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By Bonnie Reynolds,2014-05-17 18:50
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Disaster Management Training Centre (DMTC), University College of Lands and Architectural Studies (UCLAS) (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)


    ? Build sustainable capacity to provide at Periperi U least 2-4 short courses annually in

     disaster risk management, vulnerability

     reduction, food/livelihood security or

     subjects relevant to risk and vulnerability What is Periperi U? reduction.

    Periperi U is a platform for university ? Develop either undergraduate and/or partnership to reduce disaster risks in Africa. graduate programmes related to It stands for ‘Partners Enhancing Resilience reducing or managing the risk and to People Exposed to Risks with a special vulnerabilities of the country concerned. focus on advancing university action on risk 1and vulnerability reduction in Africa. ? Generate applied research outputs

     related to risks and vulnerabilities that Periperi U is a multi-disciplinary and increase local understanding and transboundary approach that allows improve the risk management. partners from different countries and organisations to work together to reduce ? Increase vulnerability reduction and risks. disaster risk management policy advocacy. What does Periperi U aim to achieve? ? Increase confidence in Africa-based It aims at building sustainable ‘multi-tasking’ institutions to generate robust disaster capabilities in disaster risk and vulnerability risk and vulnerability-related research. reduction capacity building in a maximum of 8 selected institutions of higher learning in Which universities are involved in 2006? Africa from 2006-2011, consistent with global disaster reduction priorities reflected The eventual geographic coverage of the in the Hyogo Framework of Action. programme will include West and Northern Africa as well as further extension in East Specifically, it seeks to build on local Africa. However, Periperi U will begin with energies and commitments already focused areas of work centred on the generated from within Africa by supporting Western Cape, Gauteng and Limpopo the progressive development of university-Provinces of South Africa, Dar es Salaam in based risk reduction units and programmes. Tanzania and Bahir Dar in Ethiopia. The specific institutions that will be part of In each university, the programme will: the programme in the first year are the disaster risk and vulnerability reduction ? Develop active teaching and training, teaching units/centres of: research and policy advocacy capacity in Africa on disaster risk and ? Bahir Dar University (Bahir Dar, vulnerability reduction . Ethiopia) ? Disaster Management Training Centre (DMTC), University College of

    Lands and Architectural Studies 1(UCLAS) (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) Periperi is also an African spice, and the name

    has been used effectively as an umbrella for a number of risk reducing initiatives in Africa as well as highly sought after publications on

    Livelihoods and Urban Vulnerability

     ? Built Environment Research

    The Disaster Mitigation for Sustainable Laboratory (LBE),

    Livelihoods Programme (DiMP) at the University of Bab Ezzouar, Algiers,

    University of Cape Town but each Algeria

    institution will be responsible for

    its own programme and courses. ? Re Vulnerability, Adaptation and

     Mitigation Planning (reVAMP),

    For information on Periperi U: University of the Witwatersrand

    Contact: (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Ailsa Holloway or Leigh Sonn ? Disaster Mitigation for Sustainable

     Livelihoods Programme, DiMP,

    Disaster Mitigation for Sustainable University of Cape Town (Cape Town,

    Livelihoods Programme, South Africa)

    University of Cape Town, South Africa The choice of only five initial institutions is based on a practical appreciation of the

     demands in adding high quality teaching

    Tel 27 21 650 4743/2987 and learning products/services to existing

    Fax 27 21 689 1217 African institutions even those highly

     motivated for change. It reflects an

    Coleen Vogel understanding of the challenges in

    ReVAMP ‘mainstreaming’ new elements of risk

    University of the Witwatersrand, reduction into the institutions involved.

    Johannesburg, South Africa The project has started with partners with a

     range of complementary disaster risk

    Tel 27 11 717 6510 reduction capabilities, but whose core

     efforts all rest on demonstrable

    Mlenge Fanuel competencies in the applied risk sciences

    Disaster Management Training Centre (ie environmental science, climate risk and

    University College of Lands and adaptation, livelihood and food security,

    Architectural Studies, human vulnerability studies, and agriculture).

    Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania This selection allows for ‘value added’ to

     flow easily between programmes, for

    Tel 255 74 437 2902 focused teaching support to be shared between the institutions on similar courses, for training materials to be more easily adapted and integrated into teaching programmes and for students/teaching staff to exchange relatively easily.

    Will Periperi U work closely with other


     Periperi U is aims to build closer links Periperi U is made possible with the support of between the academic and practice the American people communities, and strengthen the robustness of teaching programmes through

    their links to risk reduction practice.

    Where can I find out more?

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