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Training Objective. 9:30-10:15 Advanced Grants Management Training Overview. Three Phases of Grants Management. Accountability and Quality. Staff Dynamics


    MAY 17-19, 2010


9:00-9:30 Welcome and Introduction to Course and Presenters

     Introductions Getting to Know Presenters and One Another

     Training Objective

9:30-10:15 Advanced Grants Management Training Overview

     Three Phases of Grants Management

     Accountability and Quality

     Staff Dynamics

     Creating a Partnership between Fiscal, Program and Others

     Grants Management at the Sub-Recipient level

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:15 Three Phases of Grants Management

     Pre-Award, Active Award and Post Award

    The Grants Cycle

     Processes Not Mutually Exclusive

     Focus on Sub Recipient Process

11:15-12:00 Staff Dynamics

     What is Staff Dynamics?

     Why Is It Important?

    Looking at Things in a Different Way - Exercise

    Resistance to Change - Exercise

     Factors that Influence Change

     Promoting Change and Impact on the Staff

12:00-1:15 Lunch

1:15-1:45 Staff Dynamics (cont.)

1:45-2:45 Accountability, Quality and Performance

     What is Accountability?

    Four Areas of Accountability

    ? Fiscal

    ? Ethical

    ? Democratic

    ? Performance

    What is Quality?

    Factors Impacting Quality

    ? Management Support

    ? Staff Performance

    ? Communication

    ? Technology

    ? Measuring Progress

    What is Performance?

    Five Approaches for Improving Performance

    ? Provide Measurable Goals

    ? Strive for Clear Communication

    ? Offer Feedback/Progress Reporting

    ? Promote Interactive Team Approach

    ? Offer Incentives where Appropriate

2:45-3:00 Break

3:00-4:00 Creating Partnerships

     Fiscal Responsibilities

     Program Responsibilities

     Combined Responsibilities

     Developing Trust - Exercise

     What is a Team Approach?

4:00-4:15 Review of Day 1 Discussion


8:30-9:00 Review of Day 1

9:00-10:15 Building a Team Approach (Best Practice)

     Creating an Action Team

     Developing a Charter for Grant/Project Management

     Team Building - Exercise

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-12:00 Grants Management at the Sub-Recipient Level (Best Practice)

     What is a Sub-Recipient?

     Understanding Sub-Recipient versus Vendor

     Creating Process for Selection of Sub-Recipients

    Defining Expectations and Requirements

     Training Sub-Recipients

    ? Initial Training on Grants Requirements

    ? Follow-up Training as a result of Requirements Changes or

    Staff Changes

    ? Technical Assistance as needed

     Forming grantor/ sub-recipient partnerships

12:00-1:15 Lunch

1:15-2:45 Monitoring Sub-Recipients

     Why is Sub-Recipient Monitoring Necessary?

     Benefits Derived from the Monitoring Process

     Types of Monitoring

    ? Desk Reviews

    ? On-Site Visits

    ? Sub-Recipient Self Monitoring and Reporting

     Tools and Resources used for Monitoring

     Possible Monitoring Findings

2:45-3:00 Break

3:00-4:00 Post Evaluation of Sub-Recipients

    Review Reconciliation and Close-out Reports

    ? Timeliness of Reporting Submission

    ? Accurate Reporting

    ? Were the Deliverables Met?

    Evaluate Effectiveness of any Monitoring Findings

    ? If applicable, was Corrective Action Plan Implemented?

    ? Did the Corrective Action Plan net the Desired Results?

    ? Were any Audit Issues Resolved?

    Impose Sanctions on Failure to Implement Corrective Action

    Plans/Audit Issues

    ? Potential for Financial Disallowances

    ? Remove Sub-Recipient for Future Consideration

4:00-4:15 Review of Day 2 Discussion


8:30-9:00 Review of Day 2

9:00-10:15 Exercise

    Project Review Team - Exercise

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:00 Miscellaneous Sub-Recipient Requirements

    Sub-Recipient Record Retention

    Confidentiality Requirements

    Audit Requirements

11:00-11:45 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

    ARRA Sub-Recipient Reporting

11:45-12:00 Training Conclusions, Open Discussion and Completion of


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