movie review of Hero

By Christopher Thomas,2014-01-06 13:49
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movie review of Hero

    Movie Review

    The title of the movie is Hero, but the protagonist, who is played by Dustin

    Hoffman, actually is a lifelong loser. He is a selfish nasty guy who cares about nobody but himself. I cant imagine him as a hero. How could be a hero like that?

    However, along with the development of drama, I truly admit him as a real hero. This movie totally changes my definition of hero, just like John Bubber (Andy Garcia) says: Were all heroes if you catch us at the right moment. Thats true when a

    certain situation calls for that aspect of us to save others or be of great help to others.

    Bernie Laplante (Dustin Hoffman) plays as a small-time crook who has been thrown out by his wife and looked down upon by his son. However, one rainy night, when he drives to pick up his son, a plane crashes right in front of him on the bridge with no one around. He has no choice but push the planes emergency door open.

    Then he saves all the 54 lives on the plane but disappears after. It may become a mystery, but there has a TV newswoman played by Geena Davis on it who is eagering to find out the hero(as she shouts through an ambulance door, This is my story! I did

    the research!). Later, the TV station offers 1 million dollar reward for the identity of The Angel of Flight 104. And an imposter, a homeless drifter (Andy Garcia) who

    hearse the whole thing from Bernie, personates the hero. Here, the movie becomes complicated.

    Gale Gayley (Geena Davis) is a news reporter working for Channel 4. After they report this news, it soon spreads out everywhere. Then they affirms John is The

    Angel of Flight 104 and he becomes famous immediately and admired by everyone.

    The Channel 4 also digs out his past experiences to improve his fame and arranges him to do a series of charity events, even asks him to shoot a documentary to restore his feat in the accident. They think its their right to ask him to do anything they

    ordered, for they have paid him one million dollar reward. The purpose is to increase their audience rating competing with other TV stations. The audience is also deeply touched by the reporting without thinking whether he is the real hero. They never doubt its authenticity, because Channel 4 is an authoritative state station. Furthermore, the audience is tired about all the violent events reported day after day on TV. They want to see good news to really inspire them, give them hope in life. So, take all these into account, the media plays an important role in it.

    In the end, Gale finds who is the hero to rescue her from the plane, but she doesnt reveal it to the public. Bernie and John make a deal, the former keeps the money while the latter keeps the fame. Its a win-win way.

    At last, I want to mention that just like Bernie says: Do not believe anything

    you see on television. Judge it on your own opinion.

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