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Registration for Conversational German class. Saturday 9am ? 12pm. 2010/11. Date: Course: (please choose). o Term 1: September 11. 2010 ? December 11. 2010

    Registration for Conversational German class

    Saturday 9am 12pm



Course: (please choose)

    ? Term 1: September 11. 2010 December 11. 2010

    (no classes Oct.9)

? Term 2: January 8. 2011 April 30. 2011

    (no classes Feb.19., March 26.; April 2; April 23.)

? Beginner German 1 for Adults

    ? Beginner German 2 for Adults

    ? Intermediate German 3 for Adults

    ? Intermediate German 4 for Adults

Student Information

    Name of Student: Mailing Address:

    Phone Number: Mobile Number: E-mail Address: Previous Knowledge of German:

    Registration Saturday Adult class 2010/11

Tuition Information

    Tuition fee: 240$ per Term

We only accept cheques. Please make cheque payable to MGLE an send it with the

    registration form to: MGLE 30Prescot Rd Winnipeg MB R3T3X5

There are additional costs of 30$ for the textbook, which will be ordered by MGLE at the

    beginning of the course.

Emergency Contact Information

    Name of Emergency Contact: Address:

    Phone Number: Mobile Number:

Medical Information

    Are there any health concerns or issues (e.g., allergies) that you would like MGLE to

    maintain on file?

    Manitoba Health Number: Individual’s Number:


    All information on this sheet will be treated as confidential by MGLE and its



    Occasionally, images of students may be taken for promotional purposes (no close-ups).

    Your signature below indicates your approval:

    Print name: Signature of student: ____________________________ Date: ______________________________

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