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22 Feb 2010Frontline Management training is aimed at ensuring that Frontline Managers are equipped to meet not only existing organisation performance

    Leading Curtin:

    Frontline/Diploma Management Program

    Information and Invitation for Academic & General Heads to nominate staff

    to participate in the following Management Training Programs

    commencing in March 2010:

    BSB40807 Certificate IV in Frontline Management (FLM) and

    BSB51107 Diploma of Management Training Programs

    One of the University’s strategic objectives is to “develop a stimulating and supportive work environment through leadership and management and to “obtain, develop and retain staff”. One

    of the priorities for the Organisational Development Unit (ODU) is to continue to foster, develop

    and build Curtin’s leadership and management capabilities.

    In 2010, the ODU have expanded the Frontline Management Program to include an additional

    level of qualification namely the Diploma of Management. Participants will be asked to indicate on

    the nomination form which qualification they wish to undertake (subject to pre-requisite

    requirements being satisfied and confirmation from Lecturer).

    The programs have been combined and participants will attend a number of workshops together,

    and as individual groups for qualification specific units.

    Key Target Groups: ? Certificate IV : supervisors and front line ? Diploma: experienced managers currently

    managers with a small team undertaking a ‘managerial’ type role incl.

    undertaking performance management of

    three or more staff

    Overview of Programs

    Certificate IV Frontline Management:

    Frontline Management can probably be best described as the first level of management, that is,

    the level of management that oversees or manages the actual doing of work. Titles of Frontline

    Managers may include:

     coordinator ? leading hand/foreperson

    ? office/admin manager ? team leader

    ? project manager ? supervisor

Decisions made by Frontline Managers have a direct impact on productivity and workplace

    relations. A poor frontline management decision can have serious ramifications for an

    organisation, in terms of profitability, relationships with clients and workplace morale. Frontline

    Managers require knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to manage their own

    performance and that of others, as well as the important operations relating to their work.

    Frontline Management training is aimed at ensuring that Frontline Managers are equipped to meet

    not only existing organisation performance and productivity goals, but also the challenges of the


    A qualification in Frontline Management is ideal for employees who do not have any formal

    management training but are responsible for managing and/or supervising staff. The qualification

    is practical and focuses on the concept of workplace learning, rather than external training. Goals

    to be achieved are placed within the context of overall goals of the organisation. Results are

    more applicable to the workplace, and thus more meaningful to the organisation and to individuals.

    Participating in a Frontline Management program will allow individuals to:

    ? have their existing skills, knowledge and attitudes recognised;

    ? develop skills, knowledge and attitudes so they can be more effective in their role as frontline

    managers; and

    ? attain a nationally recognised and portable qualification.

    Diploma of Management:

    Cert IV Frontline Management/Diploma of Management 2010 Information 1 of 7

Leading Curtin:

    Frontline Management Program

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who are engaged to manage the work of

    others or to add value to or review management practices. Their role may be in any

    organisational setting.

    The Diploma of Management requires a sound theoretical knowledge base and managerial

    competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate their own work and/or the work of their team.

    Job titles relevant to this qualification include:

    ? Manager ? Team Leader ? Line Manager

    Participating in a Diploma program will allow individuals to:

    ? further develop existing skills, knowledge and attitudes and enhance their abilities to work

    independently and solve practical theoretical issues to a substantial depth in technical or

    management situations;

    ? attain a nationally recognised and portable qualification; and

    ? gain a pathway for entrance into University to undertake Undergraduate studies in

    Management or HR

What do the programs involve?

    The programs have been combined and where units involve similar content, participants will

    attend the same workshop with assessments adjusted to accommodate both levels of

    qualification. For units that are specific to a qualification, only those undertaking this

    qualification are required to attend the specified sessions.

    Certificate IV Frontline Management Diploma of Management The qualification consists of ten units with the The qualification consists of eight units with following units delivered in 2010: the following units delivered in 2010: ? Show leadership in the workplace ? Manage budgets & financial plans

    (Diploma only) ? Develop work priorities (FLM only)

    ? Manage projects ? Manage projects

    ? Ensure team effectiveness ? Promote team effectiveness

    ? Manage people performance ? Make a presentation (FLM only)

    ? Manage operational plan ? Implement effective workplace

    relationships (FLM only) ? Facilitate continuous improvement

    ? Implement operational plan ? Manage quality customer service

    ? Implement continuous improvement ? Ensure a safe workplace

     ? Implement customer service standards

     ? Monitor safety

    Participants will be required to complete 5 (Diploma) and 7 (FLM) assessments in total.

    Assessments are broken down into individual unit specific, individual participant presentations

    and a major project which encompasses 3-4 units combined to form one assessment.

    The training will involve the following time commitment from each participant over a period of 10


    ? Certificate IV Frontline Management 72 hours face-to-face training ? Diploma of Management 64 hours face-to-face training

    ? Approximately 42hours in total to be spent on compiling and writing up unit assessment tasks

    including the major project. Some assessments will require participants to complete activities

    with their team during work hours in order to gather workplace evidence required. Participants

    can reasonably be expected to compile/write up assessments in their own time.

    ? Approximately 1-5 hours per participant of individual support from the Institute trainer. This

    will be on an as-needs-basis as some employees may need assistance with completing

    assessments or need to catch up on a session missed. Others may not need any assistance.

    Line managers of participants play a key role. Line managers must be prepared to release

    participants to attend training and undertake activities involving their direct reports in order to

    Cert IV Frontline Management/Diploma of Management 2010 Information 2 of 7

Leading Curtin:

    Frontline Management Program

gather workplace evidence required to complete assessments, as required. Prior to nominating, it

    is suggested that the Line Manager and staff member discuss the time commitment involved in

    undertaking this program as well as carry out normal work duties.

    Line managers are also encouraged to meet regularly (e.g. every 3-4 weeks) to discuss the

    participant’s progress with the course, their assessments and to offer practical advice and support

    on how to implement the concepts covered in the training into the actual workplace. A session

    has also been organised for Line Managers to meet and discuss the training program with the thlecturer and ODU representatives on Tuesday 4 June, 2010 further information will be

    provided once the program has commenced.

Pre-Requisites [for Diploma only] and Pathways

    Certificate IV Frontline Management Diploma of Management ? There are no pre-requisites for ? It is a prerequisite for this course that students:

    individual units of competency o have completed either a Cert IV in Frontline

    however, participants will need to Management or Business Management, or an

    have at least one person that they equivalent course from another training

    supervise in order to attain package. For equivalent course evidence of

    workplace evidence required to competency against the majority of units

    complete assessments required for the Cert IV must be provided; or

    o clearly demonstrate vocational experience

    but without formal supervision or

    management qualification

    ? Have a minimum of three staff which they


    ? Must be responsible for performance

    management of staff

    Participants will be asked to indicate which program they wish to undertake on the nomination

    form. Those that have indicated that they wish to enrol in the Diploma will be required to provide

    evidence of previous study or vocational experience together with a memo from their Line

    Manager acknowledging that they are responsible for the performance management of their team

    i.e. undertake WPPR with their staff.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

    Put simply, recognition means gaining credit for existing skills, knowledge and experience. Many

    participants who wish to gain frontline management qualifications already have some knowledge

    and skills which they may have gained from previous training and education, past and current

    work i.e. on-the-job experience or through life experience.

    If a line manager believes this applies to their staff, then by applying for recognition they can have these existing skills counted towards their qualification.

    When participants apply for recognition they must supply evidence that they are competent. Evidence may be a portfolio of work samples that demonstrate competence against competencies

    for each unit in the qualification or a Statement of Attainment for the unit or another nationally

    accredited unit with similar outcomes. In this context, being competent means:

    ? knowing how to do a job ? dealing with everyday problems that may

    occur ? understanding why it should be done

    that way ? understanding workplace policies and

    procedures ? being able to do different tasks at the

    same time ? fitting in with others in the workplace ? being able to do the same task in ? involving others in working safely

    different situations

    Cert IV Frontline Management/Diploma of Management 2010 Information 3 of 7

Leading Curtin:

    Frontline Management Program

The rules of the qualification also allow, on occasions, nominees to include units from a higher or

    lower qualification e.g. from a Certificate III or a Diploma. Participants who undertook the

    Learning to Lead program in 2009 may also wish to apply for RPL against one elective unit within

    the Certificate IV in Frontline Management. The elective unit is pre-determined by West Coast

    Institute of Training and not negotiable. The participant will be encouraged to attend the sessions

    however they will not be required to submit the assessment for that unit. To receive RPL,

    participants will be required to bring along to the one-on-one meeting their Statement of

    Attainment, or to submit a portfolio of evidence.

    If you think the above applies to your nominee, please ask them to discuss this with the West

    Coast Institute of Training coordinator and/or the Lecturer at the one-on-one interview which will thbe held on Friday 5 March.

2010 Training Schedule:

    The training for all units will be delivered at the Organisational Development Unit (ODU), Unit 2/8

    Sarich Way, Technology Park. The Curtin Courtesy Bus has been organised to pick up

    participants from the main campus 15 minutes prior to commencement of session and return

    them at the conclusion, thereby reducing the need for participants to drive to these premises.

    The collection and drop of point is the flag poles at the roundabout near the Vice-Chancellory

    Building (100).

The time for all sessions is 9:30am 1:30pm.

    thX - FLM 1-on-1 participant Interviews 5 March X Diploma

    thBSBMGT401A Show Leadership in the Workplace ? 12 March

    thBSBWOR404A Develop Work Priorities ? 26 March

    th16 April

    thBSBFIM501A Manage Budgets and Financial Plans ? 30 April

    th 14 May

    thBSBPMG510A Manage Projects (Part 1) ? ? 28 May BSBPMG510A Manage Projects (Part 1)

    th Coaching Session / Meeting with Line Managers 4 June

    thBSBWOR402A Promote Team Effectiveness ? ? 11 June

    thBSBWOR502A Ensure Team Effectiveness 25 June

    thBSBCMM401A Make a Presentation ? 9 July

    thBSBMGT502B Manage People Performance ? 16 July

    th 30 July

    rdBSBWOR401A Implement Effective Workplace ? 23 July

    Relationships th 6 August

    thBSBMGT402A Implement Operational Plan ? ? 20 August

    rdBSBMGT515A Manage Operational Plan 3 September

    thBSBMGT403A Implement Continuous Improvement ? ? 17 September

    stBSBMGT516A Facilitate Continuous Improvement 1 October

    thBSBCUS403A Implement Customer Service standards ? ? 15 October

    thBSBCUS501A Manage Quality Customer Service 29 October Cert IV Frontline Management/Diploma of Management 2010 Information 4 of 7

Leading Curtin:

    Frontline Management Program

    thBSBPMG510A Manage Projects (Part 2) ? ? 12 November

    BSBPMG510A Manage Projects (Part 2)

    thBSBOHS407A Monitor Safety ? ? 26 November

    thBSBOHS509A Ensure a Safe Workplace 10 December

    ** Participants are required to attend all workshop sessions as per above schedule.

    All attendance is recorded and non-attendances will be followed up.

Costs involved:

    The ODU has negotiated funding through West Coast Institute of Training and will subsidise this

    program to minimise the cost to your departments. As such we are able to offer a substantive

    subsidised rate of $900 per FLM participant and $1,000 per Diploma participant, paid for by

    each participant’s department. This amount covers consumables, catering and any additional events and/or resources provided for this group. Please note: this amount is non-refundable

    once a participant commences the program.

Eligibility Criteria for Government Funded Courses:

    This program is partly government funded. To be eligible for inclusion in either of these

    programs at Curtin the participants must be: an Australian citizen; permanent resident of

    Australia; holder of a Permanent Australian Visa; holder of a NZ passport who has been

    resident in Australia for at least six months prior to commencing training; or the holder of sub-

    class visa’s 309, 310 785, 820 or 826.


    There are a total of 18 places available in total for the combined Cert IV & Diploma programs for

    2010. In the first instance we are inviting Academic and General Heads to nominate current

    ‘Supervisors, Frontline Managers and/or Line Managers i.e. staff who are already in a role

    where they supervise staff, from within their area whom they believe would not only benefit from

    undertaking this training but also have the commitment to complete the 8 or 10 units required to

    gain accreditation in either the Cert IV or the Diploma. In a few days the ODU will also send

    this information/invitation directly to the targeted group i.e. HEGS 5-10, staff asking them to

    discuss with their Manager if they wish to attend and be nominated for this series.

The formal process for acceptance to the program consists of the following steps:

    1. Nomination

    2. Notification of outcome

    3. Completion of competency audit by participant and line manager

    4. One-on-one interview with West Coast Institute of Training Coordinator and/or Lecturer

1. Nominations:

    A nomination form is attached at the end of this document. Please complete and return via fax

    ext 3952, scan and email or internal mail to Janice Burmaz, ODU,

    Bldg 604 Tech Park. To be considered, nominations must reach the ODU by 5:00pm, Monday nd22 February, 2010

2. Notification of Outcome:

    All nominations will be assessed against the responses to the questions in the nomination form

    with the highest priority being the immediate need to develop participants currently performing a

    supervisory role with direct line reports. Also taken into account are equity of places for

    teaching/non-teaching areas, gender equity within the group and additional comments provided

    to support a participant’s nomination. Once the 18 places have been allocated all nominees will thbe advised the outcome by 5:00pm, Wednesday 24 February, 2010.

    Cert IV Frontline Management/Diploma of Management 2010 Information 5 of 7

Leading Curtin:

    Frontline Management Program

3. Pre-Interview Competency Skills Audit:

    All successful participants and Line Managers will be required to complete a competency skills

    audit. The purpose of the audit is to gather baseline data for each participant against the list of

    competencies for the 10 FLM and 8 Diploma units. This audit will again be undertaken at the

    completion of the program to assess changes in competency levels. Completed audits must be ndreturned to Janice Burmaz by 12:00pm, Tuesday 2 March, 2010. Once all audits have been received, they will be forwarded to the Lecturer prior to the one-on-interviews. Please note, all

    information will remain confidential and is not used for any purpose other than as identified


4. Participant Interviews with West Coast Institute of Training Lecturer:

    All successful applicants are required to have a one-on-one interview with the West Coast

    Institute of Training Lecturer (Steve Goodfellow). FLM participants will meet for 10 minutes and thDiploma participants for 15 minutes. These interviews will be held on Friday 5 March, 2010

    between 9:30am 12:30pm. Participants will be advised of the time and venue for their

    interview within the notification email.

What to do now?

    Identify potential supervisory staff, line managers within your area who you believe would

    benefit from attending and completing either the Cert IV in Frontline Management or Diploma of

    Management. Discuss the program with them and if appropriate put forward their nomination!

    Remember, there are only 18 places available.

Important Dates to Note:

    nd ? 5:00pm, Monday 22February, 2010: Closing date for nominations

    th? 5:00pm, Wednesday 24 Feb, 2010: Notification of outcome (successful & unsuccessful)

    nd? 12:00noon, Tuesday 2 March, 2010: Completion and return of individual participant & Line

    Manager pre-program Competency Audits

    th? Between 9:30 12:30pm, Friday 5 March, 2010: One-on-one participant interviews

    th? 9:30am, Friday 12 March, 2010: Cert IV in FLM program commences

    th? 9:30am, Friday 30 April, Diploma in Management program commences

    th? Friday 4 June, 2010 (time/venue to be advised): Line Managers Meeting with Lecturer


    For all enquiries relating to the FLM or Diploma programs please contact Janice Burmaz on ext


    Cert IV Frontline Management/Diploma of Management 2010 Information 6 of 7

Leading Curtin:

    Frontline Management Program

    2010 Cert IV or Diploma Nomination Form

    To be completed by the Line Manager (in consultation with the Nominee)



    Nominee’s Position Title

    Staff ID HEGS Level Nominee’s Line Manager

    Which program is the staff member nominating to attend (please circle): Cert IV Diploma If Diploma, please indicate their pathway entrance: Cert IV or equivalent Vocational Experience Is the nominee currently in a supervisory How many staff report to the nominee? Yes / No and/or team leader role? \ If nil, will they have the option of co- opting a staff member to work with as Do they have performance management Yes / No Yes / No needed? responsibility i.e. conduct WPPRs

    Will the nominee be released from the Is the line manager prepared to guide

    workplace to attend scheduled workshops and support the nominee over the Yes / No Yes / No program’s duration? and to gather workplace evidence for

    assessments during work hours?

    Will the staff member have sufficient Do you feel the nominee has the

    opportunities to gather workplace Yes / No commitment and motivation to Yes / No evidence? complete the year-long program? Does the nominee have an ability to accept Does the nominee display commitment Yes / No Yes / No and embrace change? to Curtin’s Values and Goals? Has this nomination stemmed from WPPR Is this nomination a part of your Yes / No Yes / No discussions with the nominee? succession planning process? Additional comments to support your nomination:

Nominees Signature:

    Line Manager Signature:

    Cost Centre:

    (NB: Cost centre will only be debited upon confirmation & acceptance of place in FLM or Diploma programs. These costs are non-refundable once a participant commences the program.) Date:

    Return completed Nomination form to: Janice Burmaz, ODU, Bldg 604 Tech Park, or or fax ext3952 by COB Friday 22 February, 2010 Cert IV Frontline Management/Diploma of Management 2010 Information 7 of 7

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