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Power Presentations

    New Consultant Training: Session II

    How to do a Group Presentation or a One-on-One Presentation using Arbonne=Results Presentation Binder

The beauty of this presentation is that it is duplicable and easy to use. This handout includes detailed instructions to walk

    you through a presentation using the Arbonne=Results Presentation. Using this presentation will help you lead with the

    business in your classes and will also help you stay on track!

This presentation outline is used as the basis for all group presentations and one-on-one’s. If you are doing a one-on-one you will not

    go into as much detail and may or may not have them try products on their hand since they will sample them prior to or after your appointment. Getting comfortable with this presentation is one of the most important things you can do in your business.

    As you are aware by now in your training, we do a combination of group presentations/”get togethers” and one-on-one presentations.

    Our basic presentation whether for a one-on-one or group is built around the “Arbonne=Results” flipchart presentation. You can print your own copy or order the “Arbonne=Results” presentation already printed and spiral bound from

    If you are hosting a presentation that will be very focused on the business, such as one with men involved, you may want to use Donna McPheeters’ opportunity presentation & script. Both are found in the Business Building Resources at Review both the opportunity and results and decide which is a better fit for your audience

We recommend using the “Arbonne=Results” basic presentation for most of your group presentations starting with your

    Business Launches. There are several very important and significant reasons why you need to begin to use this material and

    continue to use it as your main guideline (after you are familiar with using it, you may choose to slightly personalize it to fit your style). The MAIN purpose of having classes is NOT to sell products. The MAIN purpose of having classes is to expand your warm market so that you can find your business builders. Selling our fabulous products is secondary. Let me give you an example that Michael Clouse, a top Network Marketing trainer uses. If a man walks into a men’s clothing store, the clerk always shows him a suit first. Then if he isn’t interested in a suit, he is shown the shirts and ties. That’s exactly what we do with our classes.

One of the main challenges we have as new business builders is that we just love our products and the results we’re getting. This is a

    strong point, but if we’re focusing our classes on products - we’ll sell products (shirts and ties) and rarely sell the business (a suit). The challenge is that to get to the top in our business, we can’t sell our way to the top, we can only duplicate with business builders (suits) our way to the top. Wholesale consultants are an important part of our business, but they are the by-product of those not interested in the business opportunity. Now here is the clincher! Sharing with people about how to “save money” by becoming a wholesale

    consultant is an easy comfort zone for most of us. Comfort zones however, will only carry you so far up the success ladder in this business. You’re creating your own limitations for yourself before you even get a good start in building your business. Selling the


business opportunity is definitely out of the comfort zone for many new consultants. Some of us “slip” in the opportunity if we see an


    When you use the Arbonne = Results presentation, it leads you into the main purpose of your classes from the beginning. Using this system provides the opportunity to offer others the same opportunity you have been given --- to pursue their dreams and goals. In addition, it is a simple and easy presentation that is duplicable. We do have various other group presentations available to use when:

    1) A circle of friends have attended an “Arbonne =Results” basic presentation and you need to offer something different to

    encourage them to attend.

    2) You want to offer a presentation in your own home to “showcase” other Arbonne products to clients and wholesale consultants

    and to train your business builders on other products.

    3) You are booking from bookings, and want to be able to offer something different for a group to attend.

    A “Host Menu” for presentations can be found in your Group Event Resources at The

    actual presentations can be found on the same website. Keep in mind that, often the presentation is the same but the

    “theme” for the event has changed.

In the opening section of your presentation when you tell your “why” story you can show 1 or 2 “Eye on Arbonne” stories that are

    meaningful to you.

    Arbonne=REsults Presentation

    (This Presentation can be used for Business Launches, One-on-One’s and Group Presentations)

All tools referred to and underlined in this document can be found under the Business Building Resources at in the Group Event Section.

    The script below gives equal opportunity to the product and business and could be used for men too however, I would like leave out the product sampling. The script below is great for a mixed group of those you know will love the product, love the business or perhaps you’re unsure where the interest will be.

A couple of points to remember:

    ? Remember to say “I’m looking for people to teach and train to do what I’m doing. Whether you’re listening for yourself or

    someone you know, I’d love to give you more info about this business at the end.”

    ? As guests arrive you can have them try the Awaken Sea Salt and fill out the Guest Profile. 2

    ? Presentation time is about 35 minutes and should be about 1 ? hours from arrival to time you leave.

Script Begins Here:

If you are going to play Deal or No Deal, give everyone a wrapped box/gift or envelope as they arrive and have them take it with them,

    BUT NOT open it.

    The following script is tailored for a group “get together” or business launch. However, if you are doing a one-on-one presentation you will use the same REsults presentation binder, following the same verbiage, but won’t go into as much detail as you would at a group

    “get together”.


    I truly appreciate you all being here and taking the time out of your busy lives to join us. My goal tonight is that you have a great time, feel pampered, and that you leave being glad you came because of what you learn about your skin, health and being an educated


    I want to make sure and thank (host) for opening up her/his home and giving me the opportunity to share Arbonne with you. Give her the Sea Salt Scrub and say, “you too will get a Sea Salt Scrub if decide to get a few friends together and host an Arbonne get together

    like this.” PLANT SEEDS.

    If this is a business launch you will take a moment to congratulate your new consultant and thank their friends for being there and supporting (Sally) as she launches her new business.

    Tonight I am going to tell you a little about myself, a little about Arbonne, and what makes us unique, and give you a chance to experience these incredible products.

    Tell Your Story: “I’d like to take a couple of minutes and share with you a little about myself and how I was introduced to Arbonne.” Tell Your Story of how you were introduced to Arbonne and include your compelling WHY Story. Make it personal as to why the Arbonne opportunity will help you reach your goals. You want to show them how Arbonne=Their Dreams. Let them know you are currently

    expanding your team and are looking for people you can teach and train to do what you do. Remember to talk about: 35% discount, time leveraging, tax advantages, white Mercedes.

Your story is one of the most important parts of your presentation. Include your upline’s story as well as any others you identify

    with. Laminate a couple of Eye on Arbonne Stories to show.

    To Give you an idea of how to share your “Why” at a presentation, here is ENVP’s Tracey Gatchel’s story:


    My name is Tracey Gatchel and I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. I have had the good fortune of being with this company for 4 years which may surprise many of you if you are just hearing about the company tonight.

    I was introduced to Arbonne by a girlfriend, Elizabeth, who really wanted me to try these products. I have to tell you I was using products from the dermatologist and the better lines because I have very sensitive skin and was really a product snob. I was amazed when I was the results I got with these products and signed up as a consultant just to save on my own products. I NEVER believed I would be doing something like this as a business, or do group get togethers like this. I have a corporate background, but I also have a family and wanted more flexibility and control over when I worked.

    Our company car is a White Mercedes and one evening Elizabeth took me to a car presentation, Linda was getting the keys to a brand new white Mercedes and that night I realized what a professional company this was. I was already telling all my friends about the products, but I was not getting compensated for it, not too smart right? So I decided to start this as a business.

I remember Linda talking about how she had her office at home, how she was in control of how many hours and which hours she

    worked and how she was able to do this around her family. She also shared that she had replaced her corporate salary, which I knew was a six figure salary, and of course I knew she was driving the white Mercedes. I figured if I could achieve even half of what she had it would be huge for our family. So now you will find me doing “get togethers” like this one…

    In addition, I am currently looking to expand in this area, I am looking for other consultants I can teach and train to do what I do, so watch what I do tonight and if you are open to taking a look, or you can think of someone who might be open, let me know and I will send you home with some information (send home a Information Pack).

    We offer 3 Ways to Win with Arbonne! The reason I am going to share this at the top of the presentation is so as we are going through this together you can be thinking about how you see yourself being involved with Arbonne.

1 You can SPEND money with me by becoming my Arbonne Client!

    2 You can SAVE money with me by becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant!

    3 You can EARN money with me by becoming an Arbonne Business Builder!

Let me explain these 3 options

1 The first option is to be my client. If you would like to start using Arbonne, you can order now and I will get your products to you

    within a few days. I take very good care of my clients. I will follow up to make sure that your products are working for you and you are seeing the results that most people see with Arbonne. I want you to be happy with your purchases and will give you the best customer service. I will call you from time to time for re-orders and to let you know about our specials. If you are not completely satisfied with your products, Arbonne has a 45 day money back guarantee that I will take care of for you. So that's what you get from me when you become my client.....GREAT skin and GREAT Customer Service!


2 The second option is to save money with me by becoming an Arbonne Independent Consultant. This is an option most people take

    advantage of who want to get started on a few products, and who like a discount. For only $29, you become an Independent

    Consultant which means you can take advantage of our 35-50% discount on your orders. Your membership is good for a year and then there is a $15 annual renewal. There are no monthly minimums, and you can order online and the products are shipped directly to your door. This is the option most people choose.

3 The third option is to earn money with me by becoming an Arbonne Business Builder. This is what I do and in my opinion this is the

    BEST option. I love the time freedom and financial freedom that Arbonne has given me. I love setting my own work hours and getting out and meeting new people as I share these incredible products. I also love helping other people build their businesses. This opportunity may not be for you, but perhaps you know someone who would love to have their own business. If you are interested or know someone who might be, let me know and we can schedule a time to talk.

    As I go through this presentation tonight be thinking about what option you prefer, 1-2 or 3? At the end of the night let me know and I am here to service you in the best way possible.

    Before I get started, although this is only going to take about 30 minutes, who needs to leave first? Great _______. I’ll start with you when I am finished here, and we’ll talk in the (dining room a bit). My goal is to meet with each of you individually so that I can answer

    your specific questions. (Have a separate area set up with order forms and a calculator for your one-on-one close when you are in a


    (If this is a business launch make sure and thank guests for coming to support (Business Builder) in their new business. “Believe it or not you are so important to (Business Builder’s) business not that she/he expects you to keep them in business but because friends and family support means so much to a new consultant. Cheering them on and helping to hold the picture of success for them as they start this new venture”.)

You will stay on track with time if you spend 30 seconds to 1 minute per slide. Again, you can “cut and paste” with scissors the

    following verbiage and tape it to the back of each appropriate slide so as you are going through the presentation you can be glancing down to take a look at what you want to say next. You can use an 8 ? x 11 size of the REsults flipchart and face it toward the crowd as you are presenting. Also, some consultants like to have the “purse size” available for guests to flip through and follow along. This gets them involved!

SAY: “I’m going to use this as an outline to stay on track!”

    Slide 2

    ? Our company is 28 years old with solid corporate leadership in place.


    ? Products amazing! Pure, safe, beneficial. We have our own research and development lab in Switzerland. Products are

    developed under strict European standards. You are going to get to try some of them tonight on the back of your hand so you

    will understand why we are so passionate about our products.

    ? Industry Arbonne is a member of the Direct Selling Association or DSA. Not everyone is accepted into the DSA rigorous

    process to go through to get accepted.

    ? In 2006, Arbonne went International and opened Australia and the UK. Arbonne plans to expand into two new countries for the

    next 6 years.

Slide 3

    ? Arbonne is experiencing record breaking growth. In the past 6 yrs, Arbonne has grown from 25 million in 2000 to and close to 1

    Billion in 2006. It took Microsoft 8 yrs to go from 25 million to one billion.

Slide 4

    Why are we growing?

    1. Product produce results. If it didn’t work, word would not have gotten out. It does work and people recommend what works.

    2. System for success. Roughly 10 - 20 people per month earn a car bonus for a white Mercedes Benz. That’s not luck, there is a

    system and if you follow the system, it works and we teach you that system.

Slide 5

    The Arbonne Difference:

    Here is what makes Arbonne’s products so unique:

    1. Botanically Based this means we use things like herbs and botanicals to formulate our products. Every ingredient in every

    product has to be PURE, SAFE, and BENEFICIAL. That means that the ingredients have to do something to benefit your skin.

    2. pH Correct Skin care pH of 5.5 ensures maximum benefits.

    3. Hypoallergenic Arbonne products are formulated without the use of certain ingredients that are frequently known to cause

    allergic reactions, such as artificial dyes and fragrances. The term hypoallergenic does not mean NON-allergenic, there is no

    such thing, but the majority of people can use hypoallergenic products, see great benefits, and not have an allergic reaction.

    4. Dermatologist Tested This means our products have been tested for irritation under dermatologist supervision. Our products

    are put through extensive testing to ensure they are proven pure, safe and beneficial.

    5. Never tested on animals Arbonne uses a repeat insult patch test. This is where a human panel uses a product on the same site

    for an extended period of time. Arbonne will not release a product unless it scores ZERO in this study.


    6. Formulated without Animal Product or By-Products - Plants and herbs together with science and technology offer superior


    7. Formulated without Mineral Oil occlusive oil that can interfere with skin functions and also interferes with advanced delivery


    Slide 6 NOTE: If you are doing a one-on-one presentation you will not need to go into as much detail on each product of RE9 since they will have tried the products before you meet with them or they are going to be trying them after you get together. Now we’re going to talk about our favorite thing: Aging.

    ? Why do we look the way we look? Only 10% has to do with natural aging process. The other 90% of aging has to do with the

    care we give or don’t give our skin.

    ? Basically it’s how much we’re in the sun, elements (wind, environment etc) and the product we put on our face.

    ? So for those of you who want to preserve your youth, it is important to know that the products we use can make a huge


    ? The first signs of aging that people usually see are: lines around the eyes and mouth, discoloration or sun spots, loss of elasticity.

RE9 is a recommended line for ALL skin types whether you are oily, dry or combination.

    Re9 is for prevention and repairing. RE9 is self adjusting to all skin types.

    ? RE9 addresses wrinkles, fine lines and age spots by using incredible nanosphere technology: microscopic, hallow spheres

    injected with awesome ingredients they’re smart, know where to go, like those lines around eyes, dry cheeks, oily T-zone. This

    is a delivery system. This technology is being used in cancer research where chemotherapy is delivered to sick cells only w/o

    damaging healthy cells around.

    ? You can find products with herbs and botanicals, but if not delivered to skin at the deeper levels it’s not effective.

    ? RE9 contains Vitamin C, Copper, and Peptides which thickens the skin. Did you know that every 10 years skin thins 6%? The

    thinner the skin is, the more wrinkles show b/c your skin looses its ability to hold water.

BRING OUT your gold bag and take out each RE9 Product:

    Some of the features I love about this product in addition to what I just shared is that it comes in a pump, and one or ? pump is all you need. The entire system retails for $298 and lasts about 6 months. So it ends up costing about $1.50 a day to have great skin. But even better, at the end I am going to show you how to save over $100. Considering what we spend on a haircut or shopping this is a great deal, and remember it is our face and the first thing people see when they meet us.


Pull out each product. “I am going to give you a chance to try a couple of these products on the back of your hand so choose an

    ARBONNE hand or face, throat, eye area. At this point you may also ask your guest to follow along in the catalogue and explain how to usage of the products and what each step is doing for their skin.

    Wash: This we won’t use, but I want to share with you that it cleans and hydrates without stripping. It is a creamy, but foaming wash.

Toner: Let them spritz on hand. Restores acid mantle since water disturbs it (water is a 7 on pH scale). Packed with nutrients for your

    skin. Visibly tones, firms, and smoothes the skin’s surface. Toner will help minimize pores. You can spray directly on your face when

    you use this at home, or you can spray on a cotton pad and apply that way!

Serum: Pass around and have them use a VERY small amount on hand. Serum gives wonderful long term effects. Diminishes lines,

    wrinkles, and acne scars. The alpha hydroxy acids break down the glue that holds the dead skin cells to the skin. When you next wash, the dead skin cells come away leaving your face with that translucent glow. Also contains anti-oxidants think of an apple that falls from a tree, pretty soon it will wrinkle and rot. We are no different. But if you take that apple to cold storage and protect it, it can last for 6 months. WE CAN SLOW DOWN THE AGING PROCESS.

    Day OR Night Crème - (Give choice of which to try) Night Crème makes a GREAT throat crème. Day crème hydrates nourishes and protects. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and has an SPF of 8. Night crème strengthens, firms, and encourages cell recovery while you sleep. Day Crème = Protects and Night Crème = Corrects.

Eye Crème - Have them apply to one eye. Demonstrate how to apply with ring finger. Moisturizes, Kojic Acid reduces appearance of

    dark circles and anti-inflammatory reduces puffiness. Protects and repairs delicate tissue around eyes. This area needs to be treated differently then the rest of our face.

    RE9 Lift - There is one of the RE9 products that has obvious and immediate results. We call it “facelift in a bottle”. (Demonstrate how to put this on my patting your face and neck).

    This product promotes collagen and elastin. You will gently pat this on your face and neck AFTER toning. ALWAYS apply serum and lift to a DRY face. You will gently feel it tighten giving you immediate results with long term benefits.

    All of the products in THIS set are designed to work together for maximum results. Just think would you bake a cake and leave out the eggs?


HOLD UP THE RE9 Body System and Pass Around. Have them use on other arm. This is a “treatment set” just for your body.

    Great for stretch marks, bumpy skin, dryness, and sun damaged skin, etc . . . It’s an $92 value that our host can earn with just 2

    bookings here tonight.

    Show Before and After Pictures of FEET.

We have RE9 for men too! Simple system BUT effectively addresses men’s needs.

    We also have Resist that support beauty from the inside out and have essential fatty acids which help with metabolism and heart health. This product needs to be a part of everyone’s regime.

Slide 7

    Arbonne Intelligence is a GREAT line with fewer bells and whistles if you are on a budget, or are not ready for anti-aging. The Thermal Fusion (step 2) can be combined with the RE9 system and helps create amazing results with that regime.

Slide 8

    Hybrids for the ENTIRE family:

    ? How many of you grow your own vegetables and fruit and only eat that all day? If you do, then you don’t need Hybrids.

    ? Unique: ORAC score (oxygen radical absorption capacity) scale measures antioxidant activity in product the higher the

    better. 4,000 is great. Arbonne doesn’t stop at great – our Hybrid ORAC score is 8,000!

Slide 9

    Weight loss may not need it however; all of us need more fiber.

    ? For example: Women should get 30 grams of Fiber each day guess how much the average American Woman gets? 5-7 grams.

Slide 11

    (Read) pass around before and after pictures…

    Before and after pictures can be downloaded from internet section. (You can also have the Before and After

    brochure laminated and pass that around)

    Notice these feet? The RE9 Body System was used to create these results. Amazing isn’t it?


Slide 12

    Here’s a question I’ve never had anyone say “no” to:

    ? Would additional income make a difference in your life? I’ve never heard anyone say “Naaa, I’m good.” “I’d rather not make

    anymore money, it’s too stressful.”

    ? The Arbonne Opportunity may or may not be a fit for you, but I’m going to go through a few things because you might know

    someone who this would be a fit for.

    Slide 13 NOTE: This is an important step. Most people don’t talk about their financial state to strangers. By covering these bullets you are letting them know that there is hope for whatever they may be going through.

    ? Job security: Chances are you know someone that’s been laid off.

    ? Debt free: Maybe you are. But in this country credit card debt at all time high. Take a minute to imagine being completely debt

    free. What would that feel like?

    ? Financial Security: Maybe you have a great life and have a lot of stuff. Having stuff is different than financial freedom.

    Imagine never having to “worry” about money.

    ? You can have a lot and still live pay check to paycheck. If you need your next paycheck to pay your bills, you’re not financially

    free no matter how much you make.

    ? Make choices: you may want to be able to put your kids in school of choice, help a family member or increase your ability to

    save money. Did you know that $200 a month would make a huge difference in most households. It is a fact in the U.S. that

    most people are not able to put money in a savings on a consistent basis.

    ? Time w/ family. Imagine being able to spend all the time you want with the people you love.

Slide 15

    Consumable products 7 product lines:

    ? Last year these made up $140 billion industry. Paul Zane Pilzer (trend forecaster, who predicted the boom) says next 8

    years will be $3 trillion industry.

    ? Think of that: $140 billion to $3 trillion in 8 years.

    ? Whether you get involved with Arbonne or not, it’s totally okay. But, I promise you this, you will have friends, coworkers, and

    family members that will become involved in Arbonne whether you introduce them or someone else does. They’re going to

    hear about Arbonne, so they might as well hear about it from you.

Slide 16


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