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    May 13, 2008

    I. Recognition of Guest(s)/Open Mic No guests

    II. Call to Order Roll Call - Mayor Chuck Murphy called the meeting to order on May 13, 2008.

    Members present: Chuck Murphy, Dick Uptagrafft, Greg House, Roger Hanson and Joel Packer

    Also present: Administrator Schimmel, Public Works Director Stevens, Finance Director

    Neubauer, Planning Coordinator Roeder, Fire Chief Wolf

III. Approval of Agenda Motion by Hanson, second by Packer to approve the agenda.

    Unanimously approved.

IV. Approval of Minutes Motion by House, second by Hanson to approve the April 22nd regular

    Council Meeting minutes. Unanimously approved.

V. Finance and Budget

    A. Accounts Payable - Finance Director Neubauer requested that the additional invoices be

    added to the accounts payable: Boe Electric $18,856.36; Dimension Plumbing $35,031.25;

    Pool Construction $10,687.50.

    Motion by Uptagrafft, second by Hanson to approve the accounts payable as submitted.

    Unanimously approved.

VI. Public Hearing - No public hearings

    VII. Motions and General Business

    A. Swimming Pool Update Russ Lane - Mr. Lane reported:

    ? Chemical controls are being installed

    ? Stainless steel gutter is completed

    ? 25% of decking is completed

    ? List of small items to complete

    ? Parking lot work to begin

    ? Confident that the June 12

    th completion date will be met

    B. Radcliffe Homes Approval to use Yaggy Colby Associates A letter received from Les

    thRadcliffe requesting the use of Yaggy Colby Associates for the Petersen 4 Subdivision was

    presented. It was noted that Yaggy Colby Associates has been the engineer for all of the

    Petersen Subdivision phases.

    Motion by Uptagrafft, second by House to approve Les Radcliffe’s request to use Yaggy

    thColby Associates for engineering services for Petersen 4 Subdivision. Unanimously


    55149786.doc 1

    C. Street Lighting Update Dave Strauss, of Yaggy Colby, noted that work has been completed

    on the location sites and lighting analysis of the proposed street lights for Main Street. The

    number of poles has been reduced to 82, using a 200 watt high-pressure sodium bulb. A

    thmeeting has been scheduled for May 19 with MnDOT to discuss the proposed project

    D. Lot Split Himmer/Fareway Foods The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed the

    request from Dan Himmer and Fareway Foods for a lot split of Lot 1, Block 2 of Himmer

    Northside Center and are recommending approval. The split is in compliance with the City’s

    Zoning Ordinance.

    Motion by House, second by Hanson to approve the lot split of Lot 1, Block 2 of Himmer

    Northside Center as requested. Unanimously approved.

    E. Lot Split/Easement Vacation Himmer - Mr. Himmer requested a lot split and vacation of

    four utility easements of Lot 2, Block 1, Himmer Northside Center (located west of 1st

    Farmer’s Bank). P&Z reviewed the request and are recommending approval, subject to the

    proper relocation of the easement dedication documents being submitted to the City. Mr.

    Himmer noted that he has been contacted by developers from Green Bay, Wisconsin to

    construct a strip mall at this location.

    Motion by Hanson, second by Packer to approve the lot split and to vacate the four utility

    easements of Lot 2, Block 1, Himmer Northside Center, subject to the easement dedication

    documents being submitted to the City. Unanimously approved.

F. Lifeguard Approval - It was noted that Pool Director Cheryl Terhaar had interviewed

    applicants for the pool and was requesting that the following be approved for employment:

    Mary Knudson, Mary Mauseth, Brittney Nelson, Jennifer Flynn, Angela Lager, Cole Resleff,

    Matt Nielsen, Jacob Flynn, Christopher Richardson, Rachael Langseth, Michael Terhaar,

    Jacob Amos, Steven Rysted, Elizabeth Elton, Lisa Flynn, Gabriel Langseth, Michael Schatz,

    Shelby Fanton, Michael Richardson, Heather Rysted, Jennifer Toth, Danielle Griffin, Seth

    Huiras and Gabriel Hale.

    Motion by Uptagrafft, second by Hanson to approve the names submitted for employment at

    the pool for the 2008 season and to authorize Cheryl Terhaar the ability to hire additional

    guards if needed. Unanimously approved.

    G. Summer Help Approval The City had advertisement for summer help and the following

    applicants are being recommended for summer employment: Roy Marshall, Ed Wendt, Jesse

    McKinney and Andrew Skuster.

    Motion by Packer, second by Uptagrafft, to approve the hiring of Roy Marshall, Ed Wendt,

    Jesse McKinney and Andrew Skuster for the 2008 Summer Season. Unanimously approved.

H. WWTP Update and Proposed Modification Schedule At the recent Council/Staff Planning

    Workshop discussion regarding the need for modifications and improvements at the Waste

    Water Treatment Facility to the mechanical equipment and capacity expansion had been held.

    As noted in City Engineer Borcherding’s letter, the next step is to complete a Facilities Plan

    for the WWTP for submittal to the State for approval. The proposal project would consist of

    three phases beginning in 2009 and extending to 2014, subject to available funding and state

    approval. Staff will investigate financial options for the proposed project, i.e. grants, low-

    interest loans.

    55149786.doc 2

Once the Facilities Plan is completed the Council would review all aspects of the proposed

    project and may determine to seek “Request for Proposals” from other professional firms.

Motion by Hanson, second by Packer to approve the proposed Wastewater Treatment Plan

    project schedule and to direct Yaggy Colby Associates to prepare the Facilities Plan

    Submittal to Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, with the understanding that Council will

    review the proposed project and may determine to seek “Request for Proposals” at a later

    date. Unanimously approved.

    VIII. Ordinances and Resolutions

    A. Resolution Authorizing Feasibility Report for Water Distribution System Improvements

    Alternate River Crossing Administrator Schimmel noted that it has been a concern of

    Council and Staff that we have only one source of water that services all properties north of

    the river. It had been discussed at the recent Planning Workshop that an additional water

    source is needed. Engineer Dave Strauss presented a proposal to conduct a Feasibility Study

    to include options for another water source, not to exceed $3,900. Strauss also recommended

    that soil borings be completed to determine the soil conditions that may be found during

    construction. The estimated costs for soil borings is $3,100.

    Motion by Hanson, second by Packer to adopt Resolution 2008-8, A RESOLUTION ORDERING PREPARTION OF FEASIBILITY REPORT FOR A WATER


    Unanimously approved.

    IX. Mayor, Staff and Consultant Reports

    A. Mayor’s Report - No Report

    B. Administrator Report Administrator Schimmel reported:

1. Value of Cities Report The League of Minnesota Cities recently released the findings of

    a survey on citizens views of their cities and the results were very favorable.

    2. Community Facilities Priority List Due to the age and condition of some of our facilities, staff will begin preparing a list of facility needs. The Public Works Committee

    will review and prioritize the needs determined.

    3. County Hazard Mitigation Plan Fire Chief Wolf, Public Works Director Stevens and City Administrator Schimmel attending a meeting regarding the County Hazard Mitigation

    Plan. The County will help coordinate all needs to develop a plan that will be adopted for

    the whole county.

4. Comp Plan Interviews May 20

    th Presentation from the final Comprehensive Plan thcandidates will be held on May 20 at 4:30 p.m. at the Civic Center for the Council, EDA,

    and P&Z.

    5. Reminder for LMC Conference The League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference

    will be held in Rochester June 11-13. If interested, please contact Laurel.

    55149786.doc 3

    6. American Legion Request Wes Alrick A requested had been received from the

    Legion asking that the City to consider making a donation to their Memorial Park from

    any rebates that may be received from the upcoming Clean-up Day.

    7. Fareway Update Fareway CFO Pat Hagan recently met with staff for an update on their

    31,000 square foot project. Construction is to begin in June. Administrator Schimmel

    thanked EDA representative Rick Jaacks and Mayor Murphy for attending a recently

    ribbon cutting at the Fareway Store in Independence, Iowa.

C. Finance Report No report

    D. Public Works Director Public Works Director Stevens presented the 3 sealed bids that had

    been received for the 1996 Chevrolet pickup that had been advertised for sale. The bids

    were $500, $1013 and $1302.

    Motion by House, second by Packer to sell the 1996 Chevrolet pickup to the high bidder for

    $1,302. Unanimously approved.

    Stevens also reported:

    ? Elcor will begin the parking lot and drain project at the pool site this week.

    ? Seal cost bids will be presented at the next Council meeting.

    ? The dog that had been running in the NW area has been caught.

E. Library Director No Report

F. Fire Chief Fire Chief Wolf reported 37 runs for March (27 EMS and 10 fires) and 18 runs

    for April (12 EMS and 6 fires). Upcoming training will be the CPR recertification.

    X. Committee, Commission and Board Reports

A. Care Center No report

    B. SCCC Minutes of April 16th included in packet

    C. EDA Minutes of April 16

    th included in packet D. Finance No report

    E. HRA No report

    F. Heartland Express No report

    G. Library No report

    H. Park Board Councilman Hanson reported that the grills are in and will be installed; a prairie

    sign will be made and install as an eagle project; property owners near the Georgetown Pond

    will be contracted regarding a possible path easement; SYAA will be contracted regarding

    additional lighting at the Bear Cave Ballfields; benches, a flag pole and the plaque have been

    ordered for the Frank Lager Peace Plaza and electricity to the fountain will be installed.

    I. Personnel Minutes of April 22nd included in packet J. Public Safety Deputy Long presented the April Call Report 292 total calls 85 traffic

    stops, 14 medical assists, 37 assist to persons, 14 suspicious circumstances and 4 traffic

    accidents. Long noted that the 48 hour parking ordinance and the recreation vehicle

    ordinances are in effect and will be enforced. Long also stated that a number of semi-trucks

    have been parking in residential areas and that is not allowed by City ordinance.

    K. RAEDI Minutes of March 25th included in packet

    55149786.doc 4

    thL. ROCOG Minutes of January 30 and Future Planning Projects Map included in packet.

    Administrator Schimmel pointed out that the mappings show potential re-routing and new

    routes in and around Stewartville. Councilmember House noted that it is important that the

    City have a representative on the Airport Planning Board, similar to the position we held in

    the past.

    thM. Planning & Zoning Minutes of May 6 included in packet

    N. Public Works No report

    O. Swimming Pool Discussion regarding an open house for the pool was held. A cookout for

    ththe Community is tentatively scheduled for July 18 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Pool parking lot.

XI. Communications

    A. Staff Calendar

    B. Yaggy Colby Associates Project Update

    C. LMC Bulletin April 23rdth and April 30 thndthD. Friday Fax April 25, May 2, May 9

XII. Adjourn Motion by House, second by Packer to adjourn at 8:00 p.m. Unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara K. Neubauer

    Finance Director

    55149786.doc 5

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