Marrow Annual General Meeting

By Nathan Berry,2014-05-17 19:28
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Stress & Time Management Training. 12.30 Marrow Group Presentations Stress and Time Management training will teach you how to prioritise jobs,


    Introduction - thi On behalf of National Marrow, we would like to congratulate every Marrow group for their outstanding achievements over the last year. Your hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm have made thMarrow’s 10 anniversary its most successful year yet and for that we could be no more pleased. It has been a great honour and pleasure working with all of you this year, and we can think of no better way of ending the Marrow year than by celebrating thMarrow’s 10 anniversary together in style.

     We have a fantastic line up for the Marrow AGM 2008 with inspirational speakers such as Marrow founder, Dr James Kustow, relevant workshops, training sessions and many opportunities to talk, discuss, and think about everything Marrow. As is tradition, every group shares a 5 minute presentation on their progress

    throughout the year. Awards are awarded to the best groups, appreciation certificates presented to Marrow members, and to

    marmark a decade of Marrow, we’ll be giving out goodie bags fully of exciting things to every participant. Hustings and

    elections for a new National Marrow committee will also take place.

Everyone who has ever been to an AGM before knows how useful, inspiring and simply fun these events are. We all

    work hard for Marrow during the year, and once year we are rewarded with this opportunity to learn, share, and be

    inspired, with the ultimate goal of improving our work within Marrow. But it’s not all work, work, work. There is, of course, the legendary Saturday Night Social. In a few words: good music, good food, and good company. And all for free.

    For the uninitiated, you’d be missing out if you weren’t there, ask anyone. This year, we’re going to make sure you have a great night out in Manchester.

    There will also be a mascot competition this year. Marrow groups have all sorts of weird and wonderful mascots (we

    know, we’ve seen the pictures). So whatever you have, bring it down to the AGM and show it off. If your group doesn’t have a mascot, or if you’re feeling creative, make a new one, and see if your mascot is the best! Making a stunning

    reappearance will be Manchester’s Marrow mascot from the 2007 AGM. The best mascot wins a prize, so give it your best shot!

    Accommodation will be provided at no cost on Friday & Saturday night. Lunch and dinner will be provided on Saturday,

    lunch will also be provided on Sunday, all at no cost. There is no registration fee, but please be mindful that failure to

    attend the conference after registering costs the charity valuable money. So, don’t be silly and think twice, come to the

    Marrow AGM 2008. You won’t regret it.

    ththMarrow Annual General Meeting, Manchester, 4 5 October 2008 ndRegistration closes 22 September



     thSaturday 4 October

8.30 Registration

    9.00 Marrow National & ANT Introduction plus 10 years of Marrow presentation

    9.45 Key speaker: James Kustow & wife 10.30 Key speaker: Debby Jepps 11.00 National Marrow Presentation

11.15 BREAK

    11.30 WORKSHOPS


    Diversity Discussion

    Marrow Education Project


    Strategic Planning Training

     Evaluation Training

    Handover Training

    Stress & Time Management Training

12.30 Marrow Group Presentations

13.00 LUNCH

    14.00 Key Speaker: Tony Baxter 14.30 Marrow Group Presentations

    15.00 International Update + International Group Presentations

    15.30 Regional Meetings

    16.30 Marrow, Medsin & the IFMSA Mark Prince

    16.45 Tony Bryant

    17.00 End

19.00 Meet for dinner at Moso Moso

    19.30 Food

    21.00 Entertainment



     thSunday 5 October

9.30 “Start”

    10.00 Key Speaker: Dr Rob Wynn 10.30 Key Speaker: Alex Creamer 11.00 Marrow Group Presentations

11.30 BREAK

    11.45 WORKSHOPS


    Health & Safety

    Counseling and Form Checking


    Strategic Planning Training

    Evaluation Training

    Handover Training

    Stress & Time Management Training

12.45 Marrow Group Presentations

13.15 LUNCH

14.30 Marrow Group Presentations

    15.00 ANT Video + New Promotional Material

    15.15 Marrow Group Presentations

    15.45 National Marrow Awards

    16.00 ANT Awards

    16.15 Elections

    17.00 Thank you’s & goodbyes 17.30 End



Dr James Kustow:

"Have you heard the news?" my mother said over the phone whilst I was in the middle of a dinner party in our shared

    student house in Nottingham. She went on to explain that Karen Morris, a primary school friend with whom I spent

    many happy times, was now struggling for her life. This was not right…not fair! It served as a call to action. What

    followed was a series of events that culminated in the birth of an organisation that we named 'Marrow', the name

    purposely nested within the then-called 'Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust' to indicate both the due respect for our impressive parent organisation but also its independence.

Our intention was to utilise the untapped resource of medical students and create something that would survive and

    continue to grow when we all graduated. In this lecture that I've been kindly invited to give, I will outline the journey we

    started. A journey that you are continuing and that is sure, one day, to achieve its overall objective to be able to offer

    every single student in the country the opportunity to join this life saving register. 'MARROW Past, Present and


Debbie Jepps:

"Paint a picture of the type of person that Karen was before the diagnosis of Leukaemia and how the disease only

    strengthened her character for the better. Talking about the way you can turn something that initially seems very

    negative into something that becomes positive. The fact that it has now been ten years since her death and what that

    has meant to her friends and family but also ways in which we have decided to continue her legacy and build on the

    momentum that Karen created in her life time."

Tony Baxter:

Recruited lots of people to the bone marrow register, but never met anyone who's actually donated? Then, listen up. A

    bone marrow donor, recruited by Marrow as a green 18 year old, who has been there, done that (three products bone

    marrow, peripheral blood stem cells and lymphocytes), and lived to tell the tale, will be giving a speech on his

    experience of donation. This is a good opportunity to try to understand what it means to be a bone marrow donor, and

    what it is that we're trying to get so many people to do.

Alex Creamer:

It could be you or me. Alex is one of the lucky few who received a successful bone marrow transplant through the

    Anthony Nolan Trust. Be inspired and reminded by a first-hand example of the true aim of the bone marrow register: to

    help save lives.

Dr Rob Wynn:

You may recruit the donor and ANT may harvest the blood stem cells but without the last link in the chain, all efforts

    would be in vain. A Consultant Paediatric Haematologist at the Bone Marrow Transplant unit at Royal Manchester

    Children’s, Rob’s team have many years of experience with unrelated donor and cord transplants benefitting children over the years with their expertise. Hear from Rob how he and his team take a recipient through this life saving journey.



Fundraising Workshop Daniel Moody

The workshop aims to help Marrow groups develop a fundraising strategy that gets the most money for their effort over

    the year ahead. It aims to help fundraisers;

    ? Find new events ideas

    ? Explore the different event styles (challenges, sales, collections, parties etc) and determine the best ones to use.

    ? Ensure their events are successful (checking timing, publicity and organisation)

    ? Identify other student groups that maybe able to help their fundraising

    ? It will be facilitated by Dan Moody (Anthony Nolan) with participation from delegates. It is an opportunity to

    meet and work with your fundraising colleges across Marrow.

Co-ordinators Workshop Pauline Makoni & Belinda King

A co-ordinator from each Marrow group represented at the AGM is encouraged to attend this session in order share

    problems, strengths and ideas with other co-ordinators. There will also be a review of the current paperwork,

    regulations and other issues that pertain to the recruitment of donors as well as providing an understanding of the

    expenses and claims procedure. In addition, this will be your chance to discuss any concerns or voice possible ideas in

    how we can work together effectively.

Diversity Discussion Shivani Jethi, Azra Iqbal & Vanessa Simpson

    Minority issues - important but unknown?! If you agree this workshop is for you! Want to know how to hold a Minority clinic or deal with common problems that arise when doing so? What about

    appointing your own Minorities Officer? Do you know the best ways to drum up publicity for Minority issues or that

    there are people at ANT headquarters who can help? If any of these questions intrigue or excite you or you simply just

    want to learn a little more about Minority issues then this workshop should be on your hit list!

Health & Safety Workshop Pauline Makoni *compulsory: one member from each marrow group must attend*

A necessity as we are all subject to regulations and insurance requirements ruling everything from venues to

    phlebotomy. The ANT is implementing new “Health & Safety” policies across the trust and these new regulations will

    apply to Marrow also. This workshop, run by ANT staff from their donor recruitment division will cover all you need to

    know about these new policies. Given the importance of ‘Health & Safety’, every group will be expected to send one

    member to this workshop to ensure Marrow keeps up to date with these important changes.


    Marrow Education Project Workshop Bristol Marrow Marrow has been getting into schools and it's going good! Want to do the same? Then this workshop is for you!

    Bristol Marrow has set up a "Marrow Education Project" that involves Marrowers going into local schools to educate

    children about bone marrow transplants, peripheral blood stem cell harvesting and the rest! Now they want to share the

    knowledge and get all Marrow groups doing the same! Startup packs that have been painstakingly put together along

    with valuable pointers are to be had here - don't miss it!

    Counselling & Form Checking - DRMs

Each year we lose potential donors after registration, are your recruits dropping off or joining, staying on the register

    and proceeding to donation? You may be the only ANT representative a donor will ever speak with and your message

    could be the difference between disappointment and success in a donation. Discuss methods of communicating

    effective messages to donors and the pitfalls to avoid.



Marrow is affiliated with Medsin and the International Federation of Medical School’s Association (IFMSA) who offer to

    teach those who are interested in becoming a trainer in Project Management and Leadership skills. Within National Marrow three of us have completed basic and advanced training provided by Medsin and the IFMSA, by advanced IFMSA trainers and externals, and we would like to share our knowledge with you. At the AGM we will focus on Project Management - the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives, which is crucial for the sustainability of a successful Marrow group. All four of these topics work hand in hand and help to make each process easier if all have been achieved, therefore we would recommend that you split the topics between the individuals present at the AGM in your committee.

Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning is the overall operation that facilitates the good management of a process. It takes you outside the day to-day activities of your project and provides you with the big picture of where you are going. A strategic plan gives you clarity about what you actually want to achieve, how to go about achieving set goals and who will facilitate the action plan within a set time period. If done correctly a strategic plan creates provides direction, highlights strengths and weakness of a project, establishes good group dynamics, allows individuals to feel empowered, and will help to save massive amounts of time throughout the year.


    Evaluation has two main purposes: 1) learning and development and 2) accountability. Evaluating your Marrow group will help you assess how well you are doing in order to help you do it better. Evaluation involves asking what has happened and why - what is and isn’t working, and it helps you to learn about your projects activities to see what

    worked well. Evaluation should not only answer questions but should prompt fresh thinking, tell you what you have achieved, how you achieved it, what was most effective and help you find areas where improvement is needed.


    A good handover from the outgoing committee to the incoming is vital to the running of Marrow. It is not merely about handing your new counterpart a file full of information and expecting them to interpret it all. A good handover will prepare the new committee for their term in office, ensures that all the good work done by the outgoing committee and previous committees is not lost because best practices, contacts and knowledge gained is not passed on and ensures the long-term sustainability and development of your project. This training will provide you with the tools give the best handover yet.

Stress & Time Management

Marrower’s are busy people with many responsibilities which we hope are enjoyable for most of the time but that can

    be stressful at times. Stress and Time Management training will teach you how to prioritise jobs, encourage you to plan, show you how to bring a work/play balance into your life and help you to decrease those stress levels (hopefully). In addition, time management skills will be shared to help you to finish all your tasks on time and to the highest standard.



A new national committee is elected every year at the AGM. Interested groups are expected to do a short presentation

    to state their case, then take questions from the audience. Voting ensues, and a new national committee is born.


    National Marrow consists of team of dedicated people from one of the Marrow groups who are charged with the

    responsibility of representing Marrow on a National Level, and importantly, ensuring that all Marrow groups have the

    support and help that they need. You can either continue to hold a post in your local Marrow group whilst on National

    Marrow, or you can solely dedicate your time to National Marrow activities, depending on the size and support needed

    by your local group.

Although a few roles (for example: National Coordinator, Regional Coordinators, and International Coordinator) are

    essential, generally-speaking, the National Committee has the freedom to choose its own size and to create its own roles

    depending on what its goals and needs are for that year. Now, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? In previous years,

    some of the roles on National Marrow have included Webmaster, Publicity Officer, BME (Black, Minority, & Ethnic)

    Officer, Fundraising Officer, Newsletter Editor, and so on.

Some of the essential responsibilities of National Marrow are:

    ? communicating frequently with the Anthony Nolan Trust and Medsin about issues relevant to Marrow

    ? communicating with Marrow groups, offering support & training where needed

    ? sustaining current groups, starting up new groups where there is potential

    ? enabling Marrow to spread internationally to as many interested countries as possible

    ? representing Marrow at Medsin and International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA)


    ? organising the National AGM

There is a lot more that we do, and that YOU can do as National Marrow. For a better idea of what we have done this

    year, see:


    If you have any questions, or would like more information, email: or, or your Regional Coordinator. We'll try to answer as many questions as possible as soon as




In order to run for National Marrow, interested groups need to do the following:

(1) Write a Motivation Statement (max 250 words)

*Why your group wants to run for National?

    *What your aims and objectives/plans are for the year to come?

    *Why should other groups vote for you?

NB: We are planning to print these out for other groups to read and digest at the AGM, prior to voting, so think carefully

    about what you are going to write :)

    (2) All groups running will have to prepare a 7 min presentation for the AGM

    The deadline for the registering your interest to run for National is 15th September 2008. In order to do so, you need to email your group's Motivation Statement to



    It has been one of our goals as National Committee to try and make Marrow a little greener. We have tried to achieve

    this by working with the ANT to try and tackle waste issues from flyering and business cards, by using fair-trade food

    stuffs and clothing, and by trying to car share and use public transport when travelling to meetings. Thus we hope our

    efforts will spill over into the AGM and you guys can help!

What the National Committee hopes to do

    At the AGM the National Committee hopes to provide Fair Trade tea, coffee and snacks and will endeavor that the lunch

    provided is Fair Trade. The National Committee we will be wearing Fair Trade and eco-friendly Marrow clothing,

    distributing the Fair Trade tee-shirts, jerseys and hoodies that were ordered by some Marrow groups and providing an

    opportunity for those groups that would like these products to order them. We will try to provide recycling bags for

    waste products that are recyclable such as paper and goodie bags provided will contain Fair Trade and eco-friendly


What YOU can do

     Travel to the AGM by train or coach if possible. One litre of fuel can carry a person 4 miles in a large car, 5 ?

    miles in a small car, 31 miles in a bus with 40 passengers and 34 miles in a train with 300 passengers. If you book

    your tickets to Manchester in advance you may be able to get a good deal too.

     If you travel by car, please try to car share. If ? of all UK motorists received a lift 1 day a week, congestion and

    pollution would be reduced by 10%.

     If you live in Manchester, cycling to the AGM is the most environmentally friendly way to travel after walking.

     Please use the Marrow mugs provided for drinks! Let’s try to avoid disposable cups.

     Keep programmes or anything that can be recycled until you can put it in one of the recycling bins we will


     Consider purchasing Fair Trade “Marrow” clothing for you group next time you order Marrow clothing.

     If you are planning on going shopping for toiletries or maybe even something to wear to our fabulous social say

    “No” to the plastic bags and try to reuse one you already have.

     At the hostel please try to ensure that all light switches and electrical appliances are turned off when they are

    not being used and turn the water tap off properly before leaving the bathroom or kitchen.

     Take the stairs instead of the lift when possible save electricity.

     Please make sure if you are a smoker not to discard your cigarette butt on the floor, dispose of them properly

    (on the metal trays on top of bins for example). It takes between 1 and 12 years for a cigarette butt to break


The AGM should be a great weekend where we can come together and celebrate our achievements as a “Marrow” family.

    While we reflect on the positive impact that we have made as a successful charity let us be mindful of the impact we can

    have on our environment. Send us any tips you have too. Looking forward to seeing you!

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