Program

In addition, four (4) Hard Copies of the Application/Investment Justification

    must be mailed (postmarked by February 13, 2009) to:

    Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

    Office of Grants & Research

    Homeland Security Division

    10 Park Plaza

    Suite 3720

    Boston, MA 02116

    Attn: Tracy Brown

    RE: FFY 2009 EOCGP

Revised hard copies (i.e., hard copies that differ from the submitted electronic

    versions) will not be accepted.

    Letters of support are not required nor requested.

Application review and award announcements

    EOPSS will submit all eligible applications (that are received by February 13,

    2009) to FEMA for review. FEMA will inform EOPSS of any awards. Upon receipt

    of this information, EOPSS will notify all applicants. It is anticipated that FEMA

    review and announcements will occur by September 30, 2009.


    Written questions regarding the general application process may be sent to the

    following email address: All questions must be in written format, and no questions can be answered by phone.


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