PLEASE NOTE Product is not intended to cure, prevent or diagnose

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PLEASE NOTE Product is not intended to cure, prevent or diagnose


     PLEASE NOTE: Product is not intended to cure, prevent or

    diagnose any illness or disease

Extracts from HEALTH NEWS

    Volume 15 Number 1 Featuring Information on Stem Cell Nutrition HEALTH NEWS International Inc


Henry Wolmarans, Ph.D. is the founder of Henry Wolmarans Ministries, Inc. in San Diego, California and the CEO of Stem Cell

    Hope, LLC. He is the author of five books, including "Rights to Riches" and is currently working on two new books: "Yes You

    Can... Achieve your Dreams" and the true story of his wife Jackie's amazing recovery from a severely debilitating stroke "Will I

    Live or Die."

    Eight years ago, Jackie, my wife of twenty-nine years, and I went on a cruise where 500 passengers got sick from a flu

    epidemic. Unfortunately, Jackie was one of the flu sufferers. During this illness, Jackie simultaneously coughed and sneezed

    and the resulting whiplash tore the carotid artery in her neck. The consequent blood clot that formed in the artery caused a

    massive stroke that destroyed 85 percent of the left hemisphere of Jackie's brain.

    This left my 49 year-old wife paralyzed on her right side, 95 percent blind, and totally mute. Modern medicine did not hold out

    much hope for her recovery - in fact, the doctors predicted her death.

    Five months after Jackie was released from the hospital, the insurance company refused to pay for further therapy, saying that

    Jackie's recovery had reached a plateau and there was no expectation that she would improve.

    We have pursued every alternative treatment known over the past eight years to assist Jackie in her recovery.

    About 18 months ago, I discovered that the Nan Shan hospital in China had just started administering umbilical cord stem cells

    to Westerners. I took Jackie to Shan Zeng, China for sixty days. She had seven spinal cord injections and five IVs of stem cells

    totaling 150 million stem cells. Jackie's results have been nothing short of miraculous! Her right foot began to move on

    command up to three inches at a time after being totally paralyzed for seven years. The droop on the right side of her face all

    but disappeared. Her weak right arm gained strength and better control, her speech improved, and she had a general sense of

    well-being flood her entire body.

    Once we returned from China, we were ecstatic to discover stem cell nutrition, an easy to swallow capsule that releases up to

    30 percent more of your own adult stem cells from your bone marrow. Jackie has used this oral stem cell product to

    supplement the stem cell injections she received.

    Within three days of taking the capsules, Jackie again had the sense of general well-being flood her body just as she did after

    the injections. We have decided that Jackie will not have further injections, because in many ways this natural product is

    accomplishing the same thing on a daily basis at a fraction of the cost.

    The anti-aging properties of stem cells can also improve the health and lives of people who do not have serious illnesses.

    I used the research skills I gained from my Ph.D. to learn how stem cell therapy replaces diseased or dysfunctional cells with

    healthy, functioning ones. This is now effective for the treatment of Leukemia, neurological diseases such as Lou Gehrig's

    disease and Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, and diabetes just to name a few.

    The goal of stem cell therapy is to have healthy new cells integrate into the body and begin to function like the patient's own

    stem cells. Stem cells also have the advantage of not being rejected by the immune system, unlike organ or tissue transplants.

    Stem cells are attracted to areas of injury and disease by a signal that they identify, where they then divide and multiply to

    become the specialized cells that are needed for that particular area of tissue. In my wife's case, the stem cells have become

    the new neurons in her brain which then began to pass on the electric impulses along her nerve paths.

    Embryonic stem cells are found in the embryo and have the potential of becoming any cell in the body. This ability is called

    pluripotency. After the eighth week, the embryo becomes a fetus until birth when the stem cells are referred to as adult stem


    Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of readily available adult stem cells which are harvested after a baby is born. This

    harvesting procedure does not affect either the mother or the baby, since it is done after birth when the umbilical cord has been

    clamped and cut. Adult stem cells are found in small numbers in twelve different locations in our body (brain, blood, cornea,

    retina, heart, fat, skin, dental pulp, bone marrow blood vessels, skeletal muscle, and intestines.) The primary role of adult stem

    cells in the body is to maintain and repair the tissues in which they are found.

    Personally, as a Christian, I don't see a moral dilemma in using umbilical cord stem cells for experimentation and medical

    treatment. I am excited at the healthy future that stem cell nutrition can bring to everyone.


    David Darbro, M.D. spent the first fifteen years of his career as a specialist in family medicine. The following twenty-five years

    he devoted to practicing what he calls wellness medicine - that emerging paradigm focused on finding and treating the causes

    of health problems, not just treating symptoms.


Research shows that stem cells do more than make blood cells. These master cells can actually replace any damaged, sick, or

    worn out cells in the body. This process means that the source of good health is within us.

    The truth of this hit home when I suffered a stroke which affected my left middle cerebral artery, changing my life dramatically. The speech center of my brain was damaged, causing my speech to sound like gibberish. 1 couldn't process or understand

    what others said to me, and I experienced a delay in responding.

    The entire right side of my body was affected. I also suffered from atrial fibrillation. Due to the weakness in my right side, my affected speech, and my sub par mental abilities, I could no longer practice medicine, so I was forced to retire. This led to spells of depression, coupled with anxiety attacks. I refused to take antidepressants because of the side effects. I tried various

    treatments, but nothing worked. I felt helpless and miserable.

    From this personal disaster, I have learned many important lessons of life. Hopefully, it helped make me a more compassionate

    and wiser doctor. Because of my own calamity, I can help others with a new understanding.

    During my stay in the hospital, I pondered how I might reverse the effects of the stroke. At the time, I understood little about stem cells and their mobilization.

    One day, a dear friend and fellow medical doctor called me. He is a legend in wellness medicine, and has my immense respect.

    He reviewed with me that the stem cells in our bone marrow were essential to the body's ability to renew itself and constituted a treasure trove of health. He explained how it was possible to release them into our blood stream and bring about restoration of the tissues.

    I decided to research the science behind it and find out whether I could improve my condition. I learned that stem cells are very advanced, "smart cells", containing all the information necessary to make a new person.

    For example, an injured muscle might cry out for help, so stem cells would travel to the damaged site, identify and communicate with the cells involved. Each would turn itself into a new healthy muscle cell to replace the old damaged one.

    Here's the model I use to explain this complex process: a bio-chemical called Stromal Derived Factor (SDF-1) attracts

    circulating stem cells to the damaged area where they then convert into whatever type of cells you need. Imagine the SDF-l

    being a biochemical call for help, or you could say SDF-l is a 911 call put out by stressed or injured tissue cells. Stem cells, picking up the scent like bloodhounds, race to the rescue.

    Once stem cells arrive at the site, communication occurs between the injured cells and the stem cells to determine which type of cell should be replaced. Whether it is heart, brain, or thyroid tissue - whatever type it is - the new cells replace the old. Stem cells divide and increase in number.

    The mother cell creates a daughter cell, and one of them remains attached to the bone marrow, so you never use them all.

    The healthy bone marrow of a human being contains an estimated one hundred fifty million stem cells. The trick is to put a

    portion of those cells to work. Unfortunately, as we age, the marrow starts losing its ability to respond as well as it should, so we don't always have an adequate amount of stem cells in circulation.

    The result is deteriorating health as our worn out tissues fail to renew themselves. How then, can we boost the activity of our stem cells and promote healing? I discovered a source of stem cell nutrition derived from a plant called Aphanizomenon flos-

    aquae (AFA). This blue green fresh water vegetable has remarkable secrets hidden inside, designed and placed there by the

    Creator for our benefit. Selectin ligans in the AF A are proteins that instruct the bone marrow to release stem cells when


    This plant also has molecules of polysaccharides which increase the ability of our stem cells to detect even faint SDF-l cries tor help being released by damaged tissues tucked away in remote corners of our bodies. Thus, these plants contribute to our stem

    cell nutrition facilitating their release from the bone marrow to enter the blood stream and then facilitate their passage from the circulation into the tissues.

    Two grams of stem cell nutrition cause the release of about four million stem cells into the blood stream. I began taking two

    capsules of stem cell nutrition every four hours, and within a day, I began to climb out of the pit of despair.

    Soon, I felt like my old self again. Tests showed a lessening of my depression and an appreciable improvement in my short term

    memory. Eventually, the stem cell nutrition helped me regain normal speech, except for an occasional slurred word.

    My mind became clear and my anxiety and depression disappeared. Even my atrial fibrillation came under control. The nearly

    complete healing after my stroke seems miraculous.

    I credit stem cell nutrition for the heaven sent return of my abilities, my speech, and my memory function.


    Jim Taylor, M.D. graduated from Indiana University Medical School in 1967. He interned at South Bend, Indiana for a year, then

    served two years in the Army as a flight surgeon. Since 1971, he has practiced family medicine and is a member of the

    American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

    I have practiced traditional medicine for twenty-eight years and got involved in alternative medicine seven years ago. I wanted to do more than treat symptoms. In an attempt to prevent disease and improve patients' conditions that medicine cannot help, I

    turned to natural products.

    A friend and fellow doctor had a stroke two years ago resulting in a severe speech impediment. He called me recently and, to

    my surprise, he now spoke clearly on the phone. He said stem cell nutrition healed his condition. He believed it could help

    others with chronic diseases.


I decided to try stem cell nutrition myself. For about twenty years, I have suffered severe restrictive motion with constant

    cracking and popping in my neck. I could not turn my head more than thirty degrees to either side. I also had severe arthritis in my fingers and diabetes.

    Within ten days of taking stem cell nutrition, I had full range of motion in my neck. My fingers move freely now, and I have been able to stop taking diabetic medicine because my blood sugar levels have stabilized. Many scars have all but disappeared. I am

    very impressed with stem cell nutrition.

    One of my patients had a severe neurological disorder. Her muscles were very weak, plus her hands and feet felt numb and

    tingling. She was unable to work and could not drive. Within ten days of beginning stem cell nutrition, she was symptom free

    and fully functional again.

    Another patient sustained a brain injury during a motorcycle accident. She suffered double vision, could not speak well, and

    could not walk unassisted. Within two months of beginning stem cell nutrition, all of her symptoms disappeared.

    I treated a woman with a persistent leg ulcer. She was also blind in one eye and had lost eighty percent of her vision in the other eye. Her leg began to heal after she started taking stem cell nutrition, and her vision improved to the point that she can watch TV and even read, something she couldn't do before.

    A young man had a severe brain injury in an accident with an ATV five years ago and was in a coma for a long time. Even after

    he regained consciousness and started physical therapy, his progress was very slow.

    Within two weeks of starting on stem cell nutrition, his physical abilities increased substantially. He can now use a walker on his own and has increased motion in his right arm. He is full of hope, because he is finally seeing progress. .

    One lady told me about giving stem cell nutrition to her dog after the veterinarian urged her to put the thirteen year old spaniel down. The dog was not eating well, could not stand up, and had to be carried around. Within five days of beginning stem cell

    nutrition, the dog was eating and walking. Soon, he could use the stairs like a much younger dog. She can't wait to see what the veterinarian has to say about her dog now.

    Stem cell nutrition is as safe as it is effective. Stem cell nutrition does not interfere with most medications nor have any allergies been reported. It often works in a matter of days. My twenty year neck stiffness was fully resolved in ten days.

    Stem cell nutrition gives the body the raw materials it needs to regenerate damaged tissue. It does not treat symptoms - it goes right to the cause. As far as I am concerned, stem cell nutrition will change medicine as we know it. I would recommend stem

    cell nutrition for anyone.


    Johnnie Strickland Jr., M.D., Family Physician, A. B. F. P., FA.A.F.P. I am a board certified family practice physician and have been studying nutritional and supplemental medicine for over ten years.

    I have become aware of the power of stem cells in rejuvenating every organ and tissue of the human body, including the brain.

    When I learned that a product existed that could increase the number of stem cells released by our bone marrow by as much as

    thirty percent, I knew that I had to have it.

    I began taking stem cell nutrition seventeen months ago, and on day ten I had an endorphin release that was like a "runners

    high" in that I had supreme and boundless energy. I was doing simple math problems in my head at lightning speed, and my

    mind focused in with precision on all problems I dealt with.

    Since that time, I have had boundless energy and received multiple compliments on the clarity of my complexion and my

    youthful appearance.

    Many of my patients continue to take stem cell nutrition and I will certainly be taking it for life.


    Winning Gold Medals!

    Frank Condon. As an athlete, I have participated in track and field since I was a freshman in high school. I have been a life long middle distance runner - from 400 meters to a mile - and earned the nickname " Speedy”.

    Now in my mid sixties, I am slowing down and go to bed at 9:30 PM. Not long after I started taking stem cell nutrition, I noticed I had gained an extra hour in my day. I could read or work at my computer until 1 0:30 or 11:00 at night. That is a gain of seven or eight hours per week - all valuable, useful time!

    I have also improved my recovery time after difficult workouts. At age sixty-four, I have had the best track and field year ever in my life. I improved my fifteen hundred meter running time by twenty-five seconds. I ran a metric mile in four minutes and forty-seven seconds. Since they consider five minutes and twenty seconds to be very fast, that means I am off the charts for a senior citizen!

    I won four gold medals at the World Senior Games, setting two World Game records. I credit my success to stem cell nutrition.

    I love stem cell nutrition and don't miss a day. I introduced it to several other athletes who are now pain free. My lifelong friend, an Olympic team member back in 1964, developed such pain in his knees that he could not run. Now he is back on the track

    again doing what he loves to do, thanks to the miracle of stem cell nutrition.



Focused, Calmed, and Balanced

    Mark Rosenthal. I am a meteorologist. I work as a TV weatherman in Boston and give weather reports on the radio. One day, a

    friend and I were discussing how hard it is sometimes to mentally focus. He told me about stem cell nutrition, saying it really helped him. He described the health benefits too, especially the cardiovascular. I started taking it, and since then, it has really calmed me down and made me feel more centered. I found I feel much better physically.

    When I do not take the stem cell nutrition, I feel unsettled and out of balance. When I do take it, I feel more focused, as well as calm and serene. Stem cell nutrition makes a noticeable difference in the quality of my life.


    No More Worry, Fear or Anxiety

    Stephen W. "Murf" Murphy. Life changed dramatically when I had a series of heart attacks. After the third one, my doctors

    performed triple by-pass surgery. I was home for seven days when I developed a bowel obstruction, which required emergency

    surgery and resulted in a dangerous infection. I spent a total of fifty-five days in the hospital. I ended up on thirteen different medications.

    I had been a realtor, but I could not work for two years. My family needed my support, but I had little strength or energy.

    I was beside myself with worry, fear, and anxiety. I figured stress would kill me, or that I would have another heart attack.

    I heard about stem cell nutrition from a friend. Within an hour and a half of starting it, I felt better. Something about it helped me stop stressing out. Later, results of medical tests showed my cholesterol level to be normal, as well as my kidney and liver

    functions. Soon, I was able to go off all medications. The doctors were ecstatic!

    I also have a connective tissue disease, Raynaud's Phenomena, that causes my hands and feet to become numb and purple

    whenever they get cold. It often takes 35 to 40 minutes for the normal color to return. After a couple of months on stem cell

    nutrition, I noticed the recovery time took only three to five minutes.

    I am fifty-four years old, but I feel twenty-nine. I can do a hundred and fifty total push-ups if I rest between three sets. My son and daughter are happy that I can keep up with them now. The stress is gone. I have never felt so good.


Colitis and Back Pain

    Merlie Kluver. I will be seventy-one years old soon. Since I was twenty-one, I have suffered from severe ulcerative colitis. All my life, I have taken drugs for this awful disease. I also injured my back thirty years ago from carrying my grand kids in high chairs up and down the steps. My sciatic nerve and slipped disks have given me a lot of pain. These conditions have plagued my body

    for a very long time.

    Recently, the colitis and the back problems have gotten worse. Increasing pain in my sacroiliac joint worked its way around to

    my groin area, making it next to impossible to lay, sit, walk, or sleep.

    The pain was excruciating, and I didn't know what to do. I visited my chiropractor, regular doctor, and an orthopedic surgeon.

    After taking x-rays and MRIs, it became clear that my vertebras were not lined up. Pins needed to be inserted and bone taken

    from my hip to stabilize my spine, because a disk was torn, bulging, pressing, and hurting. Even so, I was afraid to have the


    A close family friend called to suggest that I try stem cell nutrition. My husband and I decided it was worth a try. The pain

    gradually decreased over a month, until I became completely pain free. I was able to go out and work in my garden. I'm back at

    the club where I walk, lift weights, do exercises, and aerobics. I used to be limited to what I could do inside, vacuuming and

    other housework, but now I can do anything, anywhere.

    I have had no problem with colitis since taking the stem cell nutrition. I'm so grateful we found out about it after so many years of colon problems and back pain. I catch myself doing things that I can't believe I'm doing! There's no more pain!


    Runner Conquers Arthritic pain

    Kathy Jager. I started track at age fifty and currently take part in nine track and field events in my age group (sixty to sixty-four years). I previously held the one hundred meter and two hundred meter world records, and I still maintain the sixty meter world record of 8.91 seconds. I currently hold nine state records in my age group. I also compete in pole vaulting and throwing sports. I have not achieved all this without a price. Arthritic pain in my back, hips, and knee kept me from doing my best. A friend and fellow athlete introduced me to stem cell nutrition. I did not fully realize the benefits until my regular pain medication ran out and I remained pain free. I found that stem cell nutrition reduced inflammation and stiffness too.

    As a bonus, I developed greater endurance, flexibility, and range of motion, as well as an improved ability to train and better focus on my pole vaulting techniques. I bounce back quicker after competing in strenuous sports. I work out at a junior college and enjoy training with the college kids, jumping and running with them. I would like to think that I inspire them. They are pretty proud of me.


    People consider me a world class athlete for my age group. I rank in the top five in the world. My philosophy is to live life to the fullest and to encourage others to do the same.

    Why bother to get up in the morning if you are not going to do something significant? Stem cell nutrition will help you be

    healthier, no matter what your age.



    Lynn Peck, DVM. I have been a veterinarian for nineteen years and have twenty-six years of research experience. For the last

    eleven years I have been learning, practicing, and doing research in alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, acupuncture,

    bodywork, and nutrition.

    In researching stem cell nutrition, I use it on both myself and on the animals in my care. I noticed a lighter, happier frame of mind and increased energy within two days of starting the product myself. I am currently treating a dozen or so dogs and

    several horses with stem cell nutrition.

    One of my canine patients, around fourteen years of age, had gone into a mental decline. She was lethargic, antisocial, and

    incontinent. After three days of taking stem cell nutrition, the dog became perkier and her general attitude improved markedly. She stopped having "accidents" in the house. After a month, the owner commented that the dog seemed several years younger.

    The stem cell nutrition had a positive affect on every level: mental, physical, and emotional.

    I treated one horse five months after it had been bitten by a poisonous insect, possibly a brown recluse spider, on the right hind leg. The leg was still swollen to three times its normal size and was covered by open wounds and granulation tissue. Various

    treatments brought some improvement, but the healing seemed to accelerate when we introduced stem cell nutrition.

    I am enthusiastic about the early results of my experiments with stem cell nutrition.

Stephen Dick is a Certified Farrier, a Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, Charter member of the AANHCP and formerly a

    Field Instructor for the AANHCP. He is an expert in the field of Natural Hoof Care and in addition to hundreds of horses in his care, he is devoted to teaching other professionals, as well as owners, how to achieve health and soundness the natural way.

    In my occupation as a farrier, I have worked for twelve years with horses' feet. I trim hooves, apply steel shoes and serve as a consultant to horse owners, often advising them about the proper diet and care of a horse.

    My job requires very strenuous activity on my part, because I have to bend over and hold the horses' hoof while trimming or

    nailing on a horseshoe. When I shoe many horses in a day, it takes a big toll on my body. Consequently, I have developed

    arthritis which has gotten worse over the years. My knuckles became big and swollen. When people would reach out to shake

    my hand, I used to hope they would not squeeze too hard, because if they did, I would be crippled the rest of the day.

    A client introduced me to stem cell nutrition. After four months, my hands no longer hurt, and my back pain was greatly

    diminished. I could easily squeeze the nippers to trim hooves or use a file to shape them. I realized stem cell nutrition was a great benefit.

    My clients tend to be more interested in giving stem cell nutrition to their horses than to themselves. A well known trainer had a prize stallion, a black and white paint horse, who had suffered from laminitis for three years. This very debilitating condition involves swelling and inflammation within the hoof tissues that connect the hoof wall to the coffin bone. In severe cases, a horse can die from this. The stallion had a dull, drab coat, as well as sores on his hips and elbows from lying on the ground too much. I offered the owner stem cell nutrition, and she put the horse on a high dose. When he began to improve, she became very

    excited. His coat changed, looking more sleek and shiny. He went from ninety percent lame to only forty percent lame. Over

    time, he kept getting better. For her, this was an incredible improvement.

    A friend has a Labrador retriever with a cyst on his back leg. The poor dog could not stand on the leg, let alone walk on it, and the owner worried that she might have to put him down. I told her about stem cell nutrition, so she tried it on her dog. A few days later, she called in great excitement to say that he had recovered so much that he had jumped out of her car instead of waiting for her to carry him out and set him on the ground. She could hardly believe the dog was putting weight on his afflicted leg. We agreed that stem cell nutrition is phenomenal.

    I share stem cell nutrition with others because I know it is very important for the recovery of a variety of health issues.


    Saved My Cat's Life

    Jan Ault. I had such severe back problems that at times I could not stand up straight. I suffered from five degenerated disks,

    arthritis in my spine, chronic sciatic nerve problems, and frequent muscle spasms.

    A friend gave me some stem cell nutrition. Within an hour of talking a capsule, I felt a remarkable difference in my back. I was amazed at how fast it had worked.

    I used to have floaters in my eyes, but not anymore. After taking stem cell nutrition, I can now concentrate better.

    My hair is coming in darker and my overall focus, stamina, and mobility have improved. It has enhanced my quality of life.


    Charlie Love is my twenty-one year old cat, who has a heart murmur. One day he went into congestive heart failure. Nobody expected him to survive. Charlie's breathing was labored, and he had no energy or appetite. Stem cell nutrition started a remarkable turn-around for Charlie.

    Four months later, he is active, jumping and playing. His joint stiffness is much improved. His fur has become soft and fluffy, his

    eyes bright and alert like a young cat. Stem cell nutrition saved my cat's life.


    Equine Fibromyalgia

    Eve-Marie Lucerne. I'm a long time breeder and licensed trainer of thoroughbred horses. I have also been involved in holistic health care for many years.

    One of my horses was diagnosed at three years old with equine fibromyalgia syndrome, which is similar to human fibromyalgia. She suffered with great pain and tiredness. Sensitivity to touch is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and she reacted to even

    a gentle touch as though she were being hit by a sledge hammer.

    When anyone put a saddle on her and tried to ride, her pain was obviously unbearable.

    I started putting stem cell nutrition in her grain, and within two to three days, I witnessed dramatic results. Suddenly, I could touch her anywhere without a problem.

    She also displayed much more energy and was playful with her companions. ,

    I am very pleased with stem cell nutrition. It delivered much more than I expected.


    Dog's Hip Pain Gone

    SuZanne Wright. I have two dogs, each six years old, with chronic health issues. The female, Chocolate Chip, is a lab mix with severe edema, cataracts, and arthritis in her hips.

    She looked like a large black sausage with legs. Hip pain kept her from enjoying a run in the yard.

    The male, Raybear, is a chow mix, whose left back leg was badly maimed by a car. For most of his life, he has used only one back leg to get around. He had become weak, listless, and showed little interest in getting up and participating in life. Now, eight weeks after beginning both of my dogs on stem cell nutrition, their lives have taken on new meaning. Chocolate Chip's bloating has gone down, she runs in the yard like a puppy, and her cataracts are almost gone. Raybear has stronger muscles, increased endurance, and seems excited about being alive.

    I am so appreciative for what the stem cell nutrition has done for my dogs. Their lives are good again.


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