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    Ever since humanbeings come into being, we had never stopped the action to put our feet on each inch of land we can find. We fight against nature, at first, for survival

    So brightly future just depends on a harmonious relationship with nature

    Dating back to when human beings were created, we have been fighting with nature through thick and thin.

     But there are still many things that we can’t triumph over now. For instance, we still suffer from the nature disaster, such as flood, hurricane, tsunami and the rest. Diseases, the lack of water, global warming always make us bogged down. We are

    faced with more and more problems.

     On the other hand, science and technology are the tools to fight with nature. With the development of science, I do believe that we can triumph over nature someday. Of course it will take us a long time to do it. So it’s only the time that matters.

     Triumphing over nature doesn’t mean controlling the nature.

    Finding out the principles of the nature and making full use of

them are also ways to conquer nature. In my opinion, when we

    are living in harmony with nature, we have triumphed over

    nature. The nature and we human beings can be winners at he

    same time.

Can man triumph over nature?” Well, different people may have

    different opinions towards this question.

    Some people hold the view that our human beings can conquer nature. As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will,

    there is a way.” Throughout the history, we have seen many

    cases in which this saying has again and again proved to be true.

    Climbing the Everest which is the highest mountain in the world, traveling to the Antarctica, or having a trip on the moon

    which will make the pioneers shudder at the thought is no longer

    a dream. The Great Wall and the Pyramids also indicate the

    huge power of humans.

    Meanwhile, however, there are some people who believe in the opposite.

    Although, the technology and science have been developing rapidly, there is still something in the world beyond our ability.

    SARS, bird flu, AIDS, and some other kinds of diseases are

    threatening our lives. Scientists are trying their best, but, so far,

men have been unable to find an efficient way to cure

    them.Everytime an issue being solved leads to another.

    It’s just difficult to say whether man can overcome nature,

    but that’s not the problem. What really matters is our attitude

    towards nature.

    Always remember: nature is our friend, not enemy

Well, talking about different culture doesn't want to say which

    culture is good, and the rests are bad, wherever among domestic

    regions, or at the global level, just a kind of easy way for all of us to understand that the people around us sometimes don't want

    to hurt us, it is just a culture stuff.

Every one has his own opinion and life value. Don't judge other

    poeple only as per yours. Easy to know respect others, get the

    respect back, but,difficult to do respect others, as follows, get the hostility back instead.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed2009-03-08 20:18We all

    know a story similar to this: Two Men and a Bear. In the forest, when a bear attacked them, the thinner man quickly climbed up

    to the top of a tree and forgot his promise to the fatter guy, who could not climb the tree, about helping each other when in danger. Luckily, the fatter man saved himself. The fatter mat was very disappointed, and when they got together again, he said to the thinner man, "You are not my real friend. Only a friend in need is a friend indeed". This is a very familiar story. It illustrates to us what a friend should be like. It is, however, just a story.

    I would like to tell you something about myself, my true feelings. When I was in Senior One, I had great difficulty in learning science subjects. I was unable to understand the teacher and 1 could not do the exercises or the homework. I believed that I was stupid and could not learn anything. The sky was gray and the grass was yellow those days. Everything was a mess in my brain. My classmate, a good student, whom I only considered as one of the classmates before, came to me with a smile. She told me that if I needed help, she would like to help me. As she was also very busy with her studies, I asked myself, "Could she help me? "Several days later, I knew the answer. Yes, she could. She did as much as she could. She made time every day to help me solve the problems and showed me many good ways to study science. Her

    patience and earnest nature touched me deeply. I worked very hard and my progress was reflected in my examination result. I appreciated her help very much and wanted to thank her. When I looked at her, once again she smiled at me with an encouraging and congratulatory look. At that moment I understood that a true friend should be like this.

    Nowadays, it seems that there are many ways of expressing friendship. Our lives are generally better. People now have more time to consider and be more concerned about their lives. Money, which is considered by many to be of prime importance, makes it difficult to find true friendship. Is friendship only greeting each other on meeting? Is friendship only drinking and eating together? Is friendship only lending money to each other? No, a friend should be a person you trust and understand. A friend should be a person who tastes happiness and bitterness with you. A friend should be a person who can give you confidence and encouragement.

    Though everything has changed, and friendship has scores of definitions, I still believe, and I will believe forever that "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed".

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