Technological innovation and competitiveness

By Harold Reed,2014-12-06 08:27
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Technological innovation and competitiveness

     Technological innovation and competitiveness


    Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model provided a framework that models an industry as being influenced by five forces. The strategic business manger seeking to develop an edge over rival firms can use this model better understand the industry context in which the firm operation. His conclusion is that firms tend to build up competitive advantage in industries for which local environment is the most dynamic and challenging. From the resource-based and knowledge-based given by porters theory I analysis that technological innovatory capacity and the knowledge structure of enterprises are the key factors for entrepreneurial competitiveness especially in todays context of internationalization. And I point out the actions w need to take.

    Key words

    Michael Porter’s Five Forces

    Knowledge Capabilities

    Impact on Enterprises Impact on Countries

    Michael Porter provided a framework that models an industry as being influenced by five forces: supplier power, barriers to entry, buyer power, and threat of substitutes. These contains a lot of aspects and I believe that knowledge capabilities are not embedded in the products themselves but involve know-how, skill, and experiences of the company and its employees. The impact works on two sections: enterprises and countries. Companies that innovate on a sustained basis eventually rise forward to the top, creating high employee morale, opportunities for personal growth, substantial bonuses, and shareholder wealth. The export knowledge, commitment, technological intensity of the exported product contributes to export success. Good educational policies, tax credits for on-the job training, and retraining programs for displaced low-skill workers may improve a nations export performance. All of these improve the technological

    innovatory capacity is very important in competition.

    So as the technology is so important, what measures can be taken to promote technological innovation?

    1. Create an innovation-friendly environment.

    2. Find ways to enhance the potential of every employee.

    3. Use and continually improve their process for developing new product.

    4. Seek opportunities for process innovation.

    5. Build an effect system of knowledge management. Reference:

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