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Previous congress themes - INTOSAI - Homepage

    st1 Congress Cuba, 1953

    Theme 1 The system of public accounting as a basis of the audit and control activity of the courts of


    Theme 2 The scope of pre-audit control in the implementation of the national budget

    Theme 3 The property of the state and other public institutions and the problems resulting from its


    Theme 4 Natural resources, their assessment and control as a part of the nation's wealth

    Theme 5 Preservation and control of cultural assets

    Theme 6 Bases of organization necessary for the better operation of the courts of audit and the

    assistance governments should afford them in the achievment of this aim Theme 7 International auditing of the administration for the purpose of its control

    Theme 8 The court of audit as the financial adviser of the state

    Theme 9 The need of the courts of audit for independence; extent and guarantee of same

    Theme 10 The reconciliation of the functional autonomy of the courts of audit with the normal

    operations of the administration

    Theme 11 The courts of audit as the representatives of the people in its demand for control of the


    Theme 12 The Courts of Audit and their relation to the legislative power

    Theme 13 The theory of the power of control within the limits of modern constitutional law Theme 14 The intervention of the courts of audit in the invitation of tenders for public building and

    acquisitions of the administration

    Theme 15 The autonomous institutions as representatives of the state in the administering of public


    Theme 16 The activity of the courts of audit in the control of provincial and municipal governments

    nd2 Congress Belgium, 1956

    Theme 1 Appropriate institutional means to secure independence of supreme audit institutions

     Bibliography of Congress Themes 1

Theme 2 Appropriate means to ensure financial control of international of supranational institutions

    Theme 3 Appropriate means to ensure financial control of nationalized industries and organizations

    which receive government financial assistance

    Theme 4 Institution of a system of preventive control of public expenditue; purposes and terms

     rd3 Congress Brazil, 1959 Theme 1 A Establishment of an International Council of Supreme Audit Institutions

    Theme 1 B Control of international or supranational institutions

    Theme 2 Supreme Audit Institutions' functions in regard to revenues

    Theme 3 Methods of budgetary and accounting statement allowing for the accurate estimate of

    public services' costs and revenues

    Theme 4 Supreme juridical and financial control in the execution of economic and social

    development plans

    th4 Congress Austria 1962 Theme 1 Control of national authorities and other institutions abroad

    Theme 2 Control of Institutions subsidized from public funds

    Theme 3 Control of economic enterprises established under civil law with the financial

    participation of the state (nationalized enterprises)

    Theme 4 Action to be taken for a more effective implementation of the suggestions made by the

    Supreme Audit Institutions

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    th5 Congress Israel, 1965 Theme 1 Supreme Audit and the state budget

    Theme 2 The contribution of supreme audit institutions towards maintaining a high standard in

    public administration

    Theme 3 The accumulated experience of supreme audit institutions in the service of developing

    administrative and financial procedures in older and newly established states

    Theme 4 International administrative and budgetary problems of Supreme Audit Institutions

    th6 Congress Japan, 1968 Theme 1 The methods and procedures of the supreme audit

    Theme 2 The method of reporting to be used by supreme audit institutions

    Theme 3 The supreme audit and technical knowledge

    Theme 4 The supreme audit on the price of public contract

    th7 Congress Canada, 1971 Theme 1 Audit staff - its selection and training

    Theme 2 Electronic data processing and other technical aids

    Theme 3 Management or operational auditing

    Theme 4 Implementation of recommendations made by a Supreme Audit Institution

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    th8 Congress Spain, 1974 Theme 1 Supreme Audit Institutions and the audit of revenue

    Theme 2 Problems in auditing public construction projects

    Theme 3 Supreme Audit Institutions and internal control institutions

    Theme 4 Basic problems in government audit with special consideration to the relevant

    recommendations adopted by INTOSAI Congresses

    th9 Congress Peru, 1977 Theme 1 The Lima Declaration of Guidelines on Auditing Precepts

    Theme 2 Control of decentralized institutions of the public administration

    Theme 3 Role and requirements of financial control within administrative reform

    Theme 4 Auditing public health and environmental protection agencies

    th10 Congress Kenya, 1980 Theme 1 Application of computer systems in budgetary accounting and financial control with

    regard to data recorded on image carriers

    Theme 2 The problems of adapting and implementing modern audit techniques in developing


    Theme 3 Government audit in the international and supranational field

    Theme 4 Efficiency and effectiveness control of public enterprises

     Bibliography of Congress Themes 4

    th11 Congress Philippines, 1983 Theme 1 Training of state auditors

    Theme 2 Audit of the social services

    Theme 3 Audit methods and procedures to attain audit objectives

    Theme 4 Effective audit techniques

    th12 Congress Australia, 1986 Theme 1 Performance Auditing

     Sub-theme IA Definitions, limitations and objectives of performance audit

     Sub-theme IB Performance auditing techniques and reporting

     Sub-theme IC Auditing human resource utilisation

    Theme 2 Audit of Public Enterprises

     Sub-theme IIA Role of the supreme audit institutions in the audit of public


     Sub-theme IIB Audit methods and techniques

     Sub-theme IIC Internal control in public enterprises

    Theme 3 Establishing and maintaining the quality of audit activity

     Sub-theme IIIA Development of public sector accounting and auditing standards

     Sub-theme IIIB Design and implementation of quality assurance programs

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    th13 Congress Germany, 1989

    Theme 1 Management in Government Auditing

     Sub-theme IA Management policies and approaches

     Sub-theme IB Managing resources in a supreme audit institution

    Theme 2 Auditing the Public Debt

     Sub-theme IIA Role of supreme audit institutions and the scope of audit

     Sub-theme IIB Methods and techniques

    Theme 3 Computer Auditing

     Sub-theme IIIA Auditing EDP systems

     Sub-theme IIIB Using the computer as an audit tool

     Bibliography of Congress Themes 6

    th14 Congress USA, 1992

    Theme 1 Auditing in a Changing Environment: The Evolving Role of the Supreme Audit


     Sub-theme IA Experiences in changing the scope of audit

     Sub-theme IB Program evaluation: An emerging approach

     Sub-theme IC Examining public enterprises: changing approaches and


    Theme 2 Improving Governmental Financial Management through INTOSAI's Standing


     Sub-theme IIA Accounting standards

     Sub-theme IIB Auditing standars

     Sub-theme IIC Internal control standards

     Sub-theme IID Public debt

    Theme Symposium:

     Automating the audit office

     Recent developments in computer-assisted audit techniques

     Methods of auditing computer systems

     Bibliography of Congress Themes 7

    th15 Congress Egypt, 1995

    Theme 1 Environmental Auditing:

     Sub-theme IA Einvironmental auditing - Its importance, definitions and results

    of the work of the environmental auditing committee

     Sub-theme IB Roles and responsibilities of the supreme audit institutions in

    environmental auditing

     Sub-theme IC Methods and techniques of environmental auditing

    Theme 2 Improving Governmental Financial Management through INTOSAI's Committees:

     Sub-theme IIA Accounting standards

     Sub-theme IIB Auditing standards

     Sub-theme IIC Internal control standards

     Sub-theme IID Public debt auditing

     Sub-theme IIE EDP auditing

     Sub-theme IIF Program evaluation

    Theme Symposium:


    th16 Congress Uruguay, 1998

    Theme I The role of SAIs in preventing and detecting fraud and corruption

     Sub-theme IA The role and experiences of SAIs in preventing and detecting

    fraud and corruption

     Sub-theme IB Methods and techniques of the SAIs for preventing and detecting

    fraud and corruption Theme II Improving governance by the work of SAIs - results of INTOSAI's standing committees

    and working groups

     Bibliography of Congress Themes 8

    th17 Congress Korea (Republic of), 2001 Theme I The audit of international and supranational institutions by SAIs

    Theme II The contribution of SAIs to administrative and government reforms

     Sub-theme IIA The role of SAIs in planning and implementing administrative

    and government reforms

     Sub-theme IIB The role of SAIs in auditing administrative and government


    th18 Congress Hungary, 2004 Theme I The possibilities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation (e.g. joint audits, training

    programmes, knowledge sharing) among Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs)

    Theme II Coordination of audit efforts between national, regional, local and self-governing bodies

    th19 Congress Mexico, 2007 Theme I Management, accountability and audit of public debt

    Theme II Performance evaluation systems based on universally accepted key indicators

     Bibliography of Congress Themes 9

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