Presents device 917-776-5410 CEM TECH 917-484-6601 Bio-feedback

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Presents device 917-776-5410 CEM TECH 917-484-6601 Bio-feedback

     Presents device

    917-776-5410 CEM TECH 917-484-6601

    Bio-feedback - Bio-corrector - Bio-Recorder

    Millimeter Wave Therapy

    It’s an “Electronic Homeopathy” and Millimeter waves that

    Communicates with our cells

    Cem Tech Is a Health-Technology for Everyone!!!

    Restore Balance

    Ease Symptoms

    Eliminate Bacteria and Virus

    Advantages and Possibilities offered by Cem Tech

     Unique new technology, patented crystal emitters.

     FRI-Resonance Recording.

     Easy to handle, can be used by everyone.

     Pain is managed, quick and effective.

     Anti-aging effects and Strengthens your systems

    For all orders or additional information please contact our office

    (917)484-6601 or (917)776-5410

    Wholesale buyers and Distributors are Welcome!

    What is CEM-Tech? Millimeter-wave therapy is a new revolutionary method in health care, based on quantum physics.

    CEM-Tech is a new small handheld therapy instrument, recently introduced in the world from

    Russia. It communicates directly with the cells in the body using millimeter wave technique. It is

    based on many years of research and has passed several double-blind studies showing its


CEM-Tech has also an approval as Medical Instrument Class CE2A. The millimeter-waves get in

    resonance with body’s cells and stimulates the microcirculation by activating the cell membranes. It is shown to be effective in the areas of immune system normalization, increased circulation,

    balancing the metabolism and anti ageing. It can reduce the healing time for persons that passed

    stroke and brain hemorrhages, and decreases the healing time for wounds and by bone fractures 2-3


It is used in cosmetics to remove warts, skin spots, skin fungus etc. and also bacteria and parasites

    can be removed. Is very effective in pain management, like pain in a joint, muscle pain, migraine, etc

    It is can also be used for electronic inoculations against e.g. tuberculosis, type C hepatitis, etc.

CEM-Tech can be used by everybody and has no known side effects.

    How does it work? CEM-Tech has 10 different functionalities. The most unique function can be described as

    “electronic homeopathy” a patented semi-conductive Gallium-Arsenide emitter, connected to the instrument, picks up and records the electronic information from the cells in the problem areas, of

    the client. By playing back this information, a healing process is started. This method is successfully

    used to eliminate parasites, fungus, virus and bacteria.

Another function is to send out millimeter waves. The CEM Tech emits frequencies in the region of

    40GHz to 80GHz which corresponds to the intercellular communication frequency bands. By

    applying the crystal against the body and especially acupuncture points, the communication tracks

    towards the brain is opened. This makes it possible for the brain to balance problems like pain,

    inflammation, immune problems and is strengthening the body self-healing mechanisms. This

    function can also be used to make the water structured, which makes a better quality of the water.

In addition, the carrier frequency (40GHz 80GHz) can be modulated with selectable organ

    frequencies. This improves the effectiveness considerably. There are 10 such modulated frequencies,

    pre programmed for different problems, as for example Anti-stress, Respiratory, Digestive and

    circulation problems and it will be extended to 30 programs.

    CEM-Tech is battery powered and emits frequencies of very low power.

    We have training classes available for our customer and new distributors, classes will include:

    *How the device Cem Tech works. *The capabilities of Cem Tech.

    *How dos the emitter work *How to apply the device Cem Tech

    *How to record information in to the emitter. *How to structure water and place information

     into the water.

    ? Recommended Health Program Step By Step (Opening energy centers, Restoration of the

    Spine, Program detoxification, Purifying Blood, Cleansing Lymph)

    ? 6 stages of Endocrine Program (This excellent program rejuvenates human biological age)

    For more information please contact authorized dealer of Cem Tech USA at 917-776-5410


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