my expectation of new term

By Tyler Franklin,2014-06-23 04:06
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my expectation of new term

    During the first two-term English vocabulary learning,I have met so many obstacles.As we all know that the more words we know ,the more we will be able to understand what we hear and read;and the better we will be able to say what we what we want to when speaking and writing.However,I find it difficult

    for me to memory a complex word,maybe its due to my laziness.Honest

    speaking,I always try to persuade myself into reciting more words in my free time,but I just fill full of passion only at the beginning,and its so common that I

    would always give up in the mid-term.To make matters worse,I could hardly recognize those words which have spent me a lot of time to memory,even though I feel so familiar with them,and always meet them in different essays or passages time after time.To be honest,I must admit that I can hardly remember what we have learned in the last two terms after a long and playful summer vocation.To show my sorry,I permit you that I would concentrate on my vocabulary-study.From this course,I not only want to know how to memory more word and how to apply those words into our daily writing and oral speaking.

    To improve my English, I have found some ways of remembering words.So,the most important on my agenda is to form a good habit of reciting words.Above all,I must buy a notebook.When I meet new words,I should look up in the dictionary and write their definitions on the notebook.But I mustnt live

    too much upon the dictionary,once I find an unknown word in a passage,I should guess and use word analysis to see if understanding the parts of the word leads to an understanding of the word.In this case,intending comprehensive reading is inevitable to me.Maybe through this method,I can make those words more impressive in my mind and I can easily recognize them next time.Whats more, I can prepare for CET-6 at the same time.Except for this,I must find someone to test me at times.As a college student,I have learn to supervise myself.In a word,during this term,I should get rid of some bad habits and form a habit of learning words in my everyday life .Persist in reciting 10 words and finishing 3 comprehensive reading a day is a far-reach goal.Its certain that the most difficult thing is not reciting words but how I can hold on my beliefs consistently and persistently.

     In my future study,its meaningless of just reciting words and doing

    reading exercises.The best way of learning vocabulary is to read some English novels and magazines,from which we can learn much more than the books edited by Chinese editors.Whats more,practicing the new words in our oral

speaking is another effective way of handing a word.Certainly,as a proverb

puts it,It's dogged that does it.I permit that I will work harder in this term.

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