Phoenix Picks Jan 4 As the snow glitters elsewhere in the country

By Ray Snyder,2014-08-13 07:23
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Phoenix Picks Jan 4 As the snow glitters elsewhere in the country ...

Phoenix Picks Jan 4

As the snow glitters elsewhere in the country like Richard Simmons in bedazzled tights, we’re in AZ

    enjoying sunny, albeit chilly, days. Today, we’re wearing our striped legwarmers and reviewing our new

    year’s resolutions. What's on our list? 1. Stop equating footless tights with pants, 2. Get back on a Pilates kick, and 3. Give more compliments.

We asked around the office to see what the other gals had on their plates. Here’s what they shared: "Try on

    that dress I was too afraid to try on," "Screw dieting; indulge once in a while," "Pamper myself more," and "Stop spending money on things I don’t need." Aha! A woman after our own heart!

For years, we’ve tried to curb our shopping habit and failed miserably. Shopping, after all, is our inner self

    tapping into that primitive instinct of gathering berries and such. So, how did we overcome that post-shopping spree guilt and just accept that we were shopaholics? By putting our money toward a good cause and shopping independent, of course! Stay tuned and count on Phoenix Picks in 2008 to spill the beans on the best places to indulge and score those must-have indie bargains!

Phoenix Picks:

1. Just Dee-Lovely and Delicious

    In the early 90s, we frequented an underground club in downtown Phoenix called Jumbo. Since much of our youth was spent raving and combing through West Valley and Sun City thrift stores looking for duds that were reminiscent of Lady Miss Kier from Deee-lite, we have a strong attachment to vintage things.

    These days, our old thrift store haunts have been stripped bare, but the love of good vintage hunt has never left us. When we came across Mint boutique inside Red Modern Furniture, we stumbled upon our happy place. We combed through racks of silver and gold lamé, chiffon dresses, and bohemian hippie heaven. Owner Nicky Hedayat-Zadeh stocks Mint with new pieces every Saturday. She’s also a sharp-dressed

    fashionista in the know, so you can bet she’s delivering the hottest finds.

Partner Jonathan Wayne doesn’t skip a beat with his selection of modern goods, either. We spent the

    afternoon ogling all the treasures showcased in this two-story goldmine. We’re sure any vintage collector

    (or ex-raver) will appreciate the couple’s stylish tastes and the trip down memory lane.

Red Modern Furniture and Mint Vintage Clothing

    718 N. 4th St.

    Phoenix, AZ 84004

    602.451.5329 and

2. Romancin’ the Bean

    Because our first date with hubby-to-be was at Steve's Espresso, it holds a warm place in our crusty little heart. A far cry from your run-of-the-mill, mass-produced coffee cattle call, Steve's is über-chill without any of that highfalutin’ snobbery. With their sky-blue ceiling, kitschy Western wall art and comfy chairs, you can sit and relax for as long as you want, without ever feeling rushed or unwelcome (not to mention the masseuse they had in the corner, who was offering massages for a mere 10 bucks!).

    Their drink service is something to behold: an old-school French press makes rich, smooth coffee, without any burned, acidic undertones. The flavorings they add enhance and complement the coffee's flavor; so it's never cloying or overly sweet.

    For those who prefer tea, rejoice: they have an extensive collection of loose-leaf teas that you can order iced or in a bottomless, cast-iron teapot. Steve's also offers up frozen drinks and baked goods, including dense but flaky scones and decadent muffins. And did we mention that Steve's has free Wi-Fi? So it’s the perfect

    nook for curling up with a warm laptop or a good book.

Steve's Espresso

    1801 E. Baseline Road, Ste. 102

    Tempe, AZ 85283


3. A Twist in the Story

    This season our favorite designers’ runway looks reminded us of those mythological gods we read about in English class. We weren’t entirely convinced of their existence until we saw pure genius hanging on the

    racks. And we were sold after slipping into a Grecian masterpiece, transforming from our average ragamuffin selves into goddesses of beauty.

    We stopped into Twist, a new boutique on the Waterfront, to find something to make us feel fabulous. To our delight, Twist’s buyers over-bought duds from one of our fave designers, Dianne Von Furstenberg, and much of the store is on sale.

    Twist is chock full of sassy styles to dress you from head to toe with lavish fabrics like leopard print and sexy silks. From oversized belts and stiletto shoes to a corner dedicated to handbags and coats, you’ll walk out of this boutique feeling like a priestess. Twist doesn’t forget about the men in our lives either. With a small

    but impressive men’s section, our sig others would make Zeus proud, and look great on our arms, as eye candy should!

Twist Boutique

    7135 E. Camelback Road

    Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Chick Picks:

1. French Kissin' in the USA

We have an infatuation with French thingsEdith Piaf, an ex-boyfriend from Paris, Carine Roitfeld's style,

    and Carla Bruni and Sarkozy's love affair. J.Mundo's French Kiss necklace is the perfect accessory for days when we feel like rocking the black turtleneck and beret.

    These pretty handmade necklaces are made from odds and ends collected from antique shops and flea markets. Since no two are alike, you'll be the only gal rockin these jewels; and supporting a local artist too!

2. The Nose Knows

    We remember the cologne the skater boy who stole our first kiss wore; and the smell of garlic breath from the fella we dumped. We rely on our sense of smell when picking our mates. If we can bury our nose in his armpit without being totally grossed out, it's a sign of true love.

    This is why we love CB I Hate Perfume. Imagine the scent of being at the beach in 1966 or what the memory of kindness smells like. Our newest man-crush, perfumer Christopher Brosius, creates amazing scents inspired by real life experiences and even makes customized perfume. Can you imagine what your own perfume would smell like?

3. Get Your Goth On

When it comes to accessories, we’re the kind of gals who prefer the ugly and unique to the overly cutesy.

    (This probably stems back to how we looked in grades four through eight...) Therefore it’s no wonder we

    have been longtime fans of Bittersweets NY.

Their unique jewelry appeals to your macabre sidetiny replicas of gold-plated teeth, monkey paw cufflinks,

    dagger and earthworm charmsbut done in classic sterling silver or 14K gold. A perfect marriage of quality, kitsch and ick!

Hip Happenings:

1. Come Rain or Shine

    Downtown Phoenix is finally coming around. Signs of the light rail completion are appearing, great little boutiques and eateries keep popping up, and the Downtown Phoenix Public Market is now open two times a week. For those who sleep in on Saturday mornings and have missed this great little hotspot, you can cruise on over after work on Wednesdays to stock up on some delicious homegrown goodies!

What: Downtown Phoenix Public Market

    When: Every Wednesday, 4-8 pm

    Where: 721 N. Central Ave.


2. Strike a Pose

    Count on SMoCA to make yoga hip, fun and a reason to buy new yoga gear. Yin Fridays at the museum include yoga, sumptuous organic teas and healthy treats, "celebrity" yoginis and yogis from the art community. Better start practicing your downward dog now!

What: Yin Fridays at SMoCA

    When: Friday, Jan. 18, 6-8:30 pm

    Where: 7373 E. 2nd St., Scottsdale

    Call: 480.994.ARTS


3. Simply Flawless

    Kathy Krakora, a Hollywood makeup artist, is bringing her trade secrets to Phoenix! Scosh School offers afternoon education sessions on how to look flawless, teaching everything from daily makeup application methods, how to glam it up, Just Eyes, how to be a Bridal Beauty, and how to make sense of makeup, from department stores and mineral makeup.

What: Makeup 101 class

    When: Friday, Jan. 11, 2 pm-4 pm

    Where: Scosh Studio, 4434 N. Civic Center Plaza, Ste. 102, Scottsdale

    Call: 480.970.5454


4. Heart of the Matter

    The Icehouse brings a night of interesting performances by Jen Urso and Billy Berry. Kicking off the show, Urso will break apart a 350 lb. illustrated rock; and Berry (aka Bopbag Bill) will present a mixed media installation with video, photos and stories documenting Hurricane Katrina, from the perspective of a native. Don't miss this event!

What: Evidence of Intention and Katrina Project

    When: Friday, Jan. 4, 7 pm

    Where: The Icehouse, 429 W. Jackson St.

    Call: 602.257.8929



    Thanks for helping us get off the ground in 2007. Want some good karma in 2008? Tell your friends to sign up for Phoenix Picks!

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