PRESS RELEASE February 2008

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PRESS RELEASE February 2008



    ‘The best thing on at the Edinburgh Festival’

     Alan Carr

Lazenby aren‟t just a modern eclectic band – they‟re an emerging iconic fusion of

    music, fashion and lifestyle; a rare breed of band seen in the likes of Mika, Scissor Sisters, Gogol Bordello and Rufus Wainwright. As their debut single, Listening To Joni’ is unveiled on 16th June and debut album „The Loft Years’

    on 23rd June, UK audiences will be exposed to the Lazenby „experience‟ which steps beyond simple audio captivation.

    Lazenby are a 5-piece outfit created when Nick Lockwood and Sarah Lazenby were brought together by Arctic Monkeys‟ manager, Geoff Barradale. The couple formed an allegiance with other band members, Tom Farmer (bass), Rob Gentry (keyboards),and Jez Wiles (drums), to create the Lazenby sound that simply can‟t be genred or pigeon holed. With Fleetwood Mac “Rumours” era drums, quintessentially English guitars, Dr Fink/70s era keyboards and bound together by distinctive sultry vocals, Lazenby are simply unique.

    Oozing sheer class, the Lazenby band history boasts an impressive list of celebrity performances and accolades. From performances alongside Jamiroquai at the Gumball Rally Launch, The O2 Wireless Festival, The MTV Party at Cannes Film Festival and The Edinburgh Festival (where they were awarded Critics Choice twice.), Lazenby step into the UK music scene as well established artists. The band aren‟t short of celebrity admirers either, hailed as



    „the best thing on at the Edinburgh Festival‟ by Alan Carr, and with performances for the likes of Kirsten Dunst & Daryl Hannah, Lazenby are intoxicating everyone who experiences them.

    But it‟s their unusual ability to wow the fashion industry that sets this band apart from the norm creating iconic status beyond the music they produce. From GASH to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood, all have opened their vaults to the band. Fans have embraced this culture fully and Lazenby now have a movement of followers who come to gigs donned in co-ordinated fashions which reflect the Lazenby vibe a spectacle not to be missed.

    June 16th sees the Lazenby experience unleashed to the UK public as their debut single „Listening to Joni’ hits digital outlets nationwide, followed hot on its heels by „The Loft Years’, their debut album. Embrace the world of Lazenby and become part of the uber-cool movement that‟s wowing UK audiences!

‘Listening to Joni’ released 16th June and ‘The Loft Years’ released on 23rd

    June on 206 Recordings/Absolute (Via Universal).

    For more band or gig info visit

    For further details, or to request pictures or an interview, please contact Cat

    Hockley at Fifth Element on 0207 287 008 or email

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