PART 1 Transition signals Total 10 marks

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The Necessity of Korean Foreign Language Education for Korean-American ChildrenHere the necessity of the Korean language education becomes an object of

    BJD1023 / July Nov 2007

    PART 1 Transition signals (Total 10 marks)

Use the correct transition signals given in the box to fill the blanks for the paragraph

    below. Each transition signal is to be used ONCE only.

but instead therefore as a result finally

     first although so when because

     I had many difficulties during my first driving test. (1) ____________, when my

    instructor wanted me to drive on a road I had never driven, I was very nervous and

    worried. (2) ______________, I drove very slowly and cautiously. Unfortunately, that

    caused my engine to stall in the middle of the road. I panicked and tried to start the

    engine, (3) ________________ no matter how hard I tried, the engine would not start.

    (4) ____________________, my instructor had to start the engine for me.

    (5) _________________, just a minute later, I was very embarrassed

    (6) ___________________ the engine stalled a second time. My instructor became very

    impatient; he started the engine again. (7) ____________________ the engine stalled a

    third time, I could feel the anger of my instructor. I tried to prepare myself for the

    scolding. (8) _________________, the cars behind me were so angry that they honked

    for quite a long time. (9) _________________, my instructor gave up and took my place

    to drive. (10) __________________ this incident did not cause any accidents, it was such

    a terrible and embarrassing incident in my life.

PART 2 Punctuations (Total 10 marks)

    Rewrite the statements below and put in the TWO missing punctuations.

    1. “What time did you arrive in Melbourne” i asked Ridwan.


    BJD1023 / July Nov 2007

    2. He said with a smile “the Writing skills paper wasn’t difficult at all”.

3. “Ah I’ve done it at last” exclaimed Mansoor excitedly.

4. Mr. Lee who is a good artist lives near my house.

5. my sisters and I bought baking flour eggs and icing sugar to bake a cake.

PART 3 Grammar (Total 10 marks)

Put in the correct forms of verbs in the brackets.

1. He ____________ (read) a book to his children when he tucks them in bed every


    2. Those birds ___________ (fly) away when they saw people at the fields.

    3. The headmaster has just _______________ (punish) the student for misbehaving

    in class.

    4. Not a whisper was ___________ (hear) in the room.

    5. On hearing the bad news last night, she ___________ (weep) bitterly.

    6. He __________ (put) out the garbage for collection this morning.

    7. She ___________ (wear) a blue satin dress to the ball last year.

    8. “Don’t disturb me now.” “I am _____________ (fax) a document to Kolej IKIP,”

    mentioned Puan Mastura.

    9. Ms. Christle is _____________ (teach) the journalism students in the class right


    10. That wooden cabinet ___________ (cost) us RM 700.00.


    BJD1023 / July Nov 2007

    PART 4 Thesis Statements (Total 10 marks)

    Identify the Thesis Statements below as Statement of Opinion (O), Statement of Intent (I)

    or Statement of Both (IO). Put O, I or IO in the space provided.

1. Making cendol, a traditional Ramadhan drink, is easy. ________

    2. There are two ways to save money; to list down every cent spent and to buy only when

    necessary. ________

    3. Severe punishments for rapists will deter them from raping. ________

    4. Learning to swim is necessary. ________

    5. The Taoist burial ceremony in Malaysia has six rituals. ________

PART 5 Analysis of essay (Total 20 marks)

    Read the essay below. Answer the following questions based on the essay.

The Necessity of Korean Foreign Language Education for Korean-American Children

     Korean permanent residents in the U.S face the problem of children who do not

    speak their native language. While the new immigrants feel relieved from their hard lives,

    the speed of their English proficiency is slow like a turtle’s pace; on the other hand, that

    of their children is as fast as the rabbit. Here the necessity of the Korean language

    education becomes an object of controversy. Some parents do not want their children

    only to learn Korean; they want their children only to learn English. In my opinion,

    Korean language education not only promotes the development of children but also

    brings domestic peace, which is a common aim of immigrant homes; furthermore,

    Korean language education makes children understand the culture of their ancestors.

     Some parents insist that they need not teach the Korean language to their children.

    Their opinion is that if children learn two languages at the same time, they will have low

    language ability because they will divide their ability. However, we have nothing to

    worry about on that point. According to psychological research, children who learn two


    BJD1023 / July Nov 2007

    or more languages at the same time can improve their thinking faculties and creative abilities. For example, in Canada, children who spoke only English learned their school subjects in French en elementary school. The results were that these children not only could speak French proficiently after two or three years, but also had increased creative power, more sophisticated thinking faculties, and greater adaptability and intellectuality than other children who spoke only one language. Therefore, children who learn both Korean and English may be better, not worse, students.

     Other parents refuse to teach Korean to their children because children are unwilling to study and learn. Consequently, family problems occur when parents insist that the children learn Korean. In contrast, however, Korean language education can be positively related to domestic peace. First, children tend to adapt themselves to the American culture and to the English language quickly and easily, but their parents often have difficulty expressing their thoughts in English freely. If the parents cannot understand English well, and the children cannot understand Korean, a generation gap occurs. This gap can become wider and wider each day, and finally it will bring about family troubles. If the communication between parents and children is poor because of the language, children will surely live in a world different from their parents. To prevent their children being lost from them, parents should teach the Korean language to their children.

     Many Korean immigrant parents think that their children should become

    Americans as quickly as possible; therefore, they refuse to interfere with the assimilation process by teaching the children the language and culture of Korea. This is a serious mistake. Koreans are a minority in the U.S, and keeping in touch with their culture and ancestors is necessary in order to keep their pride and security. While assimilation of the new culture is good, keeping the old culture is just as important. Someday the children will ask themselves where they came from; they will have a need to know about their culture. To understand that culture, they must learn their native tongue because the language is the most important element that forms the spiritual value and racial consciousness.


    BJD1023 / July Nov 2007

    In conclusion, Korean language education is desirable for the children themselves and

    for domestic peace. What is most important is that the language is not only a means of

    communication but also a link to the mind and soul of the culture. Therefore, Korean

    language education in immigrant homes is important and should be required.

    1. a) Write out the Thesis Statement of the passage. (2 marks)

    b) State whether the Thesis Statement is a Statement of Intent, Opinion or both.

    (2 marks)

    2. Underline the THREE Topic Sentences in the essay. (3 marks)

    3. Circle the controlling ideas in both the Thesis Statement and Topic Sentences. (8


    4. What Method of Development is used in Paragraph 2? (3 marks)

    5. Does the conclusion contain a prediction, a solution or a recommendation?

    (2 marks)


    BJD1023 / July Nov 2007

PART 6 ESSAY WRITING (Total 40 marks)

Choose ONE essay topic from the list below. Indicate your selection of topics clearly.

    Use separate answer sheets for the outline and the essay.

Topic ONE

Factors that attract young Asians to the western culture and lifestyle.

Topic TWO

The advantages of owning a car.


Reasons why the computer is necessary for doing assignments.


    i) Work out a clear OUTLINE including the Thesis Statement, Topic Sentences and

    Supporting Details. (10 marks)

    ii) Write a complete essay of 250 - 300 words, based on the outline. (30 marks)

    End of Question Paper


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