Position Profiles - Financial Dec 01

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Position Profiles - Financial Dec 01

     The Positions Audit Manager (Financial)

    Audit Manager (Financial) Position Profiles - Financial Dec 01Audit Manager (Financial)

    ACT Auditor-Generals Office Band 2 ACT Auditor-Generals Office Band 2 Precis

    Responsible for a range of functions including planning, managing, conducting and

    reporting financial audits of ACT public sector entities, client relationship

    management and the provision of professional and technical advice on a range of

    audit issues.

    Reports to: Director, Financial Audits

    Important Functions

    ? Lead and manage a team responsible for undertaking financial audits of large,

    complex, high risk and strategically important auditees within approved

    budgets, timetables and in conformance with Australian Auditing Standards

    and Principles.

    ? Exercise quality control and a high level of professional and technical


    ? Create and maintain a constructive ongoing relationship with auditees.

    ? Represent and promote the ACT Auditor-General’s Office within the ACT

    Government and to other external bodies.

    ? Review performance and provide professional guidance and performance

    appraisal and feedback to subordinate staff.

    ? Assist the Director Financial Audit and the Auditor-General in the

    management of the ACT Auditor-General’s Office as required. ? Apply Workplace Diversity, OH&S and participative work practices and

    principles to the work practices of the ACT Auditor-General’s Office and the

    management of staff and/or auditees.

    Scope of Responsibility

    The Audit Manager is a key operative in the ACT Auditor-General’s Office and is a member of the Management Committee. The Audit Manager has a high level of

    autonomy and is expected to deliver business outcomes that well meet the objectives

    of the ACT Auditor-General’s Office.

    The Audit Manager will typically work under the broad guidance and supervision of

    the Auditor-General and the Director, Financial Audit and may have direct or indirect

    responsibility for around 4 to 5 staff.

    The Audit Manager’s role is a professional one, predominantly concerned with the

    successful completion of audits (including planning, managing, conducting and

     The Positions Audit Manager (Financial)

    reporting audits), the professional performance of audit staff and maintaining a constructive relationship with auditees. The occupant is required to provide authoritative professional advice and direction concerning accounting and audit standards and concepts, methodologies and techniques. The Audit Manager will have a detailed knowledge of financial statements and related audit risk-based methodologies and practices, including IT audit principles.

    In managing and conducting financial statement audits, the Audit Manager will be required to apply advanced accounting skills and knowledge of accounting standards and concepts, and generally accepted accounting principles and practices. The Audit Manager will lead discussions with auditees on audit planning and performance and on the findings from audits.

    The Audit Manager may be allocated responsibility for specific corporate management functions such as interpretation and application of accounting standards and concepts, development of audit practices and methodology, staff development, office computer systems, etc.

    Special Relationships

    The Audit Manager will develop and maintain constructive professional relationships with Audit Committees and senior agency management; other stakeholders including Committees of the Legislative Assembly and relevant professional bodies. Relevant Experience

    The Audit Manager’s professional background should demonstrate superior accounting and auditing technical skills and knowledge. The Audit Manager should also have a strong record in project management and a demonstrated capacity to lead and manage financial statement audits.

    The Audit Manager should also have developed an awareness, understanding and commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity, Industrial Democracy and

    Occupational Health and Safety principles, practices and issues as these matters apply to the public sector.


    Accounting or other relevant tertiary qualifications are essential, as is membership of an appropriate professional body.


    The position is classified at the ACT Auditor-General’s Office Band 2 level. New

    staff will be offered a package in the range of $75,000 - $81,000 including a generous

    superannuation contribution and other conditions of service.

    Note: The conditions of employment of staff members are those contained in the ACT Public Sector Management Act 1994 and related Public Sector Management

    Standards, except as provided in ACT Auditor-General’s Agreement 2004-2006.

    Selection Criteria Selection Criteria

    Audit Manager (Financial) Audit Manager (Financial)

    ACT Auditor-Generals Office Band 2 ACT Auditor-Generals Office Band 2 A. Abilities, Experience and Standard of Work Performance 1. Demonstrated high level analytical, research and investigatory skills. 2. Sound knowledge of/experience in financial audit methods (including audit

    software) and practices and accounting and auditing standards and concepts. 3. Well developed written and oral communication skills, including

    demonstrated capacity to prepare clear, concise reports on complex issues,

    and the ability to represent the ACT Auditor-General’s Office in negotiations

    on sensitive and contentious issues.

    4. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain strong internal and external

    working relationships to support the vision and goals of the ACT Auditor-

    General’s Office.

    5. Good appreciation of contemporary management concepts and techniques. 6. Initiative and ability to acquire quickly a sound knowledge of unfamiliar

    subject matter.

    B. Personal Qualities

    Integrity, tact, professionalism, self-reliance, diligence, ability to work under

    pressure, demonstrated ability to deliver products on time and within budget. C. Qualifications and Training

    Accounting or other relevant tertiary qualifications are essential. Membership of an appropriate professional body is essential.

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