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     The starter Kit


     Silk Skin’s Starter Kit

    -Freckles, melasma/sunburn, scars or dark patches may be more than sunburn. Melasma

    is a skin disorder characterized by the discoloration of certain parts of the face and is

    especially common among woman who lives in tropical climates like Asia.

    Unlike, sunburn that causes redness in the whole face, dark patches caused by melasma

    occur only in certain areas, such as the cheeks, forehead, upper lip, nose bridge and jaw

    line. Sunburn also disappears in few weeks time or even months. Melasma, on the other

    hand, develops over a long period of time (from three to four years). Sunburn also

    disappears and normal skin tone returns. However, melasma remains for a ling time.

    But like sunburn, melasma is caused by over-exposure from the hot sun.

    Apart fro combating melasma at its roots and giving protection against (damaging

    substance caused by acne, pollution, aging, stress, etc.) that triggers its appearance. The

    Starter Kit also repairs and strengthens the skin. It soothes inflammation and improves skin’s texture that brings back the glow and can look younger.

    No side effects were observed.

     3-in-1 Cleanser/Toner w/ Antibacterial

    -this product will surely be one of the best fighting treatment against stubborn skin

    problems particularly acne. The hustle of separately cleansing and toning your face now

    comes in a handy with this product. A combination of cleanser, toner and prevents skin

    irritation. It contains acne medicines.


    -this product contains a whitening ingredients and refines skin problems which caused by acne, freckles and scars. Usage of this product will vary depending on skin sensitivity.

     AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) - This product is known to be as Super Refining for the skin. worried It reduces open pores and known to ‘pore minimizer’. It refines the skin from having exposed pores.

     Special Lasertone

    -this product firms and refines the skin. It is a ‘pore minimizer’ product and fights anti-

    aging problems.

     Pigmentation Cream -this product concentrates in softening all dead skin, melasma, freckles, pigmentation and scars. It prepares the skin for the application of whitening cream.

     Whitening Cream

    -this product is a composition of quality ingredients that works on skin discoloration that will soften the skin by the use of the pigmentation cream.

     Rejuvenating Cream -this product exfoliates and micro peels the dead and dry skin.

     Hydrocort Cream

    -this product helps get rid of irritation such as itchiness, redness and rashes.

     Sunblock for the Face -You expose your face to potentially damaging UV rays every time you step out of the door. This product will protect your skin from ravaging photo-aging effects from the sun.

     Sunblock w/ Whitening Body Lotion -If you’re into sports, gardening, sunbathing or any outdoor activity, this product is made for you. It is particularly important for the chest and back of the hands, two places where age shows most. It does not only protect the skin from harmful UV rays but it whitens the skin as well.

     Bleaching Foam

    -this product is specially made to evenly whiten skin without having the fuss of irritating the skin with strong chemicals. The foam caresses the skin with its naturally light ingredients.

     Body Scrubbing w/ Collagen -Body Peeling Scrub is the fastest exfoliation treatment for any part of the body that combats blemishes and eliminates dead skin cells. It regenerates clearer and smoother

    skin, gets rid of rough patches on your knees and elbows, stimulates body tissues to draw out toxins, thus firms and tones sagging skin by preventing cellulites from appearing.

     Milk Moisturizing Lotion - This product refines and whitens skin discoloration. It removes dry skin cell that will leave your skin like a baby.

     Body Peeling Scrub -Attractive body without a glow. Unappealing body will simply melt away with this product that will peel unwanted dead skin.

     Antibacterial Soap (for pimples) -Say goodbye to your stubborn pimples. This product concentrates in fighting irritating pimples. It contains active antibacterial ingredients that surely eliminate pimples.

     Silk Skin Soap (whitening) -Buff away dull surface and dark skin and invigorate your skin tone with this product. It whitens skin that we always wished for.

     Placenta Cream (3-in-1) -this product is a combination of whitening, rejuvenation and pigmentation. Often used as maintenance.

     Moisturizing Cream (for the face) -If you wanted to have a silk skin in your face like a baby this product suits you. It moisturizes the face that brings back the radiance that once lost.

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