Picture yourself 10-20 years younger, good looking, magnetic, fit

By Peter Perry,2014-05-17 17:52
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Picture yourself 10-20 years younger, good looking, magnetic, fit



Picture yourself 10-20 years younger, good looking, magnetic, fit and energetic.

    What if there’s a way you could drop 5 years, 10 years even 20 years off your age, and get in your best shape ever. Wouldn’t you like it?

Our cutting edge Anti-Aging, nutritional support, and Fitness Program, combined

    with weight loss is the first of its kind to combine fitness innovation and anti-aging


Studies show, without a doubt, that if you get fit and look and feel younger, you become

    more successful and enthusiastic. You gain self-confidence, self-esteem, and well

    being. You achieve higher social status and have more fun!

These studies show that if you are in good shape you are less likely to have depression,

    anxiety, tension, and you’re never lonely or bored.

The problem is, after you turn 30, 35 and definitely 40, you’re doomed to suffer a

    “middle-age syndrome”:

    ? You are embarrassed with your flabbiness and feel uncomfortable with your

    weight gain. Your metabolic rate slows down. You start to accumulate fat even if

    you keep a healthy diet and exercise. You feel unattractive and ashamed of

    your body

    ? You are tired more often with chronic fatigue and feel paralyzed sometimes by a

    lack of energy. It causes you to blame your work, eat more than necessary and

    drink more stimulants like coffee, coke, or energy drinks.

    ? Your health gets worse and you’re frustrated with being sick so often. Needless

    to say you’re exposed to chronic killer diseases like heart attack, cancer,

    diabetes, and stroke.

    ? You are facing early aging with a more wrinkled sagging face. Your body’s

    posture and your body language look as if you’re older than your true age. Why following the traditional “Diet and Exercise” hype hasn’t solved the

    “middle-age syndrome"?

The reason is your body resists any changes you apply. It prefers the equilibrium of its

    current comfort zone. Aging enhances this resistance and make changes even more


    The good news is you’re going to learn the truth about how to lose weight, reverse the aging process and reach your health goals. Our methods include pain relief,

    improving body function, natural nutritional support, body detoxification, and

    effective weight loss. When you contact vitalityhealth you’ll discover how you’ll beat the “middle-age syndrome” faster than you’ve ever imagined. In addition, our office is partnered with an athletic trainer that will customize a fitness program that is

    perfect for your goals. Because he works directly with us, you will be ensured that your

    program takes into account all your special needs.

    Changing your body is a science. There are certain immutable laws that govern transformation. Once these laws are followed, you’ll reach your omptimum.

    Our Goals for Patients Are:

    To be healthy, pain-free and feel and look younger than your age.

    Body weight within normal limits and a toned physique.

    To get fit and exceed your expectations in any physical activity

    Increased energy, vitality, endurance and stamina.

    To be very sharp and focused.

    Slow the decay and degeneration process in the body

    Call vitalityhealth today 843.766.1969.

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