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     A Personal Note from the

    NEWSLETTER CONTENTS Chair A Personal Note from the Chair ................ 1 Conservation yes, but at what price! By now of all A Note from the Vice-Chair ........................... 1 you who read our Newsletter must have gathered SCRA Info .................................................. 2 that my Vice-Chair, Hilary, and myself are trying to

    protect our beautiful and unique environment. SCRA General .............................................. 2

    However, I realize more and more that the majority SCRA Constitution ........................................ 2 of people really do not care in spite of the fact that SCRA Website Photo Gallery ...................... 2 their lives are or will be impacted. From the Editor ........................................... 2 Community Wellbeing ............................... 2 On most occasions conservationists fight against Diani Beach Hospital .................................... 2 those who want to fill their pockets no matter what K.P.& L. In Conservation Efforts .................... 4 the cost is to our surroundings, and who care very

    little about future generations anyway! Life is not Our Beaches ................................................ 5

    easy as a conservationist. The plight of many Likoni Trench Scandal .................................. 5 conservationists around the world, who dare The African Odyssey .................................... 5 trample on the toes of ruthless people whose UBA Circular re COTU .................................. 6 pockets will be a few shillings poorer because of Arabuko Sokoke Forest ................................ 7 their campaigns, is well documented. International Coastal Cleanup ....................... 8 The Colobus Corner Fund Raising .............. 8 Coming closer to home… in the past I have been Colobus Trust Open Evening....................... 10 twice threatened, my family in Watamu who are Our Animals Need You ............................... 10 also involved in conservation, have been threatened

    Special Notice ............................................ 11 and my sister-in-law has been sued. On this point, I

    would like to thank all those along the whole Advertising… ........................................... 11

    coastline who have recently supported my family Special Member Offer .............................. 11 and I after yet another incident which has left many Uzuri Spa at Leopard Beach Resort ............. 11 of you stunned… and not in the least me! It leaves Letters to the Editor ................................ 11 me to wonder, will Hilary and myself be next? The

    fact is, that if conservationists are supported, this Recipes .................................................... 12

    kind of treatment is less likely to occur, good For Fun … ................................................ 12 governance and sustainable management of our environment is more likely to happen. Consultation with communities and neighbors is surely a better

     way to go. My message this month is - we are very

    happy to do the job and risk intimidation, but This issue’s sponsor: please support us.

    Luciana Parazzi Basile


    A Note from the Vice-Chair

     Some of you have mentioned that the kiosks in Ukunda have been bomoa-d‟ and planting is Diani Beach Hospital underway. This is a very encouraging start and we

    thank the Clerk and Kwale Council for it.

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    The amended Constitution has since been sent to We also thank, once again, all the sponsors and the Registrar of Societies, as is required by law, and supporters of the Ukunda Safi Football Project we are pleased to announce that this issue can now SCRA Website Photo Gallery which kick started it, so to speak. The Kwale County be removed from the Agenda until the next AGM Council motto is Umoja ni Nguvu (Strength in At our recent General Meeting, the Committee where the new Chairperson - should a new Unity) and hopefully, together, we can start to mentioned that they would like to share the beauty Committee be elected - wish to take it up again. make a difference. of Diani Beach and South Coast through the means of a Photo Gallery on the SCRA Website. On that note, at the last General Meeting, our O.C.S. Mr Peter Kiema, amused us with a story about one If any members have pictures that they would like of our residents trying to get his neighbour arrested to share on our website, please send them to for having a cockerel, that crows too loudly in the morning. Apart from being a total waste of Police time, it is also an indication of our community relations, as Peter pointed out, that we cannot ADVERT resolve such minor disputes between ourselves. It is sad but true that, as the population of Diani has grown, the sense of being for want of a better

    word a „Diani-ite‟ has fractured and almost all of us are guilty of not making the effort to get to

    know and understand our neighbours. There is backbiting and bitching within groups who do know one another and silent hostility between groups

    who don‟t. This is a not healthy atmosphere to live in, so should we not do something about it and take NEED A SPECIAL GIFT? up Peter‟s call to foster a spirit of community

    amongst ourselves? VISIT THE SHOPPING ARCADE at Leisure Lodge Resort What about a SCRA „Black and White‟ Ball around

    Christmas time, proceeds to the Colobus Trust, with For all your gift requirements... the aim of meeting as many strangers as you 20% Discount for all SCRA Members possibly can? If you would support such an evening

    by attending, please email vice-chairperson@scra-on presentation of membership card It could be fun and, who knows, we might make a new friend or two…. Diani is

    changing rapidly and development is inexorable. If

    From the Editor we want our area to have a friendly face in the

    future, it is down to us to join hands now… The July Issue received a great deal of positive comments which makes me very happy. I am really Hilary Martin pleased that the SCRA Newsletter is being enjoyed HON Vice Chairman and I look forward to striving to make each issue as SCRA Info interesting, fun and newsworthy as possible.

    SCRA General

    stCommunity Wellbeing The Association had their General Meeting on 31 July 2008. Minutes of the same have already been

    circulated to all members. The next meeting will be Diani Beach Hospital thin September on Thursday 25 at Leisure Lodge [Submitted by Dr. Rajgopal V, Diani Beach Hospital.] Golf Club at 14.30pm.

    Diani Beach Hospital has added new services to its

    existing facilities. Since its inception in 1997 the SCRA Constitution hospital has come a long way from its humble The Constitution was presented at the General beginnings. Here is a list of the new additions in Meeting and following a brief explanation of the Diani Beach Hospital. amendments and the lawyers comments, the document was proposed, seconded and adopted.

    SCRA Newsletter #008 2 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    ? Dental Department: The dental department

    Diani Beach Hospital has been offering quality has been operational the last 3 years and is not

    strictly speaking a new addition. However, medical care for over ten years. Prior to 1997, the

    residents and hordes of tourists who flocked to many residents are still not aware that there is

    a dental department in the hospital. The Diani had to travel all the way to Mombasa to get

    department is manned by Dr. Krishna Pradeep basic and advanced medical care. Dr. K. S. Rekhi

    realized the need for a hospital in Diani and took a competent dentist, and offers routine dental

    services like extractions, fillings, braces, the plunge and Diani Beach Hospital was born. The

    hospital has come a long way from its relatively dentures, crown and bridges, and root canal

    treatment. The department also offers cosmetic simple beginnings and is today one of the best

    dental services like LASER whitening and even private medical facilities in Kenya.

    The hospital has some of the best facilities in the home-based dental whitening.

    ? Hydrotherapy Department: The country and has been regularly mentioned in

    various publications like Lonely Planet, Rough physiotherapy department is one of the most

    Guides to Kenya and also in several websites modern departments in the hospital with state-

    of-the-art equipment. Manned admirably by the related to travel and tourism. The International

    Association for Medical Assistance To Travelers friendly Lennah, the department has assisted

    patients in their rehabilitation process. The (IAMAT) has identified Diani Beach Hospital as one

    of the recommended healthcare providers in Kenya department is now able to offer the first

    for travelers. HYDROTHERAPY pool on the coast of Kenya!

     Hydrotherapy harnesses the power of water to

    Diani Beach Hospital Facilities. relieve various musculo-skeletal ailments.

    ? Liposuction: We now offer quality aesthetic ? 24-hour Pharmacy: A well-stocked pharmacy

    (Cosmetic) medicine services. For those who with both branded and generic medicines. The

    pharmacy sells medicines at the recommended desire to sculpt their bodies Liposuction is an

    retail prices. All essential and emergency drugs interesting choice. Contrary to conventional

    are always in stock at the pharmacy. liposuction which is performed under general

    ? 24-hour Laboratory: A state-of-the-art anaesthesia, Dr. Rajgopal performs tumescent

    liposuction where the patient is awake right laboratory that can perform all major diagnostic

    through the procedure and can even go home tests is operational round the clock. Rarely very

    few tests need to be sent to Mombasa and the same day or next.

    ? Facial Fat Transfers: Years and years of sun these are also done in such a way that the

    patients do not feel any inconvenience. The exposure can take its toll on the skin. For those

    laboratory has participated in annual quality who have to deal with wrinkles, facial fat

    assurance checks and its results are highly transfers are an ideal means to get rid of them.

    accurate. The laboratory is capable of doing Botox will reduce wrinkles only for 4-6 months

    but with the patient‟s own fat being used, the Executive checks, Ante-Natal checks,

    Well-Woman and Well-Man checks. Tests to results are more lasting. This procedure is now

    detect cancers at an early stage can also be performed at Diani Beach Hospital.

    performed at the laboratory. ? Mesotherapy: For those who do not want

    ? X-Ray: Imagine traveling all the way on a invasive procedures Mesotherapy is a blessing.

    bumpy road to Mombasa when one has a If you are interested in getting rid of body fat

    then Mesotherapy can help you in dissolving fracture or dislocation! The X-Ray department

    at the hospital is just the right place to be when the fat without any surgery. Mesotherapy can

    you suspect one has a fracture or dislocation. also banish Cellulite non-invasively. For those

    ? Out-Patient Services: The hospital now has who wish to restore a more youthful face

    four qualified doctors capable of handling all Mesotherapy is an appropriate procedure. The

    Hospital now offers Mesotherapy services. minor and major medical cases and is available

    round the clock for consultations.

    Dr. Rajgopal underwent an extensive training ? Minor and Major theaters: Simple closed

    program in Argentina and learnt the skills necessary reduction of fracture-dislocations, suturing of for Liposuction, facial fat transfers and Mesotherapy cut wounds, incision and drainage of abscesses from one of the fathers of liposuction. Dr. Rajgopal and dressing of wounds can all be done in the has been certified by the Kenya Medical minor theater and major surgical cases can be Practitioners‟ and Dentists‟ Board. The hospital is performed in the major theater. also certified as a center for liposuction and the ? Private rooms: There are eight luxurious

    other procedures by the board. private rooms each with attached bathrooms,

    SCRA Newsletter #008 3 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    DVD, Satellite TV, mini bar, bedside nurse-call the departments. The staff at the hospital is friendly,

    system, and air-conditioning. In addition, there knowledgeable and always available to assist

    are two Semi-Private rooms and two general patients and their relatives in all their queries.

    wards. ? Physiotherapy: The hospital has one of the Diani Beach Hospital is the authorized medical

    best physiotherapy departments in the country service provider for various local insurance

    companies like AAR, Resolution, Prosperity, etc and and has all the essential equipments that help a

    patient in his or her rehabilitative process. works with almost all international medical

    insurance companies to ease the process of ? Conference room: Continuing Medical

    payments for the patient. Education classes are held on a weekly basis for

    the benefit of the medical personnel. The Feel free to come and have a tour of Diani Beach

    Hospital. conference room seats 20 people comfortably

     and has the latest audio-visual equipments.

    For further information on any of the above services ? Well-Baby clinics: The well-baby clinics run

    please contact Diani Beach Hospital on the following: every Wednesday between 2 PM and 4 PM and

    Web: all the mandatory vaccines recommended by

    Mail: the WHO and also optional vaccines are Telephone numbers: 040 320 2435, 0722 569261, available. TROPICANA TERRACE 0733 255153, 3300150/1 ? Specialist clinics: Every month a consultant

     Cardiologist is available for consultations at the RESTAURANT hospital. A Podiatrist is available every three months for all foot-related ailments.

    Appointments for these can be made through CONGRATULATIONS the hospital reception. Luciano and Gianni ? Panel of consultants: The hospital has on its

    board a panel of consultants from Mombasa Pasteris

    and is available for any specialist or emergency on the official re-opening care round the clock.

    of Tropicana Terrace Restaurant at

    Doctors: Onjikos following the Diani fire in Dr. K. S. Rekhi: An MBBS graduate from New

    December 2007, when the Delhi, India, Dr. Rekhi is the Medical Director of the

    hospital. He has over 25 years of experience in Restaurant burnt down medicine and is quite an expert in tropical diseases. He is the main driving force behind several

    innovations at the hospital.

     K.P.& L. In Conservation Efforts Dr. Rajgopal. V: An MBBS graduate from

    KP&L join hands with the Colobus Trust and Bangalore, India, Dr Rajgopal has been associated

    SCRA in tackling conservation with the hospital for over 5 years and is the Medical

     Superintendent. Dr Rajgopal has over 10 years of

    This week saw the Managing Director and C.E.O. of experience in general medicine and also has

    KP&L Nairobi, Eng. Joseph Njoroge and his team undergone training in Cosmetic Medicine.

    visit the Colobus Trust (CT). The Trust was represented by their Chairman, Mr Raymond Matiba, Dr. Mohammed Irshaad: An MBBS graduate and present were Mr O. Macharia and Gwili Gibbon from Manipal, India, Dr. Irshaad has over 5 years of

    of CT., Nimu Njonjo and Volker Bassen of EAWST, experience in general medicine. He has worked in

    keen conservationists, also present and the SCRA major hospitals in Bangalore, India before joining

    Chairperson represented SCRA as well as CT. the hospital this year.

    The main issues on the agenda were the

    electrocution problems CT are facing, wherefrom Dr. Juma: Dr. Juma has been associated with the

    the majority of deaths of the endangered Colobus hospital for over 6 months now and is quite

    monkey occur and tree trimming countrywide by experienced in handling tropical diseases.

    KP&L who carry out a very unprofessional job by

    No organization is deemed complete without a good

    team of committed employees and Diani Beach

    Hospital has been blessed to have good staff in all

    SCRA Newsletter #008 4 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

drain into the Indian Ocean. This is because destroying instead of trimming trees, many of some of the Likoni residents have already put illegal which are very old indigenous ones. pipes from their premises into this trench to discharge their sewage. Ways of insulating electrical wires in the Diani hot spots were discussed, with Volker showing them an The Association immediately wrote to the Provincial ingenious idea he has come up with. KP&L assured Roads Engineer, Mombasa, copying correspondence us that they would look into the best way of to our National Environmental Management insulating wires, would revert to us soon and would Authority (NEMA). However, no one seemed very start a pilot project. concerned about this issue! They admitted that their tree trimming exercises The Chair and Vice-Chair attended various meetings were being carried out unprofessionally countrywide of the Roads Department, a Workshop organized by with the exception of Diani where KP&L in most the Water Board at which the Provincial Health cases do liaise with the Colobus Trust. They Officer was present, and this issue was raised again. assured us that they would look into this important Everybody nodded in agreement, but still nobody issue and be more professional in the future and seemed too concerned. will see to sending their supervisors on training courses. In June this year, the issue was brought to the attention of the Kenya Tourist Board who did think It was an exciting afternoon for all at the meeting, the issue was serious and our email was forwarded especially to see KP&L begin to understand the to the Mombasa Municipal Council and other importance of conservation, with a promise to help. stakeholders. There was a continuous exchange of Mr Njoroge left on the note that he was most emails for a few days, but then once more, the impressed at the good conservation work the whole issue fell silent again. Our Beaches Colobus Trust was doing and assured of continued support. The main problem is that the Likoni area has a Recently a tourist walking on the beach came

    huge population. There has been no planning, no across a hotel building site where the contractor

    infrastructure, no sewage system ever put in place. was dumping all the rubble on the beach and hiding

    It is a mega problem to solve, huge funding it with the sand. He immediately alerted

    required, and thus everybody is “hiding their heads SCRA. This practice is not only illegal but highly

    in the sand” and pretend it is not there. Is that a dangerous. A child playing in the sand or someone

    surprise? We read in the papers that Mombasa is walking on the beach can get severe injuries from

    facing a similar problem with their sewage, however, the sharp pieces of maji ya chumvi or rusted iron

    they have received funding of 3billion shillings to try pieces as seen in the photo jutting out behind our

    to rectify the situation. Vice-Chairperson Please report to this Association if

     anybody sees any similar incidences.

    The seriousness about the Likoni problem is that

    this “rain water and sewage” will make its way into

    the Ocean, and will immediately pollute both our

    North and South Coasts (depending on the

    currents). Once this happens and tourists get to Likoni know about it, not only will our tourist industry

    suffer but also all of us.

Is there a solution to this problem? Your views and

    ideas will be most welcome.

    The African Odyssey

    [Submitted by Chris Modigell, Leopard Beach Resort &

    Spa.] Trench Scandal On 22 February this year, an article appeared in the A group of classic car enthusiasts will be driving Nation Newspaper showing a photo of the 6km 5670km from Johannesburg to Nairobi in trench being dug in Likoni alongside the main road. September to attend the Schweppes Africa The article read that the trench is a storm drain for Concours d‟Elegance. The 38thrainwater and subsequently sewage, which will in the annual series

    SCRA Newsletter #008 5 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    Pearce who is coordinating the arrangements for

    this two week classic car outing. Roger has been ththe South African Historic Circuit Racing champion September, range

    and has competed in marathon endurance rallies from a 1957 Bentley limousine and an MGA sports organised by the Alfa Romeo Owners Club titled like the London to Sydney and London to Mexico. car made in the same year to a 1977 Peugeot 404 “The African Odyssey”. which is the youngest machine in the 20 car convoy. Television programmes featuring the Concours In addition to South African entries, enthusiasts The African Odyssey cars which will be on show at d‟Elegance motivated him to invite a few friends to from countries as far afield as Australia, China and the Nairobi Racecourse on 28join him for a classic car run to Nairobi to attend Germany will be shipping their cars to South Africa

    the event. He envisaged a small group in a handful to participate in the epic drive to Nairobi.

    of cars, but word spread rapidly and he found

    himself organizing a major outing, which became In contrast with the 2006 African Odyssey, which

    the African Odyssey. This is held every two years followed an inland route from Johannesburg to

    like the East African Safari Classic. Nairobi, this year‟s edition will take the crews along

    The Concours is held annually by the Alfa Romeo the East Coast of Africa for much of their journey -

    Owners Club to recognize and reward the owners of the first five days traveling through Mozambique

    well kept cars and motorcycles. The cars are judged before the classic cavalcade passes through Malawi

    in front of the main grandstands at the Racecourse. on the way to Tanzania. After a night stop in Tanga,

    Using the Caltex inspection ramp, officials assess African Odyssey will enter Kenya at the Lunga

    the underside. Subsequently there are checks on Lunga border post to head for a stay in Diani

    the external finish, interior and boot and the engine. at the Leopard Beach Resort & Spa ON 24

    Motorcycles are marked in a similar way in the TH horse parade ring. SEPTEMBER 2008. th September 28 at the Nairobi Racecourse will be a Sarova Hotels are supporting African Odyssey and fun filled family day with the Concours as the centre the enthusiasts will be spending a night at Salt Lick piece. From 9.00 a.m. when the gates open to the Lodge in Taita prior to reaching Nairobi on the public there will be free children‟s entertainment, Friday before the Concours d‟Elegance. In Nairobi, live music and a series of fly pasts. Throughout the they will be staying at the Panafric which is the day, food and refreshments will be available to suit official hotel for the Concours. all tastes and pockets. A pre-event dinner hosted by Sarova and the Kenya In contrast to the assessment of the classic and Tourist Board will welcome the African Odyssey vintage cars and motorcycles in the Concours, Auto drivers and other overseas Concours competitors. Expo (the motor trade section) will show an Both Sarova and the Kenya Tourist Board are keen extensive range of the latest cars, pick-ups and 4 x to promote holiday visits to Kenya by sports 4s available in Kenya. Highlights of the day include enthusiasts to add variety to the beach and big a free fall parachute drop, a parade of all the game viewing safari vacations. Concours and African Odyssey machines and a spectacular Grand Finale. Several of the African Odyssey cars will be entered for the Schweppes Africa Concours d‟Elegance and While preparing for the 2008 African Odyssey, the other classic machines will be parked near Auto Roger Pearce attended last year‟s Concours Expo, the motor trade section. d‟Elegance and recommended that the event should have Africa status. He pointed out that the African In 2006 the visitors scooped armfuls of prizes for Motorcycle Union (AMU) had recognized the the presentation of their cars in the vehicle beauty Concours in 2006 and the event now has contest despite having been on the road for two continental status for 2008. This will help to attract weeks. The successes achieved by the African more overseas competitors and will showcase Odyssey brigade in 2006 were possible by preparing Kenya as an attractive holiday destination for both the cars during the Saturday before the Concours at tourists and visitors with special interests. the Lusaka road workshop of Hughes Motors, the

    Ford and Mazda division of CMC. This well equipped

    facility is at their disposal once again in September.

    The inspiration for “African Odyssey” came from UBA Circular re COTU Johannesburgbased motor sport enthusiast Roger The following information received by the

    Editor, as a member of United Business

    Association, may be of interest to some of our

    SCRA Newsletter #008 6 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    union dues from employers should emanate members. Please note however, that if you from trade union themselves and not from the are affected by any the below you should federation of trade unions (e.g. COTU). Why is contact UBA for further information/ COTU usurping the role of their affiliated trade membership in order to benefit from their unions?? advice.

     ? Why are COTU‟s affiliated trade unions not

    UBA has received information to the effect that writing to employers informing them that some

    COTU‟s (Central Organisation of Trade Unions of their employees are members of their

    Kenya) Treasurer General has been indiscriminately movement, and because of this, request for

    sending out letters to employers in the form of a union deductions to be channeled to their trade

    template, asking them to remit to COTU and to union and COTU as required by law? In any The Labour Relations Act, their unspecified affiliated trade union Ksh 50/- and case, affiliated trade unions know precisely the allows employees to pay dues, levies, 2007Ksh 10/- respectively, for each employee. employees registered with their respective subscriptions, etc authorized by the constitution unions, and who pay union dues either directly UBA notes the following inconsistencies between of trade unions, directly to their chosen trade to the trade union or through their employer. the contents of the COTU letter and the new Labour unions. Section 52 of Laws.

    Members of UBA who have been receiving letters ? The letter faults the targeted employer for failing from COTU may respond to COTU using the format to remit COTU dues for the more than five provided by UBA. employees, presumed to have been engaged by

    the employer in question. Surprisingly, COTU If members would like further information about the provides neither a profile of the “more than five above, the editor has copies of the various annexed employees” nor details of their “affiliated trade documents sent by UBA (Annex I, Letter from COTU; union”. Does COTU expect an employer to run Annex II, Copy of Gazette Supplement No 110; around shopping for an appropriate trade union Annex III, Letter format from UBA.) for his/her employees? It is also advisable however, to take contact with UBA for further information as one may need to be Membership in a trade union should not be a a member of UBA in order to benefit from their secret since section 4 of The Labour Relations advice. Act, 2007 gives every employee the right to join

    a union of his/her choice. Section 5 of the same

    Act debars anyone (i.e. employer, COTU, etc) from coercing an employee to join or stay out of Kirinyaga Road, P.O. Box 79358, 00200, NAIROBI trade union affairs. Why doesn‟t COTU have Tel: 020-224 7926 / 7 pertinent details of membership through their the Minister for Fax: 020-224 7927 affiliated trade unions? Labour through Gazette Notice No. 3166 dated E-mail: st May 2002, ordered every employer who 21? The letter also states that...

    employs not less than five (5) members of an Arabuko Sokoke Forest ... affiliated union to pay to COTUThe Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is located on the coast of Kenya, 110 km north of Mombasa and is This Gazette Notice is an amendment to The Trade protected as a national Forest Reserve. Disputes Act, Cap. 234. The Trade Disputes Act, Cap. 234 was repealed by section 84(1) of The The Arabuko-Sokoke National Park is only a small Labour Relations Act, 2007. Although The Trade portion of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve, a Disputes Act, Cap. 234 was repealed, section 48 of few square kilometres in size and is located on the The Labour Relations Act, 2007 allows COTU to northwestern edge of the forest. prevail on their affiliated trade unions to request the Minister for Labour to order employers to remit The National Park was gazetted only in the late union dues. This begs the following questions: 1980s and in fact straddles the Forest Reserve

    boundary with about 50% lying outside the ? Why is COTU annexing a document that is no boundary. This outer section actually lies outside an longer valid? electric elephant fence installed in 2006/7 and is ? According to section 48 of now fully inhabited by local communities to the

    The Labour

     the initiative to solicit Relations Act, 2007

    SCRA Newsletter #008 7 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    started by the ladies of the

    East African Women's League

    South Coast Branch

    Should be a fantastic weekend!

    extent that there is no sign on the ground to show All Saturday night where the National Park begins or ends. ‘Jam Sandwich’ a well known London The National Park sadly doesn't add any particular band flying over from UK will play and protection to the forest which is the largest the Fabulous fragment of coastal forest (420 square km) left in ‘Hootenanny’ from Nairobi East Africa, and is an area of high endemism, containing endemic mammals, birds and plants. The

    Reserve, however, is jointly managed by Kenya For this long weekend, Ali Barbours is teaming up Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service, National with EAWL who are hosting their annual Goat Museums of Kenya and the Kenya Forest Research Derby on the 19th. We are hoping to attract a Institute and is one of the better-protected forests greater number of visitors from upcountry to both in Kenya. The forest was first protected as a Crown the Beach Concert and the Goat Derby making it Forest in 1943, and was gazetted in the 1960s. The an even bigger success for both events. We are forest is threatened by the desire for land by local currently organising accommodation and flight people. Several national and international packages from Nairobi for the weekend and further conservation organisations are working with the information will follow soon. Kenya Wildlife Service to protect the park. For the Beach Concert, we have also invited a The forest contains three forest types, mixed forest, number of popular Diani Restaurants to set up „food Brachystegia and Cynometra, each of which stalls‟ during the event so an array of delicious food protects different communities of plants and and snacks will be available all evening, from sushi animals. and stir-fry to burgers and hot dogs. The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest protects many endemic

    and near endemic species. The Clarke's Weaver is

    completely endemic to the forest, while the Get your tickets now! eponymous Sokoke Scops Owl, Sokoke Pipit, Amani

    Advance Tickets Sold at 2500/- Sunbird and Spotted Ground Thrush are found only

    here and in a forest fragment in Tanzania. The park The Entrance Fee on the night 3500/- adjoins Mida Creek, a mangrove forest that is an

    important shorebird wintering ground, protecting Please Contact:

    species such as the Terek Sandpiper and the Crab Email or Plover.

     +254 720 843585

    The endearing Golden-rumped Elephant Shrew, an

     endemic elephant shrew the size of a rabbit, is the

    most noticeable of the park's endemic mammals; Don’t miss the the Sokoke Bushy-tailed Mongoose and Ader's

    Duiker (found only here and in Zanzibar) are more Birthday Party of the Year elusive. The forest also has Forest Elephants,

    African Civets, as well as baboons and Vervet and tell your friends too! Monkeys. The park is recognised as an outstanding

    centre of amphibian diversity.

     International Coastal Cleanup

     You are all invited to this Year's International th Coastal Cleanup event on 20 September 2008, Come and join us on Diani Beach, that will be held at Watamu Beach, Malindi Beaches, South CoastShimoni, South Coast's Indian Ocean Beach Club, For Pirates Public Beach, Kikambala Beaches et al. Further information should follow but in the

    meantime: Saturday 18th October

    and the famous annual Diani Goat Derby'

    on Sunday 19th October

    SCRA Newsletter #008 8 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    to turn the music up and let the bevy of partiers

    carry on until the wee small hours of the morning.

    The night was not only well-attended and great fun, For Watamu, the KWS Warden Watamu, but thanks to all those who helped set it up, and all Pascal Magri on 0727415825 or 0733382505 is the those who came, the Colobus Trust managed to contact person. Email: raise a wonderful Kshs 49,505/- for the de-snaring


    Fred Sewe from Green Future

    can also be contacted for The second event was a more sophisticated event The Colobus Corner further information on 0722 / attended by the more respectable, more mature Fund Raising 0734 723972. Email: residents from the South Coast… Or that was the [Submitted by Emma, a volunteer idea. The sit down 2-course meal dinner, auction at the Colobus Trust.] stand raffle wonderfully hosted by Ngiri Bar and Restaurant (formerly Globe) was held on the 21August 2008. Over 60 people came and the dinner Over the last month, residents from Diani and along was not only beautifully cooked, but the service was the South Coast have helped the Colobus Trust impeccable. Made all the more impressive when we raise money with 2 very different but very discovered that this was the first function of its kind entertaining evenings. that Emma and Darren have held since they took over the bar. On 2 nd August, the first of our fundraisers was the After the dinner, and a fair amount of wine had by „Show Your Wild Side‟ fancy dress party, hosted by all, Raymond Matiba began the auction. The prizes Forty Thieves Beach Bar, to raise money for the de-donated were a wonderful array of very generous snaring program. Thanks to the wonderful help of gifts from businesses and individuals all over Diani both Tracy and Cecilia (who also helped with and Tiwi. Although the auctioneers hammer planning the event) the night was a huge success. (improvised with a Maasai Rungu) did break the block with some enthusiastic attempts to calm the With less than 2 weeks planning, there were crowds for the bids, it was a great success. concerns the evening might fall slightly flat, but by Everyone got their prizes for very good prices but 8pm, the bar was packed, the costumes were they all went for over the „reserves‟ that the Trust amazing and everyone was set for a fun filled had decided they would want. After the auction was evening. the raffle, and with over 40 prizes on offer including stays in cottages, gym membership and meals most The 4 team leaders, people won a prize and all of the prizes on offer Linzi Kennaway, Boris were fantastic items again donated by businesses, Polo, Pepe Devercelli, shops and boutiques around Diani and Tiwi. and Xan Woods arrived (with a motley crew in We are yet to work out the total amount raised for tow) and the games the auction, but the night was enjoyed by all and began. With Tug of War, has been a wonderful opportunity for the Colobus Floor Rowing and the ultimate Dance Off, the Trust. Not only to raise much needed money for the competition was fierce, only upped by the shocking project that they do, but also to re-connect with the levels of cheating displayed by all teams. After South Coast residence, and improve the awareness many disqualifications and lost voices, it came down of the Trust and the projects that is does. It had to a head-to-head battle for pride between Pepe also been a wonderful opportunity for the people at and Xan. No matter how impressive his crazy Latin the Colobus Trust to work with different people in moves may have been, the crowd disappointed Diani and has shown us how much support we have Pepe by choosing Xan‟s team as the winner of the from both the residents and the businesses in Diani night. and all along the South Coast. After the crowning of the competition winner, the next award was for the „Wildest Outfit‟. From the We would like to thank all those moment she walked in it was clear there was no who attended the events, all competition. Not only the most imaginative, original, those who donated to the raffle and well designed outfit, but also the only one to and auctions and a special thank-actually use nature itself, Cecilia Floren was by far you to Cecilia, Tracy, the staff at the best dressed of the night. All that was left was

    SCRA Newsletter #008 9 August 2008

    SCRA Newsletter 008 August 2008

    sterilisation or food for the time they are here. Daily

    we lied to, as people do not want to pay this small Colobus Trust Open Evening amount. Forty Thieves, as well as Darren and Emma Geary and all of the wonderful staff at Ngiri's. Thank you Only this last month, we have received numerous to everyone and we look forward to seeing you at THE COLOBUS TRUST INVITES ALL calls for help to care for pets. One German woman, the next event. crying, asking if we could go to collect her six dogs DIANI RESIDENTS TO AN OPEN as she had been thrown out of her house and that EVENING ON she was on the road and did not have anywhere to

    go. She asked us to board the dogs until she could FRIDAY 5TH SEPTEMBER 2008

    find a place to stay and asked us not to re-home FROM 17.00-19.00 HRS them. She even said she wanted to sleep with the

    dogs in the kennels, as they could not be without FOR CHEESE AND WINE

    her. The next day she called to say she was going

    to see a lawyer about her situation. She would then We would like all Diani residents to get come to the KSPCA so she could talk to me and see

    her dogs. That is the last time we heard from her. to know more about The COLOBUS From a crying heartbroken woman to a woman who TRUST and all the work we do (after all just forgot and abandoned her dogs and is not

    interested in their future anymore. the Colobus Monkey and the surrounding forest is also YOURS) Another incident was when we received a call from

    the above woman‟s neighbour, claiming that her dogs had been poisoned by her ex and please could PLEASE COME AND JOIN US FOR we help. We went and accompanied her and her

    new husband to the police station to report the A DRINK AND BRING YOUR matter. To our surprise, she refused to give a FRIENDS TOO statement a waste of time! She then called again

    asking for help, but the dogs were by now already

    dead and buried. We told her there was nothing we Colobus Trust is situated at Mwisho Ya Lami could do as she refused to talk to the police. about 20m after KFI Supermarket follow the signboards Yet another person threatened to poison her own

    dogs rather than pay us the 1000/- surrender fee as

    she claimed she was unable to care for her dogs Our Animals Need You anymore financially.

    We Need Your Help!

     These are only a handful of sad stories that we deal

    Firstly, we want to thank you all with and is the most difficult part of our work. If we

    for allowing us to become an agree to take pets without asking for any money

    honorary member of your because we feel sorry for the animals, people then

    Association. spread the wrong information and what happens is

     that we get other people coming with some story,

    I believe everyone is familiar with forcing us to take more animals without any our logo and knows a bit about our work. Our work contribution. If we do not take the animals, we risk has never been easy but has become worse, hugely them being inhumanely killed by their owners who as a result, of the political situation earlier this year. do not want them anymore. Two similar stories The support we get from the hotels, in the form of resulted in us getting 19 abandoned dogs in just left over food, used to feed our animals is gone. We one month. Lovely, friendly dogs, just waiting to get a little, but still have to buy the bulk of food beloved, instead they have been just thrown away ourselves, which is a large financial constraint on like toys by people who are bored of them. It is not our operations. Further, many people are leaving the financial situation alone which makes you feel the country permanently or cannot take care of tired with the job, it is the animals you have to see their animals anymore, so they end up at KSPCA. suffering because of the egoistic human beings who

     seem not to know that animals have souls and We normally charge 1000/- surrender fee, which feelings and need to get loved and cared for. helps to cover the cost of vaccinations, but not SCRA Newsletter #008 10 August 2008

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