Mrs J Leslau

By Catherine Franklin,2014-08-17 14:59
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Mrs J Leslau

    The Lighthouse Newsletter May 2010

It was a busy start to the Summer term and now it is half term already!

    Volcanic ash clouds prevented Zita and Szilvia getting back for the first few days. This made the start of our busy term a little more challenging than planned. However the staff team was great, I am very grateful to the staff who worked together brilliantly.

    Those of you who came to us for Seagulls over the Easter holidays know we had a big clear out of the shed and part of the loft. The shed is great we have so many resources to enjoy.

    The loft is an ongoing project. Like any other loft it is the place you store those things you ‘might’ need or have to keep.

    This term we have welcomed new children who have settled into The Lighthouse. We have others starting after half term into both classes.

We have the great enclosed decking areas the children in both classrooms have really

    LOVED using the areas. We have tomato plants and herbs growing and we are germinating other plants to be transplanted into The Field garden areas. The decking areas are referred to by staff as outside classrooms and thus we must remember they are used for learning too.

    The classroom changes have been a huge success. The atmosphere in both rooms is peaceful. The children are more settled and the staff are able to prepare the classroom for a particular age group. I work in both rooms throughout the week and feel that there is lots of learning going on. I have seen amazing independent building of the pink tower and broad stair, children choosing to do a name tracing or painting, knowledge of ‘our world’ growing in all children. There is a desire to learn and to be a big boy / girl in the whole school. I love seeing, hearing, and helping children be inquisitive, imaginative and independent so it has been great. Of course there have been a few upsets along the way but I trust that these have been sorted out now

    The staff team is great. They have pulled together this term. We have had some new additions with Anna working on Thursdays and Friday mornings in Riverside, with Sarah helping in Woodland 3 mornings, Kathy helping in the office and playing her guitar and singing, Katie helping out where needed. However I have some sad news, Antonella is leaving us at half term so that she can be flexible to visit her elderly mother in Italy.

    Remember we are open over half term for a great ‘Mini beasts’ themed few days. We will have snail races!, make cheese worms and much more! Do just ring or email if your child / children would like to join us.

Sally and the team

    I am always available so do please come and talk to myself or other staff with any queries.

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