Surveying the job preference for English majors

By Bobby Gibson,2014-05-23 22:21
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Surveying the job preference for English majors

    Surveying the job preference

    for English majors

This questionnaire is designed to collect some information about yourself and your

    job preference. Please dont put your name on it. It is confidential. Please fill in the box or circle the relevant number.

1. Are you female of male?

    Female 1 Male 2

2. What’s your attitude towards your future job?

    A. optimistic B. a little difficult, but I can solve it.

    C. pessimistic D. I dont know.

3. How do you think about yourself at the major?

    A. good B. acceptable C. poor

    4. What do you think the important thing are in searching a job?

    high salary ( ) stable job ( ) something to learn ( )

    the space of improvement, but challenging ( ) dont care ( )

    Others ( please specify ) _______

5. How much the salary do you prefer?

    A. below 1000 B. 1000-3000 C. 3000-5000 D. More

6. What the most significant requirement for your job?

    A. Major B. University

    C. personal ability D. other _______

7. What is the favorite job as your first one?

    A. have something to do with your major

    B. the suitable one is more important

    C. have no idea

    D. other _______

    Thank you for taking time in answering these questions. Please return it to the returned envelope prepared or send us an email: Thank


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