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By Clara Phillips,2014-07-16 10:06
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iPhone 3G Accessories By iLuv

    iLuv Debuts Line of iPhone 3GS Accessories

    iLuv Releases iPhone 3GS Cases, Windshield Mount Kits and

    Power Combo Packs

    PORT WASHINGTON, NY (June 9, 2009) - iLuv, the leader in innovative audio solutions, announces today the immediate availability of new iPhone 3GS accessories

    ranging from cases and windshield mount kits to power combo packs. The newest

    accessories include the iCC77 Flexi Clear Thermoplastic Polyurethane Case which

    provides flexibility and durability like no other and the iCC781 Windshield Mount Kit with Power Combo Pack. These iPhone 3GS accessories range from $14.99 to $34.99

    MSRP. All products are available at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The iLuv iCC77 Flex-Clear Case features graphics and new material, Thermoplastic

    Polyurethane (TPU), which is very light, flexible and tear-and-damage resistant. This

    superior case will be available starting in mid-June in four colors: pink, blue, clear and black for the MSRP of $24.99 at ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The iLuv iCC781 Windsheild Mount Kit with Power Combo Pack is designed to

    make using the iPhone 3GS in the car easy. With the new iPhone OS 3.0, the new iPhone

    3GS will be capable of turn-by-turn GPS function making a windshield mount kit an

    ideal accessory. The kit will also feature a car charger for powering your iPhone while on

the go. The iCC781 kit will be available in July for the MSRP of $34.99 at www.i-


    “iLuv is very proud to be one of the first to market with cases and a car mounting kit made for the new iPhone 3GS. Our new line of accessories offers a variety of options for

    the iPhone 3GS power user to maximize its features and keep their investment protected

    from day to day wear and tear” says Howard Kim, the Marketing Manager for iLuv.

Other iPhone 3GS accessories currently available include:


    iCC705: Graphic Silcone Case for your iPhone 3GS The iCC705 Graphic Silicone case adds color, style and protection to your iPhone.

Available in July at for MSRP $24.99


    iCC79: Hard Case with Stand for your iPhone 3GS The iCC79 Hard Case with stand offers tough protection and a stand design for your


Available at for MSRP $29.99


    iCC74: Clear Crystal Hard Case for your iPhone 3GS The iCC74 Clear Crystal Hard Case is a perfect fit for your iPhone 3GS

    and provides maximum protection.

Available at for MSRP $24.99


iCC75: Holster with Stand and Cover for iPhone 3GS

    The iCC75 Holster with stand and cover is a perfect fit for your iPhone 3GS

    and provides maximum protection while helping your iPhone 3GS to stand.

    Available at for MSRP $34.99


iCC76: Holster with Stand for iPhone 3GS

    The iCC76 Holster with stand provides protection while allowing your iPhone

    3GS to stand.

    Available at for MSRP $34.99


    iCC212: Armband for iPhone 3GS The iCC212 Armband is perfect for an athlete, providing your iPhone 3GS

    protection while you run or workout.

    Available at for MSRP $34.99


About iLuv:

    iLuv is a brand of jWIN Electronics Corp. dedicated to developing IT peripheral products,

    unique audio video products and accessories for portable media players and other

    personal entertainment devices. The iLuv i1166, iMM9500, iMM189, iSP200 and i303

    were recognized as CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Award Honorees

    including the “Best of Innovations 2009” for i1166 in the Portable Multimedia

Accessories Product category. This follows iLuv previously winning two CES

    Innovations awards in 2007 and three in 2008. For more information on iLuv, please visit

For more information on product specifications as well as pricing and availability please


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