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    Southern Taiwan University

    Master Program Check-Off List

    To be completed, printed, and returned to the Registration Office(Graduation Student),


    Name Student I.D. No. Please take your personal account and password in your department office before you upload the

    graduation thesis file. Items below must be marked and sign in.

     Mark Signature

    一、Thesis advisor

    Candidates must hand in the original copy of student’s

    ? thesis qualification certificate to the office of academic Department Office affairs.

    二、Upload the thesis file to the Electronic These and

    ? Dissertations System at the website below print out the dissertation

    三、Other Borrowingsex key of labsinstruments..etc. ? copyright license agreement..

    四、Keep one copy of graduation thesis(chrome yellow ?

    paperback) in department office.

    五、Graduation Thesisdeep blue hardbacks*2 :

    Please turn in 2 hardbacks and one thesis CD burned in Library

    ? PDF (dont restrict opening and editing using passwords,

    watermark) file including table of contents and abstract.

    The attached dissertation copyright license agreement has

    to be bound in print copies with signatures in bold black

    六、Library books return ? characters. R&D Office

    七、Fill out the Career Goal Surveyat the website below




    八、Thesis Qualification Certificate


    九、Graduation Thesis(chrome yellow paperback)*1

    十、Two-inch graduation photo*1

    Best wish to your bright future and success

     /year /month /day 十一、Student I.D.Please turn in to write off.

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