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Penn Bowl X Questions ...

TOSSUPS CASE WESTERN (with help from Cornell) SWORD BOWL 2001 UTC

    1. The Padparadschah variety is generally orange-pink, while the Emery variety is black caused by a mixture of magnetite, hematite, and spinel. FTP identify the generic name for this gemstone comprised mainly of aluminum oxide whose varieties also include sapphire and ruby, which lies on the Mohs scale of hardness as index 9.

    ANSWER: Corundum

    2. The son of nine mothers, he was born at the end of the world and raised by the force of the earth, seawater and the blood of a boar. Because of his shining teeth he is also called Gullinati, and he carries the horn Gjall. FTP name this Norse god of light, the watchman of the gods and the one who guards Bifrost. ANSWER: Heimdall

    3. Known for its rich salmon fisheries, this 130-mile-long river flows through the ruins of Tintern Abbey, entering the Severn Estuary at Chepstow. FTP name this English/Welsh river that shares its name with a plantation in Maryland where a set of accords between Israelis and Palestinians was established in 1998. ANSWER: Wye River

    4. The second section “Doctrine of Method” is five times smaller than the larger first section “Doctrine of Elements,” which is divided into “Aesthetic,” “Analytic,” and “Dialectic” sections. FTP name this seminal

    philosophical work attacking Leibnizian metaphysics, the earliest of Kant’s “Critiques.”

    ANSWER: Critique of Pure Reason

    5. On academic probation and unlikely to graduate, he joined the army convinced that he would be killed in combat. He rapidly wrote a novel called the Romantic Egoist, which was rejected but praised for originality.

    After having the novel rejected again after revisions, his engagement with a southern belle was broken, and he settled down to write his first successful novel about the aspirations and disappointments of Amory Blaine. FTP name this author who eventually did marry Zelda.

    ANSWER: F. Scott Fitzgerald

    6. Born in the province of Lorraine in 1858, this son of a rabbi and decided at an early age to pursue religious training. However, he later abandoned this path and later came to see religion as "the sacrilisation of society's requirements for human behaviour beyond the profane." FTP name this functionalist, author of the works Rules of Sociological Method and Suicide.

    Emile Durkheim

    7. She was born in 1902 in Hartford, Connecticut, and received a Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1927. In 1944 She became only the third women inducted into the National Academy of Sciences, though much of her work was largely ignored when it first appeared. A major event in her life came at the 1951 Cold Spring Harbor Symposium, where she presented her findings on transposons. FTP name this 1983 Nobel Laureate who discovered "jumping genes" while studying corn.

    Answer: Barbara McClintock

    8. Lanfranc held this position under William the Conqueror, with who he was on good terms. Hubert Walter II, who held the position under Richard I, actually ruled for Richard when he was not in England. However, the position is more remembered for creating friction than harmony between church and state in England. FTP name the position held by Stephen Langton and Thomas Becket as well.

    ANSWER: Archbishop of Canterbury

    9. A young mother tenderly holds her baby while looking at the child in this painting. An old woman,

    presumably the grandmother, sits next to this woman, both hands clutching a basket. A young boy is next to the old woman, fast asleep. FTP, name this painting that focuses in on these three people amidst a crowded throng traveling in a train, by the French painter Honore Daumier.

    ANSWER: The Third Class Carriage

    10. Injections of Liver Stage Antigen-3 into chimpanzees have recently been shown to elicit an immune response to sporozoites [spore-oh-ZOH-aits] generated during the disease’s five-day asymptomatic period.

    These results offer hope that scientists can create a vaccine - for ten points - to what disease caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum that kills over a million children in Africa yearly through mosquito bites? ANSWER: Malaria

    11. Judges Danforth and Sewall preside over the trials in this play. Abigail was in reality only 11, but her age was boosted to 17 by the playwright to add a sexual aspect to her affair with John Proctor, who was really 60. FTP name this fictionalized drama written in response to the McCarthy hearings, by Arthur Miller. ANSWER: The Crucible

    12. Their second leader was Mursilis I, who sent a raiding party down the Euphrates, which sacked Babylon, and put an end to the dynasty of Hammurabi. Under the able king Suppiluliunamas, they decisively defeated the Mitanni in Syria. This civilization and empire, with capital at Hattusas, was the first to widely use iron. For ten points name this ancient civilization, whose members included one of King David’s warriors, Uriah.

    ANSWER: Hittites

    13. Despite the feeling you might get in your stomach, this chemical is not an acid, but an alkaloid. It is often found in substances also containing theophylline and theobromine, compounds having very similar molecular structures. Although highly addictive with nasty withdrawal symptoms, it is completely legal. FTP -- name this widespread drug of choice, and backbone of the Starbucks empire.

    Answer: _Caffeine_

    14. In this movie, the main character finds himself married to his co-worker Allison Gardner though under the auspices of a Colombian drug lord. Then in another granted wish, he becomes a famous 7-foot-6 basketball player who doesn’t quite measure up to expectations. It seems there’s always a twist to every wish he gets from

    the devil. FTP name this movie starring Frances O’Connor, Elizabeth Hurley, and Brendan Fraser.

    ANSWER: Bedazzled

    15. It was established to prevent employers from interfering in the organization of workers into unions, and prohibited employers from forming company unions and discriminating against or firing workers because they joined independent unions. It allowed for workers to have elections for which unions they wanted to represent them and formed the National Labor Relations Board to oversee this. FTP, name this act of Congress. Wagner Act or National Labor Relations Act

    16. He was a slave for five years when his ship was captured and on a return from the battle of Lepanto where he had lost the use of his left hand. He turned to writing, and later in his life he wrote such plays as El

    Trato de Argel and La Numancia. His literary reputation rests on his Novelas Ejemplares (no-BAY-las ay-hem-

    PLAR-ays) and a long novel for which one sequel was written by Avelleneda. Henry Fielding was a great fan of, FTP, what author who wrote Don Quixote?

    ANSWER: Miguel de Cervantes

    17. He was an agent for the English government in the Low Countries where he engaged in espionage and negotiated with foreign creditors. He founded the British Royal Exchange in London in the late 1500s and advised Queen Elizabeth to recoin the currency after her father had replaced it with currency made of inferior metal. FTP, name this man whose eponymous law states that “bad money drives out good.”

    Sir Thomas Gresham

    18. His presidency was the longest period of unbroken rule by one individual in a Latin-American country in the 20th century. He rose through the ranks of the Army to control the right wing Colorado party. FTP name this Paraguayan of German ancestry who assumed the presidency in a 1954 coup d'etat and ruled the country until a 1989 coup ousted him from power.

    ANSWER: Alfredo Stroessner

    19. It details the decline of the Chia family, focusing on Pao-yü, the heir of the clan. He is continually reprimanded by his strict Confucian father, who dislikes Pao-yü's intimacy with females, like Black Jade, and Precious Clasp. FTP name this novel by Hung Lou Meng that reflects a faithful image of upper-class life in the early Ch'ing dynasty.

    ANSWER: The Dream of the Red Chamber

    20. Before he began his college basketball career, he was invited to try out for the 1988 U.S. Olympic team, though he finally got his gold medal playing in Australia this year. However, when he returned from Sydney, he was diagnosed with focal glomerulosclerosis, forcing him to sit out the 2000-2001 NBA season. FTP name this all-star center who was the second pick of the Charlotte Hornets in 1992, now under contract with the Miami Heat.

    ANSWER: Alonzo Mourning

    21. Derived from the Spanish for freebooting, this word first came into use in the English circa 1850 to denote an irregular military adventurer such as William Walker. Soon thereafter it took on its current connotation, which takes 60 votes to end in the U.S. Senate. FTP, name this political tactic in which a minority senator talks for long hours to prevent passage of a bill.


    22. Located on Bennelong Point, it was finally opened to the public on October 20, 1973. Funded through a commission charged by Eugene Goossens, Jorn Utzon won the competition of its design, although construction began before his final plans were finalized. FTP name this structure considered a national iconic landmark for Australia, located in Sydney Harbor.

    ANSWER: Sydney Opera House

    23. Isaac Tigret and Peter Morton first opened its doors June 14, 1971 in London, England, but it wasn’t until roughly ten years later when they decided to open up franchises in cities across the globe, an expansion later overseen by Mecca Leisure and The Rank Group. FTP name this restaurant chain with 104 locations in 36 countries who altruistic philosophies are “Save the Planet”, and “Love All, Serve All” known for its

    memorabilia of the rock-and-roll industry.

    ANSWER: Hard Rock Café International


    1. Your genial quizmaster agrees with Mark Twain: “It’s a shame they let that woman die of natural causes.” Name the Jane Austen works FTP each.

    [10] This 1814 novel centers on Fanny Price, an insecure woman in love with her cousin, Edmund Bertram. ANSWER: Mansfield Park

    [10] This novel focuses on the romance between Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy. ANSWER: Pride and Prejudice

    [10] Anne Elliot lives an unhappy life with her father Sir Walter Elliot. After being convinced by others to turn down a marriage proposal by Captain Wentworth, she finds Wentworth back in her life. ANSWER: Persuasion

2. For ten points each, answer these questions on popular music.

    [10] This group even performed their most popular song “Who Let the Dogs Out” at pregame ceremonies during the World Series at Shea Stadium.

    ANSWER: Baha Men

    [10] Eminem uses this, his real name, for his newest album, the followup to his The Slim Shady LP.

    ANSWER: Marshall Mathers

    [10] Having come back from a coma, pneumonia, and a nervous system disorder, this 68-year-old’s newest

    album Solitary Man covers Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.”

    ANSWER: Johnny Cash

    3. Identify these works of art for fifteen points each, or fewer points if you need the artist. a. [15] In the foreground are a number of women appearing to be in prayer, while in the upper right corner, a man struggles with an angel.

    [10] Paul Gauguin

    ANSWER: The Visitation After the Sermon (Jacob Wrestling the Angel)

    b. [15] The largest images are a horse looking at a green-skinned man with six buildings, a man with a scythe, and an upside-down oriented woman in the background.

    [5] Marc Chagall

    ANSWER: I and the Village by Marc Chagall

    4. Following the Napoleonic Wars, the Congress of Vienna was held. Given a nation, Identify their ambassador at the beginning of the Congress FTP.

    [10] Austria Klemens von Metternich

    [10] Great Britain Robert Castlereagh

    [10] France Charles Talleyrand

5. Given the numerical value of a common physical constant, name it FTP each. -11[10] 6.67 x 10 Gravitational constant -23[10] 1.38 x 10 Boltzmann constant -31[10] 9.11 x 10 Electron Mass

    6 Identify the following Russian authors from works for the stated number of points. [5] War and Peace

    ANSWER: Leo Tolstoy

    [10] Dr. Zhivago

    ANSWER: Boris Pasternak

    [15] The Master and Margarita

ANSWER: Mikhail Bulgakov

7. Name the historical figure on a 30-20-10 basis.

    [30] Born in 1774 to a Virginia planter family, he joined the state militia to help put down the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794, and studied at the University of Pennsylvania.

    [20] His death is clouded in mystery: Was he murdered or did he commit suicide because of depression? He died in a tavern on the Natchez Trace outside Nashville on his way to Washington, D.C. [10] He became governor of the Louisiana Territory, with which he was uniquely familiar, in 1808. ANSWER: Merriwether Lewis

8. Answer the following questions about famous physicians FTPE.

    [10] Name the 17th century Italian anatomist and personal physician to Pope Innocent XII, who discovered capillary blood vessels.

    Marcello Malpighi

    [10] Name the physician to both James I and Charles I who in 1628 published the first accurate account of the circulation of the blood in the human body.

    William Harvey

    [10] Name the French physician who would remain unknown today if not for his invention of the stethoscope.

    Rene Laënnec

9. Answer the following questions about a recent legal action by the MPAA FTSNOP

     [10] The MPAA is suing the editors of a magazine, subtitled "the hacker quarterly" over their posting of source code to DeCSS, a crack that allows Linux machines to play DVD movies. FTP name the magazine.


     [5] for one, [10] for both, name the two principal players in the suit, one the president of the MPAA, the other the senior editor of 2600 named as the principal defendant in the suit.

    Jack Valenti and Eric Corley

     [10] The title 2600 refers to a physical quantity, well-known in the hacker community, measured in _exactly_ what units?

    hertz (Do not accept megahertz or similar modifications)

     (Note: a 2600 hz tone used to allow free access to long distance telephone networks. Ah, those were the days.)

10. For ten points each, given a work identify the philosopher.

    [10] Principles of Human Knowledge (1710)

    ANSWER: George Berkeley

    [10] I and Thou

    ANSWER: Martin Buber

    [10] Ideas: A General Introduction to Pure Phenomenology

    ANSWER: Edmund Husserl

11. Name the following works of drama from clues FTP each.

    [10] Her husband completes his thesis on medieval trade while they are on their honeymoon. She is disgusted by this, and finds the Bacchanalian figure of Eilert Loevborg to be fascinating.

    ANSWER: Hedda Gabler

    [10] She hates men, but on Midsummer’s Eve falls for a servant named Jean and makes love to him. This upsets Jean’s fiancée Christine, and the title character is upset when Jean kills her pet finch.

    ANSWER: Miss Julie

    [10] Andromache’s son Astyanax is dropped from the city ramparts in this play. The herald Talthybius is baffled by the prophecies of Cassandra, and Hecuba weeps for a fallen city.

    ANSWER: Trojan Women

12. Name the scientist, 30-20-10

    (30) Students of his accompanied Captain Cook on his voyages, and others such as Sparrman, Thunberg, Gmelin, and Falk spread his influence across the globe.

    (20) In 1745 this Swedish scientist proposed to reverse the temperature scale used by Anders Celsius, putting the freezing point of water at 0 and the boiling point at 100.

    [10] This botanist who went by his Latinized name is the pivotal figure in taxonomy.

    Carolus Linnaeus or Karl von Linne

13. Answer the following about a period in U.S. history FTP each.

    [10] This post-Civil War era’s name comes from a book by Charles Dudley Warner and Samuel Clemens.

    ANSWER: The Gilded Age

    [10] This Republican symbol was waved frequently from 1868 to 1880 to remind voters of the South’s dishonor in seceding from the Union and causing the Civil War.

    ANSWER: Bloody Shirt

    [10] This term applied to Republican voters who crossed party lines and voted for Cleveland, not Blaine, in 1884.

    ANSWER: Mugwumps

14. Answer these questions on news from Asia for ten points each.

    [10] Presumably because of pressure from China, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and President Kim Dae-Jung cancelled a planned visit by this Nobel Peace Prize laureate to South Korea.

    ANSWER: Dalai Lama

    [10] This group has threatened to expel members of the United Nations anti-drug agency if the U.N. backs down on its recognition of the deposed Burhanuddin Rabbani and help Afghan farmers.

    ANSWER: Taleban Islamic Movement of Afghanistan

    [10] In April, this nation’s ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sherif was sentenced to life imprisonment for

    hijacking and terrorism after refusing to allow a commercial plane carrying General Musharraf to land. ANSWER: Pakistan

15. For ten points each, answer these questions on the new 2000-2001 TV shows.

    [10] Mulder’s gone, Scully’s pregnant, and this New York detective played by Robert Patrick is assigned to the X-Files.

    ANSWER: Special Agent John Doggett

    [10] Craig T. Nelson is the chief of police on this CBS drama.

    ANSWER: “The District

    [10] She plays the first lady Judith Whitman protected by “In Living Color” alumnus David Alan Greer.

    ANSWER: Delta Burke

16. Answer questions on these concert pieces for ten points each.

    [10] Johann Sebastian Bach submitted these six concertos to Christian Margrave, whose position is attached to the names of these pieces.

    ANSWER: Brandenburg Concertos

    [10] Aaron Copland’s concerto for this instrument (1948) was written from a commission from and was subsequently dedicated to Benny Goodman.

    ANSWER: Clarinet

    [10] He composed a D-major concerto for piano with the soloist playing with the left hand. ANSWER: Maurice Ravel

17. Identify these terms of physical geography for ten points each.

    [10] This is a warm, dry Chinook wind blowing from the east off a desert plateau into southern California.

ANSWER: Santa Ana winds

    [10] This term describes the extensive relocation of soil, rock, and sediment by man. ANSWER: Scarification

    [10] When the gravitational forces of the sun and moon are perpendicular to each other, one experiences these types of tides on the earth.

    ANSWER: Neap tide

18. 30-20-10, name the poet.

    [30] While a law student living the free Bohemian lifestyle, he met a Jewish prostitute named Sarah la Louchette, from whom he presumably contracted the venereal disease that eventually killed him. [20] He translated the poems of Edgar Allan Poe into French. Disgusted with the establishment of the Second Empire by Louis Napoleon, he longed for the “old Paris” in many of his poems.

    [10] Unlike his friend Gustave Flaubert, his collection of poems The Flowers of Evil was considered “immoral”

    by French censors.

    ANSWER: Charles Baudelaire

19. Given the spacecraft, name the planet they have all visited FTSNOP

    [5] Viking, Pathfinder


    [10] Magellan, Pioneer 1, Venera 4


    [15] Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2


20. Identify these economics terms for the stated number of points.

    [5] This is the amount of money the government collects to maintain its services.

    ANSWER: Tax(es)

    [5] This adjective describes policies that help developing domestic industries compete against imported goods. ANSWER: Protectionist

    [10] This adjective describes any policy that reduces output, such as reducing the money supply. ANSWER: Contractionary

    [10] This curve describes the cumulative percentage of income earned by segments of the workforce which can be used to calculate the Gini coefficient.

    ANSWER: Lorenz Curve

21. Name these orishas (oh-REE-shas) of Santeria FTP each.

    [10] The goddess of love, sexuality, beauty and diplomacy, she is also the controller of the sweet waters. She is often invoked in matters of love and money.


     [10] Once the fourth King of Yoruba, this thunder god inspires moral terror with his storms and lightning.

    Shangó or Changó

    [10] He is a trickster, a healer, and a master magician. The owner of roads and opportunities, this messenger also protects homes from danger.


    22. Tourism in the last few years has exploded in a northern Spanish city, thanks mostly to a new Guggenheim museum.

    [20] FTP each, in what city is this sleek metallic building, and who designed it? ANSWER: Bilbao and Frank Gehry

    [10] Gehry's building is not the world's only Guggenheim museum. New York also has one, designed in a giant white spiral by which architect?

    ANSWER: Frank Lloyd Wright

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