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    With The Highest Concentration Of Hyaluronic Acid And Unique Ingredient

    Sephadex, The Revanesse Family Of Dermal Fillers Represent The New Future Of Cosmetic Enhancement, Offering Complete Facial Enhancement Without Surgery

(November 2006) Introducing Revanesse, the newest innovation in dermal fillers brought

    to you by leading Canadian medical technology company, Prollenium Medical. With the

    highest concentrations of both cross-linked and non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid and a

    unique ingredient called Sephadex, the Revanesse family of dermal fillers Revanesse, Revanesse Ultra and ReDexis are considered the most advanced on the market today,

    representing a new generation of dermal gel fillers that now have the ability to offer full,

    comprehensive facial enhancement.

A long-lasting, smooth injectible that erases fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes deep folds,

    and gives lips a natural, fuller look, the Revanesse family of dermal fillers, due to both

    their longevity and unique properties, are now being used in innovative ways to contour

    the cheeks, chin and jaw line, effectively giving patients complete natural-looking facial

    rejuvenation without traditional surgery.

"The Revanesse family of fillers are easy to inject and ideal for volumetric filling and

    facial contour enhancement, especially as they have more longevity than other injectibles

    previously made available," explains Dr. Lisa Kellett, prominent cosmetic dermatologist

    and clinical director of DLK On Avenue.

    Dr. Wayne Carey, esteemed Montreal cosmetic dermatologist, adds, “I’ve been using Revanesse Ultra in the upper cheek area for sculpting and lifting the face and with the

    combination of this innovative product and my new injection technique, we’re seeing

    remarkable results.”

    Revanesse and Revanesse Ultra are the only dermal fillers that hydrate and revitalize the

    skin due to the large concentration of both cross-linked and non-cross linked Hyaluronic

    Acid in the products. As Hyaluronic Acid binds additional moisture to the skin’s matrix

    versus simply “filling the skin”, the result is a more natural and longer-lasting treatment.

    Revanesse is also the only Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler that uses a pliable smooth gel


that flows easily into the skin, offering physicians greater precision to create a natural

    look and feel. These unique qualities in Revanesse Ultra provide optimal results that last

    up to 12 months with a single treatment in the majority of patients.

    According to Dr. Martie Gidon, cosmetic dermatologist, “Revanesse is an easy to inject

    dermal filler that gives a very soft, natural look. Patients experience little downtime and

    are extremely pleased with the results.” Montreal plastic surgeon Gaston Schwarz adds,

    "I really like the ease in which the product injects, leaving a natural and smooth lip

    enhancement without bruising and swelling. It is also important to me that Prollenium is

    a Canadian company.”

ReDexis, the most viscous injectible in the Revanesse family, stimulates a process called

    Collegenesis, unique among dermal fillers. It contains a substance called Sephadex

    (cross-linked sugar molecules) that are magnetically charged to attract collagen and

    elastin to the implant site. This stimulates new tissue, which in turn helps the body

    naturally bulk up the area treated. Results with this filler can last up to 18 months. The

    company plans to soon introduce another product to the line with an increased amount of

    Sephadex that can last up to two years.

With their high degree of biocompatibility, a treatment with Revanesse results in minimal

    bruising or swelling. According to Dr. Andres Gantous, Assistant Professor at the

    University of Toronto’s Department of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, “I have

    noticed decreased swelling and bruising post-injection compared with injections of other

    products. The cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid allows a precise injection for contouring lips

    and nasolabial folds without the need for overcorrection. I’m excited to continue using

    this new family of fillers that are longer-lasting and allow me greater versatility in

    treating my patients.”

Revanesse is also the first choice of cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Mohammed Elahi at the

    Woodbridge Cosmetic Hospital, the largest private hospital in Ontario founded by

    Canadian plastic surgery pioneer Dr. Lloyd Carlsen. “Due to their longevity, facial

    sculpting and anti-aging properties, the Revanesse family of dermal fillers clearly

    satisfies our patients demand for a safe, long-lasting and non-invasive treatment that can

    instantaneously refresh, rejuvenate and refine the entire facial area.”

The Revanesse family of dermal fillers should only be injected by qualified health care

    practitioners. For more information, please visit

Recently ranked in Profit’s Hot 50 Canadian companies to watch, Prollenium Medical is

    a leader in the manufacturing and sales of aesthetic products for physicians and health

    care professionals.

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