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What’s New in Mastercam X2

    Significant new functionality has been added through Maintenance releases since the initial release of Mastercam X in July 2005. Maintenance customers gained access to two complete products (Wire in MR1 and Art in MR2), depending on their licenses. The AutoCursor and General Selection interaction continued to evolve to be much easier to use and more intuitive as we responded to input from Mastercam X customers. We introduced and then added to an entirely new suite of high speed toolpaths (HST). Advanced Multiaxis toolpaths greatly expanded Mastercam‘s capabilities in that application. We made it simpler to manage and move machine and control definitions by implementing Setdirs functionality as the new Project Manager. We continued to deliver videos to help our customers understand how the new features could help them in their businesses.

    This What‘s New document briefly describes the features added or changed in each of the Maintenance releases since the initial Mastercam X release. All of these features have been incorporated in Mastercam X2, along with important new features such as additional high speed, multisurface, and multiaxis toolpaths; new file open dialogs; new change recognition and tracking functions; Art enhancements; totally redesigned Automatic Toolpathing (ATP); and much more.

    Note: Bug fixes are listed only for the Mastercam X2 release.

    Click the links below to see what each Mastercam X Maintenance release contained.

Mastercam X2 Mastercam X MR2 Mastercam X MR1/SP2

     Mastercam X SP1

    Mastercam X2

; .NET Upgrade ; Xform

    ; Hardware Requirements ; Stretch ; Adobe Flash Player or Viewer Required ; Offset Contour ; Adobe Reader Required ; Break 2 Pieces ; Monitor Resolution and Screen Area ; Verify

    ; Installing Mastercam X2 ; Stock Setup ; Converting Files to Mastercam X2 ; 2D Mill/ Router ; New File Open, Open-External, and Save As ; Lead in/Lead out Support for Tab Cutoff

    Dialogs Operations

    ; More Microsoft Windows? Standard ; 2D Offset and Keep Tool Down

    Improvements ; Mastercam-Specific Functionality

    ; Related Configuration Options ; New Engrave Tool Type ; Change Recognition and File Tracking ; Router

    ; Tracking File Changes ; New Tool Types

    ; Change Recognition ; Totally Redesigned ATP

    ; Change Recognition example ; Rotating Block Drill Operations in Toolpath

    Nesting ; Support for XP-style Themes

    ; Support for CAD Applications ; 3D Mill

    ; FastPoint Mode ; High Speed Toolpaths (HST) ; Machine and Control Definition Managers ; Multisurface Toolpaths ; Configuration ; Multiaxis Toolpaths

    ; Ribbon Bar Modality ; New Advanced Multiaxis Tutorial ; Mouse Focus for Vertical Dialog Boxes ; Check holder C-Hook ; General Selection ; Wire

    ; Left/Right Click Support for Selection ; Change at Point Point Selection

    Methods ; Art

    ; Double-Click to End Selection ; Celtic Weave/Knot

    ; All and Only Availability ; Pattern on Contour

    ; Quick Masks ; Randomized Textures ; AutoCursor Relative Along ; Custom Textures ; Solids ; Art Presets

    ; Modeless Chain Manager ; Art Toolpaths

    ; CATIA Translators

    ; Zip2Go File Extract

New bug Fixes in X2

    ; Design

    ; Mill

    ; Lathe

    ; Router

    ; Wire

    ; Art

.NET Upgrade

    Prior to running Mastercam X2, you must upgrade your version of the .NET framework to 2.0. The Mastercam X2 installation program checks for the presence of the .NET 2.0 framework and lets you install it if it is not present. Mastercam Resellers can also download the required installation files from

    Hardware Requirements

    ; Dual Monitors are supported in that you can move any dialog box to any

    screen you want and they will continue to appear there.

    ; Multiprocessors are supported in that if your O/S supports it, you can

    run a copy of Mastercam on each one. We do not support multi-threading. Monitor Resolution and Screen Area

    Optimum resolution for Mastercam X2 is 96 dpi (Normal). Using the large font Windows? 2000 display setting (larger than 96 dpi) can cause some Mastercam X2 dialogs and icons to display incorrectly. If you are using Windows XP, you should be able to set the fonts independently of the dpi. At 1280 x 1024 pixels with higher dpi, the ribbon bars might not fit. Do not use a screen resolution (area) 800 x 600 pixels.

    ??Adobe Flash Player or other Flash viewer required

    You must install a Flash player to view the new videos that accompany X2. The videos

    can be installed from the second System CD. To download the Adobe Flash Player, go to the Adobe Web site at

    Adobe Reader? required

    You must install the Adobe Reader (version 4.0 or higher) to view the PDF format documentation that accompanies Mastercam X. To download the Reader, go to the Adobe Web site,, and choose the Get Adobe Reader button on the left

    side of the page.

Installing Mastercam X2

    CNC Software recommends that you install Mastercam X2 in the /mcamx directory, replacing your current Mastercam X installation. However, Mastercam X2 can be installed in a separate folder (McamX2) and can coexist with a previous Mastercam X version on a single computer.

    If you are upgrading from Mastercam X MR2 and you choose to do this, the installation program will give you the opportunity to preserve settings you have customized by running a migration utility that copies customizable files (for example, configuration files, machine and control definitions, post processors, etc.) to the new installation folder. It does not copy part files. This applies only to upgrading from Mastercam X

    MR2. If you are upgrading from a previous release of Mastercam X or earlier Mastercam releases, this utility will not be available. You must copy and convert your files as described in the Mastercam X2 Transition Guide, which is installed in your

    /Documentation folder.

    The Mastercam X2 migration utility copies all user-created customizable files as well as CNC Software-provided files that have changed (that is, files that have a modify date

    different from the creation date). It also backs up newly installed customizable files. To do this, the utility creates a filename.bak in the same folder before replacing the

    installed file with the customized file of the same name. This assures that you will have access to both customized files and the newly installed versions. See the Mastercam X2

    Transition Guide for complete information on the Mastercam X2 migration utility. Converting Files to Mastercam X2

    Refer to the Mastercam X2 Transition Guide for information and procedures about

    converting files to Mastercam X2.

    New File Open, Open-External, and Save As Dialogs

    The new File dialogs provide both more Windows-standard features and

    Mastercam-specific features.

    Note: To use these new style dialogs, the following Registry Key setting must be set. (This setting is the default Mastercam X2setting.)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CNC Software, Inc.\Mastercam X2\File Get\State

    Style = 1

    ?Microsoft Windows-Standard Features

The dialogs are resizable.

The File name drop-down list displays recently accessed files. It also provides

    ―auto-complete‖ options while typing.

    ?The new dialogs support standard Windows drag and drop in and out of the dialog file


    Mastercam-Specific Features

    The Recent Folders drop-down list displays recently accessed folders.

    The Options button performs the same function as in previous versions.

    When you save a file as an MCX file, you can output the MCX (geometry only) in either X2 format (2) or pre-X2 format (1).

    Note: All toolpath data is stripped from the file when saving files to older Mastercam versions.

    The Preview and Descriptor panes provide additional functionality. The Descriptor identifies the Mastercam version that originated the file (10 = Mastercam X, 11=Mastercam X2), as well as provides additional information. Check boxes allow you to suppress display of this information to speed display.

Related Configuration Options

    You can set default behavior for the new File dialogs in System Configuration Files

    properties page:

    ; Include bitmap in file when saving

    ; Prompt for file descriptor when saving

Change Recognition and File Tracking

    Mastercam X2 adds new functions for tracking and comparing changes in files. The new functionsChange Recognition and Trackingare accessible from the File menu,

    as shown in the following picture. Note the Tracking submenu, which includes the commands Check Current File, Check All Tracked Files, and Tracking Options.

Tracking File Changes

    Mastercam X2 can track the changes to files and notify you if a new version of your current file is available. You can look for changes in a single file, or you can create a list of files to track.

Tracking, Check Current File tells Mastercam to search for a newer version of the

    currently loaded file. When you select this function, the File Tracking Options dialog box displays, where you set the search options:

    Search subfolders tells Mastercam to search the current folder and any folders inside the current folder.

    File name must be exact match tells Mastercam to search only for files that have the same file name (not including the file extension). If this option is off, Mastercam searches for any files that begin with the same file name. For example, if the currently tracked file is named Part.mcx, Mastercam finds files with names like Part_new.mcx and Part_revised.sld.

    File extension must be exact match tells Mastercam to search only for files with the

    same file extension.

    Don't ask again prevents the File Tracking Options dialog box from appearing again during the current session.

If Mastercam finds no newer files, it reports with this message:

If Mastercam does find a newer file, you get a message like this:

    If you click Yes, Mastercam launches the Change Recognition function for the two files. (See the Change Recognition section later in this document.)

Tracking multiple files

    The File, Tracking, Tracking Options command leads to the File Tracking dialog box, where you can create a list of files to track, as well as set various tracking options. When you have a tracking list set up, you can check every file in the list via the File, Tracking, Check All Tracked Files command.

    Use this dialog box to manage the files that Mastercam tracks, as well as to customize how Mastercam searches for newer versions of tracked files.

    Tracking turns on the tracking function. When this option is off, Mastercam ignores all tracking options.

    Check now checks for new versions of the files displayed in the file list.

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