One night a litter of kittens was born in a loft high in an old barn

By Ernest King,2014-08-17 15:18
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One night a litter of kittens was born in a loft high in an old barn

    One night a litter of kittens was born in a loft high in an old barn. The moon shone, and the hay turned silver in the moonlight. It was a great place to grow up.

    Soon the kittens started getting older and exploring the loft. The kittens’ mother moved them when one kitten, Stella, started

    exploring a little too much around the loft. She moved them to an abandoned house where it was warm and safe.

    Suddenly, when they thought all was well, a strange man emerged through the front door. The kittens froze. Their mother was sleeping.

    The strange man pulled a sack out of one of the many pockets of his oversized coat. Suddenly, he swiped at the kittens and caught them in his sack. He tied a knot in the bag and walked out the door.

    Stella, who had scampered out of sight, emerged slowly. ‘Mama,’ cried Stella. ‘Summer, Timmy, Sammy.’ She curled up in a corner and tried to sleep.

    The morning sun shone through the cracks in the roof. Stella yawned and said, ‘Mama.’ Then she remembered the following


    She wandered outside and into the big woods. She had been walking for over an hour when, in the distance, she saw a small creature drinking out of the creek up ahead.

    ‘Mama,’ she cried and ran towards the figure. A few paces from

    the figure she realised it wasn’t her mother but a very hungry

    and angry wolf.

    Suddenly, Stella stood on a dry twig. ‘CRACK!’ The wolf spun around facing the young kitten. He stared at her for a second. She turned around and sprinted towards a nearby tree and climbed up as fast as she could. As soon as she reached the top the wolf started howling…

    Meanwhile, in the very centre of the woods, the strange man was laughing with his wife. ‘Bertha darling,’ he drawled in a strong American accent. ‘Look what I here got!’

    ‘What is it Willy?’ drawled Bertha in an equally strong accent.

    Willy opened up the sack and pulled out Summer and Sammy. ‘They’re gorgeous,’ squealed Bertha.

     ‘$500 a kitten and $700 the mom,’ said Willy.

    ‘We’ll be swimming in notes!!’ Bertha yelled.

    Back at the tree where Stella, the kitten, clung, the wolf howled and howled. Stella looked around. She saw six big, black wolves, all growling and looking up at her with big, yellow eyes. Suddenly one of the wolves sprung up and started climbing up the tree towards the little kitten.

    Just as it reached the place where Stella was, it slipped and fell back down again. Stella started breathing again. ‘ARRR! – GRRRR!!!’ A big black and brown German Shepard,

    ‘Rusty,’ ran at the wolves and began to growl. The wolves backed away looking scared then ran off. Rusty looked up at Stella.

    ‘C’mon, Stel.’

    ‘Rusty!’ Stella cried. ‘Where’d you come from?’

    ‘I’ve escaped from my human pets, or pests as I call them now!’

    Rusty replied. ‘You can’t trust humans; some you can, some you

    can’t,’ he continued. ‘Willy and Bertha are top of the can’t list though!’ He sighed. ‘Ber......’

    ‘Rusty, does Willy have an oversize coat and lots of pockets?’

    ‘Yeah,’ said Rusty.

    ‘Hey, it was him, it was him! He stole Summer, Timmy, Sammy and Mama!’

    ‘Wha – oh yeah. The reason I escaped was because I heard Willy planning to Bertha about stealing the Miller’s cat so I knew that I had to escape to save Tabby and you kittens!’ barked Rusty.

    ‘Great!’ purred Stella. ‘Lead the way.’

    So Rusty the German Shepard led the little Stella towards the very centre of the forest.

    ‘Hush up, kitty!’ Willy nearly shouted. He stuffed a handful of biscuits inside the sack then took out all three kittens and poured

    three saucers of milk. The kittens drank as fast as they could and then stopped and ran to their mother and hid from the couple. ‘Got to feed ya up,’ said Willy with an evil look in his eye.

    Stella and Rusty reached the shack in which Willy and Bertha lived. Rusty and Stella heard loud shouts and meows. ‘I’ll make a distraction while you go get your Mom, okay?’

    Rusty asked.

    ‘Okay!’ Stella said.

    ‘On the count of three. 1 2 3!!’

    Rusty started howling like a wolf while Stella scampered towards the house. Suddenly, the house was surrounded by wolves.

Willy looked out the window. ‘What the .....?’

     He and Bertha ran outside.

    ‘Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!’ screamed Bertha.

    Stella jumped through the open window and called, ‘Mama!’

    ‘Stella, is that you?’ Tabby said.

    ‘Yes Mama, we’ve got to go now. C’mon.’

    So all four of the cats jumped through the open window and ran through the forest and were soon caught up to by Rusty. ‘Thank you Rusty, for looking after Stella,’ said Tabby.

    ‘Sure, anytime!!’ replied Rusty.

    They reached the old house and settled down to go to sleep. They heard from Rusty that the wolves had attacked Willy and Bertha.

Life was back as it always was. Perfect!

By Morgan O’Brien

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